Innocence & Its Faces


Photo Credit: Manish Doshi

Innocence is the face of a baby born
So also that of a person reborn
Each one has faced the struggle
To show up in the world

In their painful journey of birthing & re-birthing
Gut wrenching twisting and turning
Courage and surrender both have shown
To be able to breathe
And cry a cry of relief

That innocence has known survival
Not a scent of the vices of the world
The purity if they wish to retain
The reborn must keep the intent
To be alive & born to new moments
To die to each that has gone by …

We are blessed with many rebirths
In this lifetime alone
As much they make us weep & cry
Smile to welcome each one with joy


Note: This poem was first published on Dec. 11, 2015, when I was about 3 months into my blog on WP. The 4 bloggers that read it that time had felt so very precious to me. The poem itself was an emotional experience in response to a curious remark sent my way. Today this poem called me back as if to check in how and if it still fits with me. I felt it natural to share it again with all my new blogger friends.

This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays on ForgivingConnects, a blog by Debbie Roth who profoundly teaches the art of letting go.


98 thoughts on “Innocence & Its Faces

    • I am grateful for your recognition of my work as that describing of awakening. I have saved the link you shared and would love to contribute if I become certain of my blog schedule. I have been uncertain about the timing of posts lately. Thank you for your kind visit.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. To me the process of death of a kind and rebirth happens without a choice as if, but then it becomes important for us to keep the process alive and continuing if we were to retain the positive effects.


  1. so true and so profound!!! I get to know that, realise that I thrive to be innocent!!! the only thing we bring with us when we are born…and gradually let it go…totally unaware of it… I want that innocence that came along with me from my mother’s womb!!! Thank you so much for making me realize that!!!

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    • I am so glad you found this of value. That innocence is precious. Some life events as if brings it without a choice and then it comes because of our intention and willingness for it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Wow.. this really resonated with me dear Pragalbha , The Earth at this moment is going though her own twists and turns in her re-birthing process, and your eloquent words to described a depth of wisdom from your soul the essence many of us are experiencing right now..

    “To be alive & born to new moments
    To die to each that has gone by …
    We are blessed with many rebirths
    In this lifetime alone…..”

    So true.. May we continue to be reborn anew in Each MOMENT of NOW.. as we let go of the past and its conditioning and Dream and Breathe into BE-ing our New Earth…

    Love and Blessings Dearest friend.. ❀
    Sue ❀

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    • I feel absolute peace and joy reading your profound response on my poem. The poem called me back to take a read and as if look within. I did wonder why and decided I have a new beginning yet again and I should check in if I am holding the purity of innocence well. I enjoyed you holding the mirror to how our planet is going through similar transition, it brought to awareness the expansiveness of this process. Much Gratitude and Love.

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  3. Beautiful poem! And a profound theme.

    I’ve discovered people are immensely interested in the theme of rebirth. Back in 2007, I posted on Dylan’s lyric, β€œHe Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying”. Eleven years later, the post still gets a few hits nearly every day.

    Of course, I’m pretty sure Dylan wasn’t thinking of rebirth as the moment by moment dying and rebirth that is necessary for living in the present, but I still find it curious how much interest there is in his lyric.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem.

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  4. Oh Pragalbha, what a beautiful and profound poem. To me, forgiveness is a natural way to remind us that we each are innocent in the depth of our hearts. You are courageous and so committed to share your gifts. I’m honored to include this in tomorrow’s Forgiving Friday’s post. Thank you for contributing it! I love it. Blessings, Debbie

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