Often this is true


Photo: Manish Doshi

Often this is true

We tend to extend our vim & vigor
For those needing a caress to their ego
We seem to unknowingly waffle & waver
For those who make our hearts glow

We tend to put those encounters aside
The ones that were so brilliantly easy
We seem to disregard & mis-recognize
The ones that have no drama necessary

And often this is true

Both have the instant bond, not of this world
No insistence or expectation, uncanny trust furled
Both respect the other’s life journey exceedingly
“The other understands” they both know with certainty

At times longingly each could use the other’s company
They tread their own paths, carved differently
Each cheering the other, steadily following destiny
They have met in this lifetime beyond perfectly

Which one is familiar to you?


This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of Forgiving Connects, a precious blog space of acceptance & forgiving.


80 thoughts on “Often this is true

    • Thank you so much Ka for your sharing and appreciation. I too feel more focused and intentional towards being unwavering in the direction of easy flow of life. There’s so much beauty and juice of life available that way.

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  1. After using my 63 year old mind to consider both, I’ve decided that neither one is more familiar than the other. They both smack of familiarity. Someplace, sometime, somewhere, I’ve familiarized myself with them both. That being said, I connected most to the title of this piece. As usual though, the entire soliloquey was rife with thought and focus. Thank you for sharing!

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    • Sparkyjen thank you for this amazing comment that is tremendously full of understanding deeply and resonance with how this came to me. Such a delight to read – “smack of familiarity. Someplace, sometime, somewhere, I’ve familiarized myself with them both” – that’s exactly how I feel, I cannot pin down one exact experience of either, yet both are so real in experience πŸ™‚ I loved having your feedback on the title and that you see the thought & focus – I felt drawn deeply in to a space within from where this came.

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  2. You’ve really given me food for thought, Pragalbha. Though I no longer seek drama as much as I used to, I still tend to overlook connections that have “no drama necessary”. Those are the relationships that go beyond the ego and reach the level of soul. A beautifully crafted, profound piece.

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    • It took me quite a while to recognize these patterns Magarisa. At times I felt that I was too ‘boring’ for certain people because of being a certain straightforward way. I also became aware of how some chose to ‘ignore’ my presence. I explored my own tendencies for how I might have been the same before I became skilled at recognizing ordinary yet authentic interactions that make a positive difference. You are so right about how such relations reach the soul level…so precious. I am now trying to learn to be at ease with all levels of relating to people. Thank you for your thoughts and appreciation πŸ’›

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      • Thank you for sharing these lessons with me, Pragalbha. I can relate to feeling that I’m too ‘boring’ for some people, and I’m also learning to accept different levels of relating to others. I tend to search for deep connections and overlook those that aren’t so deep, but your reflections have made me realize that all connections, regardless of their depth, are important. πŸ’™

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        • You describe exactly what I am learning to be better at – all connections regardless of their depth are important. It makes me happy that my sharing has helped you in some way and I feel so supported knowing you relate.

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  3. You have a way in which you weave Truth into your words dear Pragalbha. For both is what makes us human,
    We need both sides of the coin.. There is a lot of Waffling going on in the world. While often the truth is being missed. ‘Truth’ There are those who speak it and those who hide it

    I loved your line… “Both have the instant bond, not of this world “…
    I come across many such as yourself dear Pragalbha though we have not met, “β€œThe other understands” they both know with certainty” …
    And ‘often this is true! ‘ πŸ˜€

    Wishing you a blessed week dear Pragalbha,

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    • What joy to receive this deeply understanding response from you dear Sue πŸ’› It is so sweet that you pick the lines from the poem to respond back …it touches me lovingly.

      When I posted I was worried that this might feel like 2 disconnected pieces to readers but I felt compelled to post them together. So it makes me happy how you see them as 2 sides if the same coin. When we drop the drama and recognize the ordinary yet authentic interactions …we find the ability to tune into the extraordinary instant bonds that just ‘know’ each other.

