Mixed Feeling

Mixed Feeling

Photo : Myself

Note :

I loved the process of editing the original picture for this quote image. I first settled on this effect above. I thought it mimicked the feeling that these words bring to me.

I do not have any training or skills for editing. While playing around with tools further I stumbled upon more dramatic effects that could be created. Another version of this above image got more appreciated by few friends and family that I shared with, while comparing the 2.

They actually made me feel very proud of my patience and creativity in getting those results. They convinced me of no other choice but to post that one because of how good it was. I truly enjoyed their excitement …until I was about to publish this post.

Both the versions with exact same picture and words invoked a very different feeling. What I had landed at originally, and posted above, seemed to come from a gentle quiet mind. The other felt loud and from a crowded mind.

I shared my dilemma and I am told to be willing to disappoint my dear ones but not to disappoint myself. I decided to stay true to myself and post my choice.

I am smiling in wonder about how my choices get shaped with what the opinions of my close ones are. I wonder how it is going to be, to keep moving forward with how I feel versus what seems more appreciated or attractive in the world in general.

For now I am sharing with you exactly how I feel and nothing more πŸ™‚ Please let me know what you think about the image & quote above.

88 thoughts on “Mixed Feeling

  1. Great shot and lovely words, glad you asserted yourself, that’s so important with creativity .. it must have taken much patience, so please continue to be honest with yourself Pragalbha ❀

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  2. Beautiful picture and quote. It is extremely powerful photo made more powerful with the words. How free one feels at the same time missing that person.

    I am so curious to see the other picture.

    Additionally, curious on how you edit photos, what tools you use.

    Happy sunday. Happy week a head. I am excited for this week as my new blogging schedule starts wednesday 6th march But i fell ill again this wednesday. πŸ˜”πŸ€’

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  3. I think you made a wise choice on pleasing yourself dear Pragalbha, I see from the image It to speaks deeply.. What is a beach without its ocean and what is an ocean without its beach.. While one may yield freedom of movement, they are both entwined and neither are complete without each other.. And how empty a beach without its ocean..

    I know how time consuming these kind of edits are, having recently practised a few myself . And you made the right choice to please what pleased YOU.. πŸ™ much love your way ❀

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      • This post actually is so many levels of Mixed Feelings that way 😊 And how aptly you bring out the seeming polarities that exist within and out there …they complete each other.
        Only because my dear ones were so kind to give me their opinion yet also give me the space with love to make my choice …it was for me to discover my true feeling.

        How we want people in our lives …yet freedom from how they bind us …
        Thank you so much appreciating and taking the time with me to indulge in these thoughts πŸ’›

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  4. Heyyy!

    Everyone has went through this feeling once in a while. Can truly relate.

    Btw, the picture and the quote is great.
    I was browsing through the reader’s section and just dropped by this blog.
    This is the first piece of content from your blog, was worth the read. Will look out for more.

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  5. I love doing what I prefer to do, and certainly make decisions based on my senses. I think it’s a good plan, and has served me well. If you are in a place and time in your life where you’re cool with choosing your own path, and living by your own playbook…Hallelujah!

    May your present stance serve you well.

    Now, if a branch in the sand on a beach is what you see as befitting this quote, then I’m glad you chose one that seems to have its arms up dancing, ’cause yes, dancing is freedom!

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    • I loved how you interpreted the tree as dancing with freedom πŸ™‚
      Yes, I am forever learning to follow my own voice, while I am so conditioned to tune into other’s voice. Thank you so much for your encouraging support always!

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      • Not too long ago, I sat and wrote out my list of values. FREEDOM was at the top! To me, it’s the most important. Of course, like every other value I have it comes with right timing, life experience, paced momentum, certain consequences, and above all flexibility!πŸ€—

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  6. This is something I’ve thought about often. I have noticed how much my opinions are questioned when thinking about what’s popular in society or what my friends prefer. I think it’s so important to stick to our own ideas when we feel really passionate about something. The photo is very beautiful and I love the words you chose. πŸ™‚

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  7. Isn’t this kind of freedom in itself your choice, decision is relating to your quote too. We all unknowingly keep making choices on base of what our loved ones like wothout realising sometimes. But that too is a form of love. I love your quote, picture and light that you unknowingly threw with your simple words. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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  8. Staying true to yourself, no matter what others say, is the only way to live and to BE. I LOVE the effects of what you created, Prag. I also “get” your quote as I am the type of personality where I absolutely, as an artist, and individual need my space. Keep on experimenting in your editing room. That is how to learn …. hands on and curiosity …. oooooo let’s see what this slider or button does. LOL Great post!! Thank you! πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

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  9. Hi pragalbha,
    Sometimes you just need to go with your gut feel of what feels right and resonates within. You have done it πŸ‘
    I loved this pic and the quite !!πŸ‘Œ


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