On Acceptance

Accept EVERYthing wholly.

Only in the present moment.

Never Ever Forever.



P.S. Happy Yoga Day! May this day inspire moments of awareness for you.

When peace eludes

When peace eludes
When purpose seems to lose
When perspective is at ruse
When promises don’t produce
When possibilities simply refuse

Then give up control
Then give up the crawl up the wall
Then give up the stickiness of it all
Then give up the judgment tall
Then give up the unkindness of it all

When the train is stopped on track
When the brain is blocked on black
When the mind doesn’t cut slack
When heart is feeling the break-n-crack

Then the flood of emotions moisten
Then the time is to wait and listen
Then the path as if waiting to glisten
Then the anguish will eventually lessen

When the peace eludes
When the turmoil is profuse
When all the trial is in recluse
When the denial is abstruse

Then the calling is from the Being
Then self compassion is the Seeking
Then the gift is simply in the Breathing
Then love is what helps only from Within
Then more beauty is what breaks Open

P.S. Dear Debbie, please accept this poem as my contribution to ForgivingFridays. I wish to bring forgiveness to all the judgment we bring to ourselves for not being good enough. Thank you for creating the beautiful space to bring peace and forgiveness to our beings.

Life of the Day

Night is the death of the Day
Sleep like you are contently dead to the day

Dawn is the life of a new Day
Wake up not to the same life of yesterday

Both need conscious choices in the day
While staying content where you are Today

Nothing …But then …

Nothing happens on its own
But then a lot of it surely does

Nothing is an absolute necessity
But then a lot of it is necessary

No relations are a requirement vital
But then some seem required for survival

No achievement defines existence
But then it does validate existing

No wall can protect from all storms
But then it is comforting to have one

No belief is a complete truth
But then finally leads to all that is true

No feeling will last forever
But then some do eternally linger

No respite it seems there is ever
But then there is lot of solace to savor

Nothing may seem at times beautiful
But then you crack open to smile plentiful

Nothing happens on its own
But then a lot of it surely does …


Each time you place your feet on earth
Each time you stand, in a different stance
Each time you take a step
There’s always one more

Each time you lay your back
Each time you line your spine on earth
Each time you rest and release
There’s always a place

Each time you just be
Each time you think you know
Each time you take a breath
There’s always one more

Feel and Know
Steady and Ease
Long and Luxurious
There’s always one more

Until there is none …
There’s never another like you
Ever known …

Use this for life itself or apply as your intention to your yoga practice, as you traverse through different postures using your body and your breath. This is a commentary that interspersed a yoga class I led this week. I am grateful for this inspiration that came to me. Trust is now even more a felt part of me.