      Yes certainly you are one such that makes this true for me. Much Love and Gratitude.

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  4. Well, to be truthful, Prag, I had to read this several times in order to absorb everything you said. It’s neither that one or this one for me, it seems but a blending of the two. It is very important to me that I “read” another’s energy and where they are coming from in order for me to formulate how I will interact with them in order to produce a positive outcome. Now I can only do this from a neutral standpoint. When my emotions are involved, everything goes flying out the window and anything goes. The way you think and put things into perspective is a true and rare Gift. I would never have come up with something like this as you have written here. How amazing that we merge together learning from the other. Thank you, dear friend, for being in my life! Much Love to you! πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

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    • That you see a blending of the two to be true – makes me very happy. Because I was worried if it felt like 2 disconnected pieces to the reader that I put into one post, yet I was compelled to post them together. I didn’t have clarity of how they connected but felt they came from a similar mind space.
      I totally relate to what you say about the energy of persons we interact with. Not only my emotions could become my problem but I wasn’t very skilled at standing up to energies that weren’t nourishing to me. They affected me. I am a lot better now.
      Yes how amazing how much we learn from each other and grow. I truly admire how you put words to the beauty you see. I am very grateful for your kind words and the gifts you see in me. Much Love & Gratitude.

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      • Not much in life, if anything at all, is separate from everything and anything else. Harmony between all energies is the goal we should incorporate into our lives in order for us to be able to interact with all the different energies in existence. I in turn am very grateful to you and your presence in my life, Prag. Much Love and Gratitude to you too!! 🌈🌈🌈

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  5. A mix of both Pragalbha, Life and its experiences makes one mature and grow to realise the futility and move on from ego and drama to trust and relationships sans expectations. As always your posts compels one to reflect on life and its teachings .

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  6. Spectacular! I loved reading and can say I relate to both. These two lines:
    We tend to put those encounters aside
    The ones that were so brilliantly easy..
    Probably spoke to me the most. I tend to put emphasis on drama and sometimes forget the easy conversations I’ve had with certain people. And the second part reminded me of certain friends. Those entirely different to me, and yet still wonderfully supportive.

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  8. I have been married for a very long time – more than 40 years. I think that early in my marriage the first attitude would apply to me, but now the second is much more similar to the attitude my hubby and I have toward each other. Great post!

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  9. Beautiful… bravo !!!!

    Both are familiar…

    But , i treasure the brilliantly easy, for that is gold. For that is where two like minded souls meet, with similiar character, world view and who only. want the best for each others. There are no egos at play, just sheer humanity, wisdom, royalty and elegance of character. And you can be miles a part and hardly speak , but the link of friendship is strong that it doesnt matter.

    As i get older i really can’t caress to a needy ego…

    Fabulous post loved it.

    Have a great week ahead

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  10. Pragalbha, what a beautiful poem! To me, this is an elegant depiction of what relationships built on unconditional loving can look like—and that we have an opportunity to choose that more of the time. And, I see you in a process of self-discovery on your own strength to do this with yourself and with others. Thank you for sharing this for #ForgivingFridays. It adds so much to the lineup! I’ll highlight it in my post (which I’ll be doing this week or next week!)

    Much loving to you, Pragalbha. Today is my birthday, by the way! What an honor to write you as a part of my day. Blessings,

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    • Always such a delight to have your visit dear Debbie πŸ™‚ The revelation of unconditional love in relationships is so much about self discovery itself – it is just magical how everything is so interconnected!

      Thank you so so much for letting me know it is your birthday!! Wishes galore on a glorious year ahead with all your imagined and unimagined dreams come true my friend! Happy Birthday!

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  13. This is a beautiful creation depicting harsh reality. I have experienced both and have gained a lot with those as every experience provides some learning. What needs to be valued are ignored and vice-versa… You have beautifully penned this “gem” like creation. An in depth, insightful, meaningful and thought provoking read… Liked it a lot… πŸ™‚

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