Do Nothing


Photo : Vikram Phale “Rest Here”

Choose to often do Nothing
Choose to not play the game
Choose to simply stay & Be
Choose the seemingly insane

Try it
Do Nothing
For an hour
For a day
For a month

For any length of time
Know what really is the fight
Win over that all in the mind
It is the Brave
Who can truly rest on this planet
Their choices are such …

Just Be
Then watch
Prowess simply becoming You
None of it you feel the need to be shown
Yet you are seen as powerfully grown



89 thoughts on “Do Nothing

  1. WOW! Mankind is on a racetrack rushing forward to destruction. Doing nothing. Yes. Oh yes. Observe. Yes. Breathe. Yes. Stop. Yes. Beautifully penned, dear friend. I am in awe of how you put words and thoughts together. I am the Rose, doing nothing except BEing. Much Love to you!! πŸ’–

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  2. In the current world where taking a moment for yourself is a challenge what with the glow of the screen luring and enticing you. It is a rare event if we were to sit and stare like sheep or cows or probably it is an something that happened only in the past.
    Thank you for that reminder and that too so beautifully, Pragalbha.

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  4. These are such beautifully strong and deep words…the way to ‘be’ in this existence….I try and try, the moments of success in imbibing them are enlightening indeed, but the graph still veers up and down!

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  5. Awesome. I like choosing what seems insane. It is hard to do nothing but oh so sweet especially on a warm spring day like today has been soaking in His sunshine and His love.

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    • Haha yes these concepts sometimes don’t easily translate. I believe – what is needed to be done gets done without much effort. We identify, choose and allow the action and expression. ‘Do Nothing’ becomes important when we are struggling to make something happen, until we feel clear about a choice.


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