“Myself on the trail” Photo by Manish Doshi

I have lived with a confusion of what exactly I want to do with the rest of my lifetime.

I looked upon the path I was walking on, I often saw multiple trails coming up ahead. The best I could zoom in was to stand at a fork trying to decide which one of the two roads ahead I want to choose.

That led me to question myself : “What is my purpose?” “What is the work that I am truly given time for, on this planet?” “Which dream do I follow? Which dream is truly mine? Which ones are more ideas from others about what I could be/should be doing?”

It felt like this lifetime wouldn’t be enough to cover the paths becoming evident to me.

It is funny how clarity in different directions can create confusion!

The word ‘Focus’ dawned on me. I needed to focus in one direction for now, I told myself.

I followed my inclinations and found things that I couldn’t stop doing. They are enough to fill the day ahead & my heart with immense joy & peace. I am committed to those.

It has become clear to me that I needn’t beat up myself with one ambition to focus on.

I am travelling this beautiful road of life and I have a lot of glorious views on the way. I give myself permission to look side ways and take time to appreciate what I see.

This picture of mine taken unknown to me, gives me a glimpse of my Focus in life.

I kneel to the ground in reverence to how I am being guided and choose to look through the lens of a powerful perspective.

I still see the fork in the road ahead of me, not knowing which way each trail twists & turns. Yet, I am seeing that I will be led on to one of them, one day at a time.

Something tells me there is a possibility that both those trails could meet at a later time, and I might have the opportunity to have an integrated experience of fulfilling all my dreams on the way. Just maybe …


This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays, a monthly initiative by Debbie Roth of Forgiving Connects, a blog of inspiration to me.


87 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Simply beautiful. Words and photo so apt.

    A question i often ask my self. It gives focus when we have an aim and objective of life , well that is what i feel. Different paths allow us to focus, or side track us, to eventually find the path again.

    In life we shall do many a thing and have many a focus and all so important at that stage if life.

    Just today after meditation i was think from where to where have i come in the journey of life. Even through the many knocks of life and the many greats of life, i can conclude i like how i have shaped up… no ego intended.

    Love your posts they really reasonate with me. Nice to have you back

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    • Thank you very much dear Bella for taking the time to read and reflect. So true that even if we get side tracked, it still takes us back on our path. Everything serves a purpose for that time.

      I understand how you are appreciating where you have landed through your journeys, so am I.

      I am so glad to be back and in this conversation with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I still struggle with my purpose Infinite. It’s something that I question. What did I miss? Was there something greater than ‘me’ that I neglected? Then I remember what I do ‘do’. And I try to do the best each day. Hoping it will take me somewhere.

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    • I truly enjoyed the entirety of this comment of yours. It is profound like how your simple and short posts are. I spent a good time with your words. Thank you.
      “Was there something greater than โ€˜meโ€™ that I neglected?” – This question as if awakens me to itself. I would want to stay in this question a lot, I am afraid I am still a lot self-centered, I feel.


      • I think this is part of our humanness Infinite. We struggle with this a lot. But in saying that, lets not forget that taking care of ourselves is also important. So I think that sends us into what seems like different directions, or not always the same direction any way. (If that makes sense).

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        • Yes exactly I am just learning the boundaries of self care and being of service – I can understand how you are saying that that itself is the confusion that creates the illusion of multiple choices. If I continue the process of being grounded in my being, all of those directions will become integrated into one way of Being and expressed in the most effective way.
          I am loving this revelation as if a fresh confirmation, if I got it right. Thank you for this rich conversation CM!


  3. Acknowledging the confusion and recognizing that there is some sorting out required, along with focusing in one thing to see where it leads …. is a great approach. Donโ€™t pressure yourself. The path will become clear. ๐Ÿ’•

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  4. Often in life, many of us find ourselves at such crossroads , filled with dilemma of not knowing where to head. The enormity of the path overwhelms us. Like you so rightly said , focusing on the present gives us the direction. Pragal, I so very enjoy reading your posts which is like an encyclopedia to deal with challenges of life ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Giving yourself permission to take time just to BE is a wonderful first step Pragalaba
    Allowing that FOCUS to choose you, rather than you focusing on too many things at once.
    When I am confused, I let things be for a while, and just follow my instincts, and then I listen and feel what my gut is telling me..
    If something is bringing joy and fulfilment into my day, I continue with that, if it is bringing frustration or feelings of impatience then I let it alone for a time, and go back to it later.
    It’s difficult if itโ€™s a career path, choice, etc.. Or a personal relationship.
    But I find really listening to what is fulfilling your dreams , you are already doing what is meant to be done..
    The rest will follow when the timing is right..

    Loved your Focus.. And the image you created..
    LOVE and Blessings..
    Here’s to Dreams coming True. โค

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    • “Allowing that FOCUS to choose you, rather than you focusing on too many things at once.” I loved this statement of yours, it’s brilliant! Indeed the Focus does choose us.

      You truly got into the gut and gist of my post, I feel understood deeply. Yes it is difficult when I am trying to make something into a career path …it is so easeful and joyful if I don’t try to define anything that way.

      I often remind myself that what I am living right now is a dream come true. So I agree and trust you that the rest will follow when the timing is right.

      Thank you so much dear Sue for being here, your thorough comments truly mean a lot to me.

