Feel Shine Melt Love


Photo Credit: Virag Doshi

Feeling invisible
I seek longingly

To become visible
I burn seethingly

Find that the burning
Shines bright my yearning

You drop a glance at me
Then take it away so quickly

In that moment I know
And you know what we see

Now I want to keep burning
All that feels invisible in my feeling

Each time you look away
I will keep burning away

Until I shine so bright
You can’t evade my light

The heat of this resolve
Melts away my fury

As I come to know newly
There is no you or I

What’s burning away is my own lie
What you are is the divine eye

None but that part of me
That I am not willing to see

Rather than simply and magnificently Be
Keeps hiding behind the cloak of invisibility

And the fear of dying unseen
Or is it the fear of living and being seen

Oh dear me the heart keeps beating
Be kind with your breathing

All is good about the burning
All is beautiful about the feeling

Oh dear me there is no you no me
All there is, is to love me, so I love me


This post is a contribution to Debbie Roth’s ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects. This poem comes back to me very loudly, to help me accept where I am today without judgment and fan my intentions for moving forward from where I am.

Originally published on Jan 23, 2017


48 thoughts on “Feel Shine Melt Love

  1. The complexity of thinking we need what we already possess! We find it hard to accept ourselves, but get mad when others don’t! I’m truly glad you turned your affection towards yourself. Poetically speaking, this was well written and expressed clearly with a feather voice. It was not a voice in battle, but a matter fact. You held me in suspense and laid me down on a pillow with the conclusion. Wonderful life lesson and wonderful poem.

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  2. A fervent prayer, a introspective dissecting the invisible layers surrounding the outer self along with the afflictions en route ! The craving for being visible is so apt here , the infinite source of visibility will surely make the invisibility visible with knowing the self & loving the true self ! A road to love is all that the soul cries to walk on ! Lovely reflection Pragalbha! Blessed times!

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  3. Absolutely loved! I may be wrong, but I feel though each of your poems mainly end on a kind of uplifting note. As the beginning is wondering and the end is concluding. I read it as though a person is desperate for a person to notice them…to make them feel special and worthy. But then realising no, I already shine bright without you.

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  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Pragalbha, your poetry is inspired by divine love. Thank you for sharing it for #ForgivingFridays. What I particularly love is integrating all the parts of you into one love. Because that is the truth as I experience it. And the part about being afraid to be seen is touching and so authentic. I am honored to share it as a part of #ForgivingFridays. Love and Light in all ways to your continued writing and loving acceptance, Pragalbha. Debbie

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    • Dear Debbie thank you so much for your kind and generous acknowledgment always. Your work is such a huge support to the integration of all parts of us into one Big Love that has no judgment whatsoever. I feel what comes through me and the work you do are so complimentary to each other. I feel very grateful to share space with you on ForgivingFridays and add power to the love and acceptance we all have access to. Much Love and Joy to you.

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  6. I saw your comment on my blog, but something happened and I can’t reply there. Thanks, and I had read this poetry before and I think it is truely beautiful. I don’t usually comment though because of a problematic network connection, but I regularly follow your blog πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  7. I feel like saying “what did I just read?”…it’s truly a beautiful poem…I could feel every single line…there’s so much depth in your words…on top, there are so many layers…it’s like unfolding gently…consciously…mindfully…but I’m not surprised…infact, I’m simply smiling…the first time I read, I remained silent…the second time I read, I actually recited…the knowing in your profound lines…the flow of emotions is marvellous…Feel Shine Melt Love…this is what it actually is…Thank you very much for sharing this piece with me, Pragalbha πŸ’«

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    • It gives me deep joy to know you read and appreciate this poem πŸ™‚ I fully trust for you to feel and get the essence of this poem – I am forever grateful for the space it came from. Your silence and then recital of the poem is such honor and happiness for me. Thank you very much my kind friend.

      PS: I am feeling very silent and enjoying a lot of space to simply live life as it comes – not having the urge to post and visit on WP – I am saddened by having to stay away and look forward to returning back at a good time. Just thought of sharing as this is my reason for the delay in responding to you.

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      • It’s truly my privilege to read your beautiful piece, Pragalbha…

        Please don’t be saddened…whenever you write, it’s the perfect time…and there was no delay, my friend…be in that space…be in the moment as you always are…thank you for sharing this

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