Hey Listen …Keep Going

Keep Going

Photo Credit : Manish Doshi

When they prefer to talk About you
Instead of talking To you

Know that you are headed elsewhere
Keep going through the lone and confusing times

Discover some amazing life and incredible people
I truly believe that you will


The photo is by my husband on Kauai island πŸ™‚
This is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects, much Love to you dear Debbie. This is my message to urge everyone to keep going with love, forgiveness and acceptanceΒ  for ourselves and the choices of others towards us.



101 thoughts on “Hey Listen …Keep Going

  1. Keep Going, the phrase encapsulated the spirit of life. The ups and downs. The failures keep hitting us. We need to get up and keep going. Life is all about growth and moving forward. Past is merely memories. The beauty of life is so much layered in these web of few weaved words. The picture is a beauty and it is all in that moment and so majestically captured…kudos to your husband.

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  2. Pragalbha, what a wonderful encouragement to keep going, and for each of us to choose love for ourselves and others, no matter how people act. I was just writing to someone today about the value of practicing forgiveness again and again, it builds such an energy field of peace and compassion. And I LOVE the Kauai photo from your husband!

    Thank you so much for contributing this post for #ForgivingFridays. I am honored to share it tomorrow. Much love and Light to you, Pragalbha. You are amazing!! Blessings, Debbie

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  6. Beautiful encouragement my friend, It is often hard when others whisper behind our backs.. I often feel others are afraid, that we are not afraid… Remember it is only we who allow words to wound…
    I learnt the hard way… By taking them deep within my inner child… But now I have allowed my inner child her freedom to BE…
    LOVE and Blessings, Sorry I missed this, ❀

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    • I am so happy you visited this post so I could have your thoughtful words, for they truly mean a lot to me. My inner child still keeps becoming vulnerable – I love your statement others are afraid that we are not – deep down I am still practicing and learning the freedom to BE. Thank you always Sue.

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      • I know that vulnerability of that Inner Child my friend.. She surfaces often within my world too believe it or not.. And only at the beginning of this year I had a hard time telling her again how much she was loved.. πŸ™‚ We are all of us works in progress.. And the more we uncover of the world and ourselves, the more difficult at times it is to feel settled within ourselves.. Because EVERYthing we have been taught flies out the window.. So we have to re evaluate the world and ourselves from a different perspective.. Its not an easy road..
        But but when we quiet our minds and LISTEN, and trust in our inner selves, our intuition and gut instincts… and come from that place of LOVE.. Then we begin to trust that we are on the right road to Freedom.. As we allow ourselves Just to BE…
        Much Love right back ❀

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