Amazing Feeling

Amazing Feeling

Photo : Manish Doshi, Editing : myself

A note to my dear heart friends,

All of us who share so much of our hearts in this space and all who have so generously given your reading times for all that came through me:

I am so thrilled to finally come back to this space!!! My break continued longer than I had planned on. I have missed our precious interactions. It is like I came back from around the world and hadn’t yet reached this corner of my home, that has given me such cozy comfort, support, encouragement, inspiration, enthusiasm, a place that feels so much my zone.

I am very eager to visit with each one of your works that I missed, will make my way slowly πŸ™‚ I am curious as to how my own blog work unfolds though, as I am finding a new kind of joy and love for Life – curious as to how I would divide the time available, spent actually living it in the moments and the time spent in the virtual spaces that are so preciously real to me too.

I surrender to how the flow itself leads me, I will follow when it takes me here and I will follow when it takes me elsewhere. I am excited to see what pattern emerges (lightly clapping πŸ™‚ )

I meet you today with a heart filled to the brim with reverence & gratitude for the most amazing shifts that happened in the last month for me, the renewed & refreshed way of being I feel into 2019.

I greet you with my first quote image of 2019, that photo is me smiling at you πŸ™‚ and wishing that may the beautiful simplicity of life touch you deeply, playfully, magically and in ways that support you truly!


81 thoughts on “Amazing Feeling

  1. Welcome and Happy New Year greetings dear Pragalbha! I too have been traveling overseas and within, so my blog has been a mere trickle of a creative waterfall, yet – life is wonderfully rich and rewarding here. Wonderful to be talking with you again ❀

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  2. Pragalbha, you look beautiful! What a wonderful post, and I see you surrendering to the loving.

    Welcome back, I’ve been thinking about you. Will you contribute to Forgiving Fridays? (I’m doing it once per month now and my next one is scheduled for next Friday.) It would be wonderful to have a post from you — you write uplifting, positive messages from the heart.

    Love to you Pragalbha, and have a great weekend.

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    • ” I see you surrendering to the loving.” – Thank you so much for saying this dear Debbie. You read me so well and give me such powerful affirmation. I will definitely have the intention to contribute to this Forgiving Friday, just not sure yet if any post is to come through by then. I do not have a schedule and am following inspiration as it comes. Much Love and beyond to you my friend.

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    • I can feel the beautiful warmth of your loving welcome dear Radhika :)Thank you so much, I hope to keep finding the love and beauty in life too. Look forward to visiting your beautiful and positive works.


  3. Dearest Pragalbha, What joy it is to know your heart is full of love and excitement. Loved your picture, you can see the happiness shining my friend.
    And no worries about catching up my friend, just pick up the latest thread, and it will be like you were never away..
    Life has to be lived, and if we cannot live in the moment, when can we?
    So do what brings you JOY, and do it when you feel the need, I am sure those of us who are your friends will be patient and be delighted when you arrive, But do it at your own pace..
    Something I too had to learn.

    Life is about pleasing ourselves, and not always about doing what pleases others..
    Much love dear friend, Just so good you are in such a good place..
    May joy and happiness continue to bless you.
    Much love.
    Sue ❀ πŸ™

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    • Dearest Sue what a treasure it is to have you as my friend in this space. You give me such power and permission to be exactly what I am learning to be. You sharing your journey through the same path has supported me tremendously. This is exactly what pulls me back to this space, as much as I learn it is ok to stay away πŸ™‚

      You are so full of love, kindness and generosity, thank you ever so much!

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  4. It is lovely to see you back. Rest assured you have been missed! Beautiful photo of you. You look radiantly happy and I’m glad you have a new joy and love for life. I look forward to seeing what you post this year. Sending you many wishes for continued happiness.

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  5. I suspected that you had stepped away from your blog for a minute and refreshed. 50, with probably more responses to comes from your David readers, who are filled with joy for your return should tell U how much you were missed, and joyful you’ve now returned filled with even more vim and vigor.

    Yes, flow as you feel you need to from now, WE will be waiting to be feed with your inspirational posts as they come. Oh happy days ahead, and thanks for blogging in our WordPress community. Deeply blessed!✨

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    • My day had already become light and bright from reading your posts, and this comment from you just made me feel so deeply joyful and loved! Thank you for being here, kind friends like you are the reason I treasure this space so much.

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    • Your first sentence – I am drinking it in like a beautiful poetry, my heart receiving the words deeply with a smile that fills me up. The joy of resonance and your presence here is what makes it precious to be here πŸ™‚ Thank You.

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  6. I have also recently returned to wordpress after three yr hiatus working out the ‘forks’ in my road…would have been so thankful if there’d only been two, lol! Loved the bit at the top about being in love with life…I always have been, never really knew it for what it was, but you have said it so well! Thank you! I am also glad to be back, feeling refreshed, though tired in a good way with the results of my labors offline…come read me…put up extremely old fashioned poem recently…had a few more than six words, etc., but after being away so long, I couldn’t limit myself, ha ha! Take care today, let it be your best day yet!

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