Choosing Teachers/Mentors – My Story


“Grow & Bloom in places that seem unlikely”

As I have explained here, I did not trust my own company for the longest time. Now I enjoy my own company yet I know the significance of having the presence of a guide, mentor, teacher in my life.

A true mentor/teacher holds a clear mirror to your being, reflects your strengths and your weaknesses, without any personal agenda attached.

I say this because I have gone through a good number of teachers and mentors, long term and brief, in my quest (thirst, greed) for more knowledge, more perspectives. I found only very few who walk their talk, live their lessons and lead with compassionate authority.

There are teachers who try to lure by dangling a carrot of some conjured bliss. I could smell these carrots from afar. I have also met those with whom the work began well, I grew rapidly and then they fanned my weaknesses to keep the work going. It ended from my side, not without distress for both parties. I seek greedily, but not needily.

My humanness always saw the other greater than I am. It took me a while to become a person who seeked with clear intention. There is tremendous trust and vulnerability involved in these relations.

When they saw the potential in me, kept it a secret and worse tried to manipulate it to their advantage, it made me confused, sad and furious within, to not know what is really happening in our teacher-student relationship. When they infused fear in me to satiate their egotistic authority of their role in my life, it made me grieve and mourn the end of our relationship.

If I was feeling fearful or furious, it was time to be on my own. The right teachers always showed up next when I was ready.

I have the gratitude and blessings of this lifetime to have some truly amazing mentors/teachers in the present and past. They are true mentors because they know about each other and their significant role in my life. They are aware when I am working with more than one of them parallel, for different reasons. They are not threatened by the other nor is their ego bruised by my choices. I am able to be crystal honest with them. They don’t judge me for what I am yet don’t entertain my dependence on them. They hold safe space for my humanness and facilitate me to see my way clearly.

A true mentor strives to outgrow the relationship with the mentee and empowers you to thrive on your own.

I have never stopped being in touch with this kind. One of my past teacher of Yoga philosophy insists I should never stop working with my current teacher of Yoga philosophy. She even asked me to teach her the new perspectives I am gaining. This to me is the height of humility of a teacher for whom I had very high regard any way.

All the teachers that I crossed path with, helped me become who I am today. They modeled the right and wrong. I love having students who share with me what other sources are being helpful for them. I will never be done growing myself. I teach, facilitate, mentor with joy and freedom. I offer the same to others. We are in this together. I am walking my talk, if you see me ahead of you, just call out to me and I will reach out to you.


30 thoughts on “Choosing Teachers/Mentors – My Story

  1. Eventually it is our walk, isn’t it? Others can only take us so far before we have to take the reins and run with that which nature has endowed.
    I long for a world where all are equals, where souls are not ahead or behind, but working in unison with one another for the benefit of all. We are, in fact, one great organism built of different parts, holding different functions. No wonder we are described as a body. I want this body, with all its different functions and parts, to be One.

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  2. When we understand that we are no more or no less then anyone else, and that no one has the right to tell us who to be, we then take back our power in ourselves. It is a wonderful feeling to get to this point. In consistently practicing self-love and self-empowerment, we become more confident with ourselves. Beautiful post, Prag. And I can relate 100%. Much Love to you this day!! 🤗

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  3. As we are walking in the journey of life, we gain something from every association, with people and things. But when we stumble and fall, the mentor helps you stand , holds our hand and guides our walk to the right path. We get the teachers and mentors we deserve, as and when we are ready to move forward, isn’t it.
    Enjoyed reading your thoughts pragalbha. Thanks for sharing !!

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  4. Names keep changing by the times. Before it was Teacher now it is popular to call as Mentor. It is happening even in corporate circles. No matter what in the relationship between, the responsibilities, thoughts, feelings, attitude and so on do not have to change, but they do. Your half of the intention in writing this post seems to be that, if I am not wrong.
    in the east especially in India and China and Japan too they still maintain the sanctity in some circles of the society and fields.
    The name Guru carries lot of weightage, somewhere somehow some have brought ill feelings. They are bound to be always like how you have felt with your experiences. They are to be ignored.
    The Mentor/ Guru never should bring the ego in between and has to leave free to the growing. one must feel very comfortable in the company.
    You have put yourself in the Best of its form and have justified Your Story.
    I only feel you go ahead with your Mentorship with the knowing that your responsibilities are to be on the upper hand.
    Wishing You All the Very Best

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    • Your thoughtful response is reassuring to me and supports me. You are indeed right. It is our responsibility to seek the direction of our journey. It is important to feel comfortable with the trust we place in another. Thank you very much for your valuable time in support of my work.

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  5. This was such a pleasant read, and your post has an aura of peacefulness and positivity. I can’t pinpoint why I felt as such. And the content was very relatable. Good mentors are hard to come by, and the great ones are super-rare. Being a good teacher doesn’t just imply possession of wisdom and knowledge, it means so many other things as well. Thank you for sharing!

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