Liquid Gold

Sunrise photo by my son Sanved Doshi

Sunrise & Sunsets are Magical Moments
And the one at the ocean
Is that liquid gold beauty
That invokes Gratitude naturally

My heart is filled with the fluid gold of Gratitude. I returned from my travel, a trip to Hawaii islands that seemed like it wasn’t meant to happen and then it was exactly what was supposed to happen.

Just one week before my trip, I suffered from a ‘bad’ knee that had me unable to walk or move for 3 days. While the doctors might talk about ligaments and what not, I went into deep communication with my knee, asking my body what it needed from me.

I have been holding multiple other life journeys in my heart, making me unable to move forward. My knees were telling me to keep moving ahead, and not carry so much of the heavy load, it wasn’t mine to carry. I serve better by living the lightness and the joy available to me, so I know, yet my mind felt selfish as if having to leave life and people behind, if I were to break out of more personal barriers.

My knees were holding a lot – they were stuck with much pain, grief, anger, even traces of resentment that I wasn’t willing to look at. The only way out of anything is Through. I have been there, done that before – this time it was my ‘intelligent’ knee that made me pause, look, feel, and let go.

I equipped myself with the following affirmations that I repeated to myself during the 6 hour flight and my daily barefoot walks in the earthly sand for at least an hour.

I release any inflexibility & fear I have stored in my knees.
I release any lack of ease I have stored in my knees.
I release any shock & resistance I have stored in my knees.
I release any anger & stubbornness I have stored in my knees.
I release any irritation & stress I have stored in my knees.
I release any excess responsibility & pressure I have stored in my knees.
I release any conflict & spiritual turmoil I have stored in my knees.
I joyfully release all that old stuff.

It is safe to surrender now.
I feel safe and flexible moving forward now.
I feel so supported and secure now.
It is easy to forgive the past and go with the flow now.
It is easy to stand up for myself now.
My knees are strong, stable, healthy.
I am perfectly aligned and embrace change easily.
I move forward with confidence and joy.

With every breath I take I send love, gratitude and healing to my knees and every single cell in my body.

I practiced deep long breaths and spine lengthening postures every day to release any stress on the lower extremity joints.

I went to the airport limping and I came back from my trip absolutely pain free. We planned for this trip only 3 days in advance when I felt very certain that it was in perfect alignment for moving forward. My knee wanted me to move through the pain, and the pain kept receding each day as I consciously worked through what my body needed and spirit guided.

Each day, each moment is an unknown unimagined miracle into another – last 2 weeks were as exquisitely amazing as much as how arduous the work might feel to dive in to the depths of our inner and outer journeys, finding our way through it all.

Myself at Sunrise, Photo by my husband Manish Doshi

The ocean has this magical ability to drink up all the tired unrelenting waves of my being and replenish with relentless, refreshed, playful, peaceful ones. My heart is filled with the fluid gold of Gratitude for all the abundance, joy, support and guidance available to me.


105 thoughts on “Liquid Gold

  1. What an amazing and inspiring post, I totally believe in healing our body through our thoughts and energy! It is so funny and synchronistic because Iโ€™ve been having knee pain as well, being a tennis athlete, pain always scares me! And Iโ€™ve been speaking to the Universe on the message itโ€™s telling me, your post has brought me some clarity!!! Awesome work as always, I deeply love this post!!! Thank you for this gem of a piece, the high vibrations are felt!! Much love ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค

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  2. The pic is beautiful. โค๏ธโค๏ธ I am sharing this post to my sister as she is going through the same. Am hoping this will post will uplift her make her believe that healing comes from the inside. Thanks for sharing this Pragalbha. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  3. Our body picks up on so much of our emotional state. And when we let go we become free physically and emotionally.

    I love your prayer, mantra, meditation really beautiful and soothing.

    I am glad you had a nice holiday and are back refreshed.

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  4. Lately, I have been reading a lot about positive affirmations. You have demonstrated the same to me with your affirmations and healing Pragalbha. This seems to be like a message to me to believe in its power. Thanks so much my friend for sharing this โค !

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    • Dear Radhika, affirmations are powerful if we are able to feel them clearly speak to us, they drop into our hearts creating a feeling difference, we weave them with our long smooth breath while following deep listening …otherwise they tend to create ‘noise’ for me if I were to pick them up randomly because they are good for me. This is just my personal experience, there are infinite ways to use affirmations, I find them an important tool in our ‘healing cabinet’. I did have other tools of herbs, yoga, slowing down that brought everything together. I am very grateful if any of this becomes helpful for you.

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    • Thank you for appreciating the picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes pain and fear are such real experiences, they still tend to surprise me. It is humbling to be invited into the opportunity of healing, the process is so beautiful in hindsight ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much for your support.

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    • It is a joy for me if my post becomes helpful for you. It can be a delicate and arduous skill to navigate through pain and healing, please be kind to yourself. Also I should mention I had help from my ayurvedic practitioner with some herbs, complemented with some yoga therapy work. While we work on our own, it is a good idea to take help as needed I believe. Wishing you the best of ease and joy through your process.

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  5. Welcome back, PD. We’ve missed you. Cheers to the wonders, relaxation, and strength that the trip to Hawaii has provided. Amazing healing of your knees. The words of your personal mantra say so much about our lives, and our knees are very symbolic. Cheers to your healing, wonderful moments, and time to walk the beach. After all, walking on the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on your feet.

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    • walking on the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul โ€“ and refreshing on your feet – I have always related to these words of yours ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so very grateful for this opportunity of healing and renewal. Thank you very much for your support.

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  6. We need certain signals to steer us in the right or another direction. The body is a wonderful thing! Good to hear you were able to motivate yourself back to health! Walk on!

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    • I truly wished my post to reach and help someone immediately. My sincere wishes for you to have complete recovery at the soonest and very grateful if my affirmations become helpful to you. Thank you for reading, sharing and appreciating the poem too.

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  7. Happy to read that you and your husband were able to get away. How wonderful!
    Your testimony of pain and immobility and the enlightened steps you took to work through your knee issues, in your own way, is empowering. We are not taught to listen to our bodies. Your story shows how helpful this can be. ๐Ÿ’—

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  8. This is so very powerful!!! What a gift to share! Thank you so very much! I am inspired in so many ways. I wish everyone could read this and understand their own power to heal! SO SO beautiful!!!! What the world needs now is people in that deep communication with their bodies – the way you describe!!! Sending you so much love and gratitude!!!!

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    • You fill my heart with joy :)) I am so humbled and happy at your wonderful words of appreciation – it was my desire that this post becomes helpful to a few, and it fills my pot of gold if it inspires deeper healing for as many. Thank you so much. Love and Smiles :))))

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  9. Wow, this is such an amazing experience, Pragalbha. Affirmations work at the soul level and are a must for life. So happy and glad that you are free from the pain now.
    The golden ocean of infinite peace and love of sunrise and sunset is awesome. The view itself, I suppose, opens up gratitude and healing.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post

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  10. The ocean is a place to heal. I read the post and replaced ‘knee’ with ‘feet’ for my aching feet.
    I’m happy to know the holiday did you good and you came back healed. Take good care of yourself Pragalbha.

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  11. This is beyond inspiring my friend and I share your journey. I have done a similar invocation when it comes to pain lately and it is helping me to accept instead of resist it. To even send it love and let it know that I have heard my bodies message. Big love to you.

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  13. Beautifully explained your self introspection which most of the people are scared to do. I have been through similar pain recently and talked to my sciatic pain to get more insight into my mind body connection. Truly blessed to have people like you who expressed so beautifullyโค๏ธ

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