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  6. It’s indeed interesting that clarity in different directions can bring about confusion. By focusing on one step at a time and taking your time to savour each moment, your intuition will lead you the right way.

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  7. standing at crossroads is something we all face at times of our life, and unless the way ahead gives us clear direction and guidance so we may an informed choice, the road chosen can be rocky, but further along it, hopefully we will again be given another crossroads.

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  8. This piece could not have come at a better time for me. It almost felt like you were talking to me directly. Being an over analyser, I often contemplate different directions and ask what is my purpose and what am I meant to be doing? But I am starting to realise that life is full of directions and it would almost be wrong to just focus on one. We should as you so eloquently said, give ourselves permission to look side ways.
    You are beautiful both inside and out and it is a joy to read your work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I know what you are talking about, time and again I feel the same way, about what exactly I am doing. Only I have to remind myself that I need to focus on one thing at a time, and rest all will fall in place.
    I am so holly that you feel this way, and you are at peace with your goals and journey.

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    • I imagine such is the journey for those of us who are so curious, aware and find passion in multiple things ๐Ÿ™‚ It indeed took me time to realize that I have so much in life available to enjoy without worrying about what goals to work on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts dear Moushmi.

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  10. Pragalbha, I see so much wisdom here! I acknowledge you greatly for how much permission you’re giving to yourself to follow your joy, to try out different (seemingly divergent) focuses, to pause and even look sideways if that’s your inner calling, AND to bow in reverence for being guided and led by love. This is a beautiful contribution for Forgiving Fridays — one of my favorite things about forgiveness is how it clears the pathway to what we truly want and to walk forward into that.

    YOU are a blessing! I’m honored to share this for March. Thank you, Pragalbha. And much Light and love to you on the path ahead.

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    • Dear Debbie, you truly clear out any leftover traces of judgment or doubt about this trust in the guidance and love towards what is truly the calling for the day and life ahead. Thank you for walking this path of forgiveness and supporting others as they walk theirs, you surely support mine.

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  11. Dearest Prag, when we let go (this is what I am learning) and TRUST the process to unfold, we will be led effortlessly in the direction we are to head. I have no more confusion. I even see here and there flittingly, the bigger picture. My conviction no one will sway me from. I put one foot in front of the other. I listen to my Guidance. I am confident that signs will come my way. And they do. Once you make that Ultimate Decision for the Direction you desire your life to go, then let go knowing that once your feet are upon the Path, your dreams come true. Perhaps NOT in the form or way you “thought” they would, yet still, they do. This is not to say you won’t have to “work” towards your goals. That is not what I mean. Just listen to your Heart. It will never lead you wrong. Much Love to you! ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒˆ

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    • Dear Amy I so treasure your words as I know how much you get this! I agree with you on the Letting Go, Trust the Process, Follow the Guidance parts. I had trouble with the Ultimate Decision for the Direction – not able to identify my purpose or which way to go. So now I have surrendered to guidance even for that to be chosen for me, while I put one foot in front of the other. Thank you for your loving support my friend.

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      • This Way to live, dear one, is so far from easy. How oft I have wanted just to throw the towel in, just giving up, and allowing others to take over the reigns of my life for me. However, I could not live with myself if I did so. I will keep you close in Heart and Prayer in order that you just one day “know” which way to turn …. left or right or keep going straight. I have every confidence in you that your answer will come. In the meantime, chop wood and carry water with confidence that answer will appear in its Perfect Time. (smile)

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        • ” chop wood and carry water with confidence that answer will appear in its Perfect Time.” – I love this reminder! The simple tasks of life are indeed to be honored with as much intention while we look for the Big Path to become evident. We are here to live it all with as much joy and purpose of the day. Thank you so much for encouraging and supporting me on the way, for your confidence on my journey. Much Love to you me friend.

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  12. Iโ€™ve experienced this a lot in my life and when I look back, I was always going somewhere, into a deeper understanding for others and myself as one. We have so much abundance in this life that making observations and following gentle nudges can take up our time pleasurably, and meaningfully. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

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  13. Oh how exciting to imagine that the two roads at the fork could someday meet. In my opinion, you canโ€™t put a foot wrong either way. In the meantime, you accept that doing what you canโ€™t stop doing is A-OK for right now. Brilliant!โœจ

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  14. There are many reasons to be impatient or unsure as we traverse the journey of this lifetime. There are external pressures, family expectations or the pressings of our own voice “I should be ….I should have….by now”. Yet, the dandelion seed can happily float on erratic breezes and still find welcoming earth ultimately, even a second time if it hasn’t settled on the first location ๐Ÿ™‚
    I so enjoy your reflections and writing P โค


    • Wow I am so so grateful to have this beautiful comment from you, your poetic words are my treasure to keep. I am now able to appreciate the beauty of this journey even more with the picture of the dandelion seed finding the welcoming earth. Yes there are so many reasons, true. There is so much support and comfort in knowing we are not alone working it out. Thank you my friend!


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  16. Life is a wondeful journey. If ten things bring you joy, do all ten. No need to think you have to focus on one or just a few. This journey is the most beautiful thing we can experience. We should treasure every moment.

    If you really need to focus on one thing. Focus on being happy and making the ones you love happy as well.

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    • Thank you for visiting back here and engaging with me on these rich topics. I left my current thoughts on the link you shared with me. I was thrilled to find so much resonance in your post and how I have been pereciving my experiences.

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