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Photo: Manish Doshi

The more I frantically look for direction in life, the more I realize the way is through going inward and deeper within. The web of thoughts through which we try to navigate, feels real, but it is an illusion. I am finding it all over again that if I drop down in to the silence and space below it, I keep finding my way. The process always humbles me and brings me closer to what we are in essence. When we reach there, the essence finds a way to express itself. May we always find the ability to soak and rest in our essence. From there we thrive.

I love the space I get immersed in while creating these quote images like above. It is like my poetry phase but different 🙂

This is a contribution to ForgivingFridays Of Forgiving Connects, a blog space of profound healing through forgiveness and acceptance.

79 thoughts on “Essence

    • Yes. As if we don’t know how uniquely that essence can express through us. I am so humbled to realize how much I was losing myself – all this happening only within – and the homecoming feels beautiful now yet again. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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  1. How I understand what you are saying! When we release our control over our fixation that life must go a certain way and then just allow naturally what IS to unfold, this is a beautiful thing to witness. I feel closest to myself and to All That Is when I am with my camera as I enter a World that has been created by Mother. The other day as I closed my eyes listening to beautiful music, my Spirit soared as my inner eye began showing me Visions. Silence runs deep. And this is where we meet God. Beautiful post, dear friend!! Keep on being you so that you free your own Essence! 🦋🦋🦋

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    • “Silence runs deep. And this is where we meet God” – I am going to keep these words of yours close to my heart. Letting go of expecting how it should be comes easily …or it just doesn’t, inviting so much struggle. I truly enjoy your beautiful process that you bring to us through your camera. Thank you for being here, for your comments that support, affirm, assure, empower me.

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  2. Agree, silence, stillness gives clarity. Trying to force clarity only leads to a headache. I thing knowing when to think, when to leave it sub conscious mind, and leave it to time ensure the right result. Meditation and focusing on being a good soul naturally leads us to the right direction, because in silence we can hear the direction presenting itself. If we force it will be wrong well that is my experience.

    Lovely post as always.

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  3. Loved your creation quotation Pragalbha.. And yes, diving deeper within into our own sacred space takes us to that calm place of our centre to which our hearts fully align with.. Our Hearts know the essence of our Being.. And if we keep following the sound of its beat.. I know we will be fine..
    LOVE and Blessings dear friend ❤

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  4. I can feel your vibes even as I read the words. All the answers are within us. When we learnt in school that we need not go anywhere in search of answers or peace, we were flustered, but it is all inside us and it takes just looking while immersed in solitary bliss. These are the moments I feel when in prayer or during the early hours of the morning. A lovely thought, Pragalbha.

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  5. looks like a pearl has given us a pearl… That is an illusion… however we will know only in part, while in this flesh… Even when you visit you have to return to it… You have to live and count your blessings… thank you for sharing this insight

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  6. This is a message I need to adopt. Sometimes when I look back and think about all the worry I have created in my mind, when there was no need, it makes me think about untangling my thoughts and just living. You have written this beautifully and I love the photo.

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  7. I am so touched by this poem, graphic, and beautiful reflection, Pragalbha. It’s such truth coming in your words. Thank you for illustrating the blessing of going inside, living from your essence, and attuning to the oneness of Spirit. This is fundamental to what is true. I love it! Sending you much love, Light and joy. 🙂 I’ll share this and your first poem for #ForgivingFridays tomorrow, with pleasure!

    Love and Light,

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    • Thank you so much for your loving visit here 🙂
      You brought me back to this energy of being within me, while revisiting my own post, comforting me that it was there all along.

      I trust that all is well with you! You were in my thoughts. I recently connected with a long time friend and discovered she had become a living breathing vessel of Access Questions – she lives them for their magic. It was so refreshing for me.

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