Arcane Truth

Fractal Mirror

I am thrilled to share this Poetry in Collaboration with Amber from DiosRaw. When Amber invited me to write poetry together I doubted myself. Yet with her gentle loving nudge, I decided to give it a try. It was a very beautiful experience to engage in, with the brilliant lines she would send me, and I would add a line to it. It was a truly immersive experience, and that too in the very topic of Truth! What a gift, thank you Amber for this unique experience and opportunity! Here it is, the lines in italic are mine, that follows each of Amber’s lines:

Absolute Truth arcane masked in plain sight
Seeking soul Suffering heart Existence blight

Befuddled by the many vandalized paths to know our birthright
Seemingly battered, finding & losing, losing & finding our own Light

Ridiculed unaware by many, revered by few diverging paths of haze
Assured yet doubting our way through the maze

Breaking into the comfort of the unknown eternity to set the soul ablaze
Oceanic waves of the heart to swim through that often rage

The house of mirrors of the cosmos, reflecting Truth in the stirring of the chemical universal pot
Particles settling, soothing clarity descends, buoying up the Light of Truth sought

The Truth may not be as you conceive, before you wake up in the lessons of nets caught
The truth is in all that you perceive, after you wake up to the knowing in your gut

Alerting to soul growth, Truth beckons from the depths of bodily and psychological pain
Returning to self core, Truth awakens to the expanse of the universe and wisdom innate

Truth is the Reality, all else is ignorance, deception, distraction, distortion, limitation and indoctrination and the elaborate mystery we imagine life.

67 thoughts on “Arcane Truth

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the collaboration experience – you had absolutely nothing to doubt, this turned out to be a beautiful poem! It seemed a little like a conversation between two deep, reflective, and beautifully-minded souls. Thanks so much for sharing โค

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    • It did feel like a very deep conversation, and what a gift that it was on the topic of Triuth – a profound indulgence ๐Ÿ™‚ You are very kind my beautiful friend, it is a joy to be read and reflected on, by you. Thank you very much.

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  2. Well done, you two!! Superb!! What a splendid journey you too the reader on. Amazing!! As for Truth, only Source or God is Truth and even there, this world has distorted who and what God and Source is. When we go within and learn to follow the Teachings and Guidance of the Voice in our Hearts, that is when we understand what Truth is. Thank you so much for this enlightened post! Bless the both of you!! xo

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    • Thank you very much Radhika. I am grateful Amber did too. I appreciate your encouragement as I have been asking precious Poetry why her visits to me are so far apart. I think I am attached to poetry coming through unannounced, and perhaps should attempt sitting down to write one intentionally.

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  3. Stunning Congrats to the both of you. It is really lovely to have two different voices express the “same” feeling of the heart, but in different voices and experiences. Really beautiful and so enjoyable to read. It is a bit like a tennis match, the ball goes over to the other , the other responded and the rally continues until the poem has been spoken from both hearts. Well done to you both.

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