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For much of life, it seems that I had very low tolerance for conditions that are not nourishing to me. Yet it is also true that I have shown tremendous patience and courage to envision, create and allow desired life changes.

I believe this is what makes me an effective yoga teacher, therapeutically and as a personal mentor. I believe we are stressed and in pain because of living through choices not true to us. Yoga is a philosophy and practice that helps us identify our true joy and purpose through tremendous self exploration of our patterns and tendencies.

Yoga with therapeutic emphasis is kind of a replacement therapy. We replace the patterns of how we move and live with our bodies. We replace the patterns of our mind that tend to keep us in misperceptions and suffering. It is possible to have a productive yet stress-free life.

I am very sensitive to the process called life. It has been my continuous learning to be able to go through deep life experiences without getting completely knocked off ground. It has been my thorough training and work experience to facilitate life navigation and transformation towards a more content and possible pain-free way of living.

A poem that describes me truthfully as a yoga teacher – Questions Answered

The writer in me has never attempted to glorify my experiences to cultivate an image of a yoga teacher in authority. I will continue to become as vulnerable as I can as a writer and eventually share my life stories more and more transparently. I am very confident in my role as a yoga teacher and mentor simply because I have lived and continue to live what I have to offer you in guidance.

Just how did the writer in me get born?

Life offers intense ways of showing our imbalances through the nature and status of our health or relationships. Yoga offers profound ways of addressing these imbalances through simple practices that create self-awareness. You harness the power of your own breath, to move through your body in a way, that connects you to the clear voice within you, that truly guides your choices every step of the way.

I am a yoga teacher …actually I am not.
Find out more about my yoga work at

Below are some of my posts for reflection or inspiration. If you wish to explore more of my writings and poetry, continue on  Infinite Living

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30 thoughts on “Yoga – My work & life

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  3. I am pleased you also followed your passion to write my friend for you do it so well.. Growth often comes after we are felled down to ground level.. And you have shown us how we can scale the heights though our choices..
    Wonderful work you are doing Pragalbha .. Sending much love your way on your own continued journey of discovery.. ❤

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  8. Well I just came to know you are a Yoga Teacher.
    I am Delighted and Amazed.
    I will read those posts you recommend some time again.
    On the eve of New Year I posted one on The State of Meditation. Please take time to read.

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      • Since the post was connected to Yoga and even the other pages you recommended are concerned to Yoga,I mentioned about my post “The State of Meditation”.
        I know you never miss my posts and always comment about the post having to read it and understand the profundity of it.
        Thanks for the New Year Wishes. Let the coming year bring all the JOY to YOU and family.

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        • Yes, thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding. I appreciated you letting me know about your post on Meditation, as I had missed a lot here due to my 2 week break. Thank you so much for your kind wishes for my family.

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