Awake at Dawn

Sunrise on Kauai, December 2017 (Not sure who took this picture, my husband or I)

Β The last thing I read at night was Dawn by Frank@BeachWalkReflections where he described dawn as a free magical moment that too many miss. I ended my day with an innocent question within – why do I miss most of the sunrise moments in this lifetime?

I was awakened the following morning at the crack of dawn with the eerie feeling that I have become accustomed to, as a cue to start typing because a poem or something like that needs to be given the way out. I hope you enjoy reading it below. Always infinitely grateful to have your thoughts on what takes up space here.

I was awake at dawn
I stayed in bed
Resting my head
Taking some deep breaths
I won't open the curtains
I want to curl up deep inside my own womb
I can feel my belly alive
The baby me held in her turmoil

I refuse to see the light
I need to nurture this one within first
I want to hold her, send her a full breath
One after the other
Soothing her, loving her
Making her feel safe
Letting her know I see her
I understand her

I want her to be nourished with my loving presence
I want to be in this dark cave
Until she gets what she needs
She is worth the wait
The curtains can be opened very late
She needs to feel her own beauty within
Before the light floods in

I was awake at dawn
Wondering if I should be out there
Witnessing the magical beginning of the day
Yet I could feel her tug
More a churning and a yearning
For that unconditional unattached hug
So I stayed in bed
Resting my head
Taking some deep breaths

I did wonder how long?
For an amazing beauty of the morning awaits
There is no hurry I decided
My womb had just now begun to melt
To become this assured part of me
The morning can continue to grow into the day
Just like the baby me is continuing to grow into my person

Someone else decided to open the curtain
I looked up out the window
The light was bright and yet quite mellow on me
Both baby me and I, just One, now could finally smile
Both received so much from each other
We are now a ball of tenderness and a fullness
Comfortable in one skin
Hopefully not as thin but still permeable
To all the love that we can receive from the light of the day

I pray we both stay merged enough 
When we are awake at dawn of another day
To open the curtains and soak in the beauty 
of what awaits us in a magical way

P.S.: I have found Frank’s Beach Walk Reflections very enjoyable and contemplative to read as he brings alive so many aspects of the beach, ocean, sand and everything associated. I hope you also visit his site.


85 thoughts on “Awake at Dawn

  1. This is so truly beautiful, as always! I love how you started this post, it is crazy how the Universe always hears us! And that “eerie feeling” you describe is one I can totally relate to. The words in this poem create a beautiful flow and there are too many good lines to pick my favorite!! Wow, what a magical masterpiece! I truly loved reading this, the sunrise will always remind me of this beautiful post! Much love to you my friend πŸ’›πŸ€— -Ace

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    • Thank you my friend for being the first to celebrate this piece of work coming into being and that too with such generous kindness. Your posts make it evident to me that you totally know the ‘eerie feeling” πŸ™‚ There is no way we can plan on making these words to come together. I feel such delight that you could feel the magic in this and humbled that it will leave a trace in your sunrise moments. Much Love & Gratitude.

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  2. A beautiful poem filled with symbolism, heart, and thought. Meanwhile, I’m stunned and humbled at the thought that I played a role in your inspiration. Thank you for the kind words and your encouragement for others to visit. To your visitors, I say: I welcome you and encourage you to also comment.

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  3. “Taking some deep breaths,” as you say, is a mind and soul-nourishing way to start the day. πŸŒ„ I love greeting the sunrise, but it does become more tempting to stay in a warm bed on a cold morning. πŸ˜€

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  4. It’s lovely to see how you’ve found a way to be fully present when you nurture your inner child Praghalba and how she, in her own way, helps you to prepare for the new day as well. The photograph of the sunrise is beautiful and the rising sun lets you know she’s ready and waiting to nurture both of you too πŸ’›

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  5. Lovely poem Pragalbha. I love how you brought it out ‘Baby me and I.’ I’m going to think of the term every dawn as I turn to the window, hug myself and look up at the sky. Who knew I was hugging ‘Baby me.’ Loved it so much.

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  6. I feel synchronicity with this poem, because around the same time I came across a photo of Kauai in my phone. So when I read how the poem wanted to be let out, I was touched by your words of this special nourishing aura before the light. I wanted to stay in that darkness, and yet your poem led me into the light. Such a beautiful moment for you and your baby you. I love this merging! I felt that deep connection. Wonderful, Pragalbha!

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    • So fulfilling and joyful what you share dear sweet friend Ka. I appreciate being connected in this synchronicity as we travel from darkness to light in our own ways. Thank you very much for sharing with me.


  7. With each post of yours, you kindle some thought and energy in me.
    I loved the way you related to the inner child and the way someone opened the curtains… the universe just opens the curtains for us when we are ready to receive.
    Loved the beginning and the entire poetry. Thank you for this beautiful share πŸ’“πŸ’“

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    • the universe just opens the curtains for us when we are ready to receive – what a magical beautiful line in your response, truly that someone was totally guided in to that perfect moment, being in this harmony is such a gift. Thank you so much Deepika for such thoughtful response. I am humbled and happy that I am able to kindle some thoughts and energy in you.


  8. I had to read this twice. So much depth and sensitivity to our journey of life. It isn’t that we grew up fast. But in adulthood we lost the child we were. Within the adult is the child. In the quiet moment of adulthood and slowly in the moments of silence, quiet., dawn or dusk, just quiet times, a profound experience comes from deep within our journey, our life, our memory that I the Soul quietly over time,yet suddenly realise. a growth, an acceptance, a realisation that adult me did not see, an awakening, a clarity, a something that can leave us whole or confused from an experience in childhood, that needed resolution, exploration, explaining. Then out of nowhere it becomes clear that question we forgot from childhood. Sometimes On this journey it takes one moment, or more of these moments come and full clarity is revealed.

    And I really feel the air , the world, gives us answers to old questions long forgot, randomly in a quiet moment. We can’t validate it by proof or logic, this feeling of clarity, but our heart, I the soul, all of me knows it is truth and that question is answered 25 years or more years later.

    I have no clue if my comment makes sense. It does to me. This is what I feel inside from reading your poem.

    As Always your photos and writing is beautiful and profound

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