The most memorable thing anyone said to me

Myself in the Tall Woods – Photo by Manish Doshi

During one of the weekend trainings that I was taking about 5 years ago, another girl who was about my height or an inch taller, came up to me and said

“At your height, you really teach us how to stand really really tall!”

I had a good laugh with her and responded “This (height) is all I ever got, so I just stand that’s all”

She then shared with me how my passionate contributions to discussions had helped her gain confidence in her ability to speak up for herself, ask questions in front of the group.

I don’t remember being bothered, but I have been reminded all my life of being short. Nobody did the reminder as amazingly for me as this kind classmate did!

I thought this was the most memorable thing that anyone said to me. Then few months ago, I was in a phone conversation with a long time friend, sharing our latest life experiences with each other lovingly. She suddenly said “You know Pragalbha –

You live as if someone getting a PhD on the subject of life itself… not just studying but actually living it”

I was speechless, also because I only have an idea of the amount of meticulous research and dedication required of those who pursue the PhD degree. I do not have the experience of it. My educated friend went on to remind me “Oh you are no different, always remember that. You have a similar passion and dedication towards life itself, and to my eyes you live exactly like any other PhD aspirant.”

I remember being bothered by my lack of higher education and degrees behind my name during my younger years. It used to cut into my sense of self worth. A lot of life happened before I grew out of that and found my purpose in life. I feel content and blessed for how I was guided all along to reach where I am. I was absolutely humbled with what my kind friend had to say about my approach to life.

Now I have 2 most memorable things anyone said to me that make me smile when I remember them :)))

I would love to know – What are the most memorable compliments given to you? What do you think of those I shared?


76 thoughts on “The most memorable thing anyone said to me

  1. Beautiful beautiful piece, I absolutely love it!!! The love and heart in your words is palpable, reading this took my mind and soul on a fun little adventure…so thank you for that!! I love the purpose in this piece, such a good reminder that the little things in life are the things that stick around in our memories and motivate us to be our best selves!

    I have a bulletin board above my desk, itโ€™s called my Inspiration Board! And on it, I have the most meaningful words people have said to me – stuff from my family, friends and my blogger family! So this post really let me soak in those words in such ripe gratitude! Keep shining friend, you inspire many! Much love ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค

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    • You are such a precious soul and beautiful heart dear Ace. I was filled with joy that you get the purpose of this post – it is important that we have these reminders to ourselves from our kind family and friends – they do keep us going on difficult days and motivate us to be our best selves like you say. I am thrilled to know of your Inspiration Board and loved to know your immersing in it with gratitude. Much Love and Gratitude to you my friend.

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  2. Being acknowledged for who and what we are is a precious gift. It seems your friends helped you see your beauty and gifts. I’ve felt this way in small groups sharing from the heart when people really saw, heard, and understood me.

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  3. I especially liked the first complement you received that your height gives you the opportunity to show others how to stand tall. I don’t think I have ever heard something like that before. I also liked the photo of you with the two rows of tall trees along the path.

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  4. Itโ€™s so good when we are reminded of how important our beautiful unique presence is in the world. I think we forget this often. I honour your presence today as well ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’•

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  5. A really beautiful and heartfelt post. Besides my wife either complimenting or encouraging me, someone told me once I seem to have an inner calm. I wasn’t looking for a compliment when they shared that, and I’m still humbled by it.

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  6. Supportive friends are a blessing – they make us stand taller and remind us of our wisdom. You are clearly a nurturing friend who attracts mutually loving people. ๐Ÿ’• As a long-time HS teacher, I loved receiving kind notes from my students. I have a tub of cards and notes that I saved through the years. ๐Ÿ’“

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    • I am so thrilled to know about your kind notes from your students and the tub of cards so precious ๐Ÿ’› you are so kind and loving yourself for shining a light on my blessings, very true what you say of supportive friends, WP is another such place with blog friends like you doing the same, thank you very much โœจ

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      • Thank you. The cards are sweet. I have a hard time throwing things like that out – I am too sentimental. It is wonderful to connect with other light souls, however/wherever the connection happens, especially during a year of disconnection. ๐Ÿ˜Š Enjoy your day.

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  7. Ahha.. Amazing.. Yes, I do have one such encounter with a stranger too, while I was journeying. My words generally tend towards detailing any incident which may have touched me or shaken me. I love to express anything vividly. You reminded me of my incident through your post here. To avoid a long comment here, which may seem as a post itself, let me re-blog and share your post, adding my experience there in my post. It’ll reach out to more people to get benefited from them then. Thanks for sharing such inspirations, thus reminding us about our experiences. Much Love dear.. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•..

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  8. This piece is really special. I love this… makes me think… and I can come up with so many… I wish to remember them more clearly – they sort of stand out as feelings. The feelings stand out clearly and bless me so. It’s so lovely to make sure to truly remember the most memorable of them. This is a really fun one to ponder. I love this share so much and I love your perfect examples. So lovely! Thank you. The really fun part is to imagine what the next ‘most memorable’ thing to be said to me will be… and maybe to whom I will say something memorable for them to as well… oh what fun! Beautiful gift! Thank you! Sending you Love!

