Are emotional beings fools?

Are emotional beings fools?
While all others delightful cools?
Tears on one come more easily
While make the other fidgety

It seems emotionals never
Appreciate general humor
It seems they prefer suffering
As if that’s life in buffering

For them the roller coaster’s in the mind
Terrified of the amusement park kind
One rides them with eyes and hands open
Other squeezes shut & clenches tight often

Pick on experiences & words said
Take them to that corner of the head
Dissect and digest and juice
Wring it out for what is of use

Simple joy of Being is that for these fools
What an exhilarating high is for the cools
Time again both strive to reach the place
Beyond thought and action, of solace

Fools look up with amazement at cools
Cools look down with amusement at fools
Nodding their heads in nays
About the other’s weird ways

But once they sit down to talk together
To their surprise they enjoy each other
As they share their own living adventure
Realize the point of both Inner and Outer

Inner adventures make you alive to life
Outer adventures make you alive at life
It’s each of their challenge
To break the walls they make and manage



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