Choice of perspectives
Is a gift of universal views
Though reality seems tentative
Be keen on your objective

As we choose to look at things differently
Struggle becomes our responsibility
As we refuse to think at things rigidly
Change becomes an indisputable possibility
When it seems like stuck for infinity
That’s when actually life is flowing rapidly
Let go and we get unstuck very easily

Choose what you want to change
Change what you choose to change
Insist to receive from what you perceive
Find it within you to realize your view

The perceived may be turbulent
When you be present and persistent
Look at and let go of being resistant
The received is sure to be opulent

Be relentless in pursuing life
A glorious one now that you are at it
And watch how life becomes relentless
In what it has to offer you
It is up to you how much you catch it


6 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. Reblogged this on Infinite Living and commented:

    Time and again, when I listen to these podcasts, I get transported to, where my poems came from. When I struggled to the point of feeling ‘I can’t go on’ …I told myself ‘I struggle only because I deny some perspective’
    Please listen to this, a very heartfelt, personal plea and inspiration to find a powerful perspective for anything you call Life!

    It is as if my poem ‘Perspectives’ gets explained to the depths.


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