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    • I am so thrilled to know how much fun you had with this :))) You brought me a sense of playfulness that feels so joyful and I love it. I agree there are many more instances of heartfelt compliments and they stand out more as feelings. The ones I shared were so unique in words for me that they were easy to remember that way. I love your idea of imagining what the next one might be, and I too wish I offer the most memorable one to others! You are an amazing positive spirit – thank you very much for kindly sharing!!

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      • This was really fun! Thank you for your thoughtful return comment… wanted to just thank you again… I realized another aspect of this… so – in our house we say “Love you” and “I Love you” A LOT – like all the time… we’re together all the time and we say it as we leave rooms or head to do something even for just a few minutes… we mean it and don’t take it for granted… but, we say it A LOT. Your awesome post prompting the thought of the most memorable thing someone has ever said to me just wrapped all these “Love YOUs” up in such a special package as such a great constant and memorable feeling/saying at once and throughout our time together as a family unit/team. Thank you for this Truly special!!! Sending you Love and gratitude for this fun musing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • Thank you so much for sharing about the Love Yous in your house – I think that is simply the most awesssome way of giving regard to each other and continue to live the magic available for simply being alive with each other. You truly inspire me to bring any version of this possible to my home, I love it how natural you have made it, it is seemingly simple but beyond special, I wish it would become the norm for a lot of families. You really made me day!!!! Much Love and Smiles :))))))

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  10. The warm and heartfelt compliments you’ve received goes on to show your genuineness as a person. It is a very rare quality in people today. Treasure that and continue to shine your light on others, Pragalbha. Much love โค !

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  11. You have shared a very beautiful and warmhearted experience Pragalbha. We all have great qualities in us and we feel also so happy and nice to be of help in our own small ways. Loved the picture it was so beautiful. The trees were so tall and sturdy. Awesome post.

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    • Thank you very much for reading and appreciating the picture too. The trees felt like such wise teachers to me – they as if called out to me to go spend time in their presence.
      I agree with you, lately I found it important that we remind ourselves of what our qualities are, how do we serve others best just by being our true selves, how we get the reminders of same from our kind friends.


      • Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words, Pragalbha. We feel so nice and protected with the beauty of nature. Nature never talks and embraces us in her warmth. Take care and stay safe ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“


    • Such a joy to know that this post felt inspiring and calming to you. Living simpler is what can become trickier, I have discovered – it is a practice to stay free and simple as much possible …Thank you so much for reading and reflecting dear Michelle.

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  12. Wow! Those are truly wonderful compliments! Life impacting and great to pull out in blue moments! Thanks for reminding each of us to look into our pasts and to pull out the compliments!

    I’m always very touched when someone pays me a compliment, and I’ve sometimes pulled them out of my memory bank, smiling to myself and allowing myself to bask a little in the warmth. Truly, these become the flowers in our inner garden!


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    • flowers in our inner garden – what a beautiful way of describing words and compliments that linger in us forever. I agree with you how powerful they are in boosting us through a tough day. They bring us smiles as if reminders of our strengths – thank you so much for your constant support and valuable presence here dear Tamara.

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  13. These are two very beautiful compliments. We should stand whatever height we are.

    I especially loved the second compliment… That is such a wonderful praise. As human beings we should be elegant in living life. And demonstrate it. Well done, you have the best PhD of them all. And will second the compliment just from knowing you as a blogger.

    You live as if someone getting a PhD on the subject of life itselfโ€ฆ not just studying but actually living itโ€

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  15. Oh my goodness, Prag!! You really are making a huge difference to others in this world!! I understand both of what was said to you. I think the most remarkable thing anyone has said to me, is “You really speak your truth!” Many however don’t appreciate a healthy dose of truth so when someone said this to, I was really touched. That recognition by another feels wonderful, doesn’t it? So proud of you! Life is so precious not meant to be idled away. Keep learning and seeking and looking for answers. You won’t be disappointed! SMILE!! xo

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    • What a gift to have this precious affirmation and support from you, truly you have been a significant contribution to me. These words said to me just were so unique to forget, that I decided to share them. Kind friends like you and this generous WP community has so whole heartedly and positively responded to my post, I am humbled.
      I was surprised to find that this post was the least received and responded to in my inner circle of family and friends on other media. I am amused imagining how I would have doubted myself if that was only where I shared, and if I had depended on them for validation. Thanks to consistent presence like yours I have learned to own myself for who I am.
      Thank you very much for sharing what compliment has been remarkable for you and I totally hear you, how touching that is. It is indeed wonderful to be seen for who we are in essence. I hope to use my gifts in meaningful ways. Utmost Gratitude to you.

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  16. Beautiful Pragalbha. Thanks to your question I read two other posts on the same subject and learnt so much. Its made me think of the best compliment I’ve received and thinking of it makes me smile. I had written about it earlier. Will try and dig it up and reblog it linking it to this post.

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