What are you really looking at?

Peeping thru the leaves - starburst at dawn - Kala Pathar beach - Havelock - 1F8A1073

“Peeping through the leaves” by Atanu Chakraborty

There’s an empty glass of water sitting on the counter. It is broken. It is holding together but it has been shattered and has cracks going all direction. I look at it and see just that and nothing else …a piece of broken glass.

If you try to think of a situation or event in life that might have shattered your intact way of being …what do you really think of ? A situation that has cracked your core and wounded you open in places? Or something that has been bothering you very much since yesterday or last week? The broken glass probably doesn’t really represent anything to you. Life is perfect …except that this person, yesterday or last week, did not behave well, had a wrong attitude, did not do exactly like you expected or even deserved.Β My glass is as intact as ever. Now if I somehow make evident to this person that he/she has wronged me, I can get on with my perfect life …:)

I glance up out of the window behind the counter. There is this big vibrant sweet gum tree, always standing tall majestically, un-wavered through the winds and seasons. There are 2 men cutting off overgrown branches. The ones that were weighing down on the core were being fell to the ground. The idea made me feel light. They then raked off the fallen leaves and branches, leaving the ground clean and green again. A lot felt cleared on the slate of my mind. The sky was in better view now that the tree was trimmed.

Looking downΒ at the broken glass again, sunlight now reached through the window and pierced through the broken glass …as if pouring through the cracks …filling them up, making it shine like never before.

I closed my eyes. Trying to imagine the healing golden light pour through my wounds and cracks. The glass became all gold but a dull one …no more cracks. Instantly I erased it and opened my eyes. If I am healed of my cracks I better look lustrous, I do not accept dullness!! …Ohhh do I accept my cracks?!!!

Are they caused by blows caused by other people or person? No, I do not play that blame game in my life. Did I allow those to be caused to me? Was I never strong enough to stand up to myself? That self-judgment doesn’t feel good and hurts me. So I am not going to relate to that broken glass in any way!!!

How many times do we try to mask and escape this way? In day to day life, what are we really looking at? Is it really the person yesterday that has made your life miserable? Or is there a deeper patterning at work here, a deeper healing Β that we are denying ourselves? Healing of our health, and also relationships, with ourselves and the most significant to us. So, all that is bare and there, is there to nourish us.

Be brave to see the cracks, the deep wounds, let light enter through them, seal them and heal them. Let the glass hold the gold of clarity for you to drink from it. A crack in the roof of a deep dark cave lets the light in …imagine the exhilaration of seeing your path clearly, when you encounter that crack. What chipped the roof to make that crack, all the trauma that it endured, is just the drama that can become your story, that you might tell one day.

Be wiling to see your cracks …not as some external object or person. Sometimes we have shown such enormous endurance towards something un-imagined, or even unacknowledged, we don’t dare to look back at it …making us cranky at the most trivial though. Sure it is very human and also helpful in the healing process. But really if you see what you are looking at and what you are trying to escape, it becomes a true digesting of life events …tantrums, tears and all that are a part of it. Let it flow!

The light will always lead you to solace …if you allow it to enter you …pierce through you …seal you and heal you and shine you!


35 thoughts on “What are you really looking at?

  1. Wow! So profound! So deep! I love the imagery and the meanings you’ve assigned to them! I felt myself looking deeply inward and feeling a sense of peace! Thank you for the beautiful insights!

    Peace, Tamara

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  2. What beautiful words and imagery. Your post reminded me of the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which cracked ceramics are repaired with lacquer that contains gold. As they say it is our cracks where the light comes in, I feel your post expresses with perfectly. Wonderful to have you back my friend.

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  3. This is very deep and profound post. How deep you are hurt and how you are taking inspiration to recollect your self and trying to see the positive side of it.

    I know only one thing the more deeper you are disappointed the more you try to find the answer of misery happening to you and around.

    The more painful situation is the more we try to look for the master healing.

    Worldly thing can only hurt or give momentary pleasure. Key of solutions is lying within.

    I know giving advise is easiest thing , but believe me solution to every problem is within you.

    When it’s within us , we cant blame any one else but the our ignorance.

    Hope you will come out to be more stronger with every tough situation you face in your life.

    Things which are impermanent , should go now or at last it hardly matters !😊

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  4. Reblogged this on Infinite Living and commented:

    I wish to reblog this post for 2 reasons:
    1. Now it is updated with a gorgeous image to go with it.
    2. I find myself revisiting this process of transformation, letting go and healing. May this season bring us all closer to the Light & Love.
    I would love to know your thoughts on this.


  5. I can definitely relate. Oftentimes than not, we are in self-denial. Unconsciously running away, afraid to face our own demons head-on. To be able to walk through emotional and psychological drama without tramping ourselves in the process demands a lot of willpower and determination. Lots of insights here. Nice one!

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    • Thank you so much for this deeply thoughtful reflection. You are very right – it is a delicate balance to be able to walk through the emotions and still keeping the head up. Self- denial and fear definitely play a significant role.

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