The Lightning Bolt – of Time

Photo: Vidur Sahdev of VerseInEmotion

My Beloved WP Community Friends – I have this deep overwhelming joy as I return to this space, a moving gratitude for finally being led to return to my birthplace as if, after a brilliant yet humbling voyage of life that I wandered off into – always looking back here over the shoulders, not wanting to leave ever.

I left here after “Lingering on the Rim” and the poem I share with you today urged me to come back to my center here:

For it has been a decade since my entire existence was cracked open to the insanity of living unskilled with my raw spirit.

A decade ago
a series of
my own personal deaths

A decade after
a series of 
my own personal rebirths

A decade
a series of 
oceanic churnings

Stillness at depths
Turmoils at surface
Redefining coastlines
for where the water
meets the shore

Dipping the toes
not an option
The ocean
me whole

‘Tis a mystery
Yet I see clearly
I still hover
two worlds

the mind rain
in the darkness
Spirit drinking it up
with stilling starkness

I am left dancing
in the vivid rhythms
in between
‘Tis is yet only
the spine moved
with my breathing

In this moment –
A decade ago
and this decade after
and the decade from now
All merged into
one bolt of lightning
across the sky
of my earthly existing

Pray my spine
can sustain
the brilliance
of the bolt
as it traverses
my earthly time

Photo of lightning bolts by Vidur Sahdev of VerseInEmotion – thank you for letting me borrow it to go with my poem, it fits perfectly. Their poetry & mine have been conversing coherently for years now – do visit this beautiful poetry blog, if you would enjoy one more.

I want to visit with all of you, all at once!!! Please catch my beaming heart smile as I wander around old streets, making my way to each one of you. Perhaps help me by leaving a link in the comments for where you would like me to visit first, and not miss an update or a favorite from you. It has been 10 months … I offer this poem above to you, to celebrate my decade, to begin with.


Note 1: Please join me here for conversations through the lens of yoga that I have begun sharing recently & inconsistently.

Note 2: Upcoming Virtual Seminar & Series in honor of International Womens Day: Embracing Equity through Stress management & Self Awareness


91 thoughts on “The Lightning Bolt – of Time

  1. A decade ahead seems like an eternity, a decade on hindsight seems gone in the blink of an eye. You bring out the experience of the journey of that gone by with such beautiful metaphors, leading right here into the very present, and then shooting into the future with that bolt of lightening….as if the third eye were now open. Absolutely brilliant poetry. So good to read this post here. Thank you for sharing!

    Thanks and gratitude for your kind words and the acknowledgement for the picture…you truly added value to it by giving it a voice!

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    • ….as if the third eye were now open – such power you lend to my words, so beautiful your reflection and description is – it helps me appreciate better what really happened as this poem came through. Thank you for your deeply meaningful reading and appreciation.

      You are very welcome – your picture enlivened my poem with such quietude.

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  2. This poem speaks to me so much of the total surrender to spiritual awareness as a process as it flows through you, and it allows you as you allow it to be dimensionless, timeless, immediate and ever present , even when you are away you are here. Welcome 🙏🏼 back to you love! As you catch us up on where you’ve been and where you are going…

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    • What a deep hearted joy it is to read your beautiful reflection dearest friend – I receive it as my affirmation of surrender. Such sweetness your words offer – feeling the intangible web of connection that connects us all, and especially those that share this awareness of this process, making it real for me to be here even though I wasn’t here for so long. Thank you truly and deeply, it means a lot to me – I do hope to take a journey backward of sharing it all _()_

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    • Brad – what a joy to have your warm welcome, it is so good to have you here 🙂 This verse awoke me in the very early morn – and nudged me to get back here. Thank you for your cheer for my flow, you are so kind. Focused on daily living – is what tugs me from your share – for that is often a portal, sometimes a long one, to get through. We are all asked to do our time with simply Being in our daily living for any brilliance to shine through, when its time. I am simply expressing what came up in response, thank you for being here _()_

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        • Thank you for receiving my response _()_ 🙂
          When in what might be a parallel phase for me – a wise friend said to me – keep the flame lit and keep going – I took it to heart and …here I am – the ordinary does give way to extrordinary, everything really is extra ordinary for the simple reason that we are here and yet it takes trime to arrive at that experience. It is not the most comfortable journey …and it is the one we are on. Be kind to yourself my friend.

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  3. Aww what a treat to see your name in my reader again, dear friend!!! You were truly missed!!! Your writing is as glorious and divine as ever 🤗. Absolutely love this piece and the authenticity intertwined throughout. Hope you’re doing well and excited to see your future creations!!!! 🤍🤗

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  4. I AM covered in goosebumps, Pragalba! How you can describe the Inner Journey with such exquisite words! Wow!! As I read the written Journey, I traversed as well for I understand more than you know. Dipping the toes in is not an option. It’s full submerging. And when you are in that place you don’t know if you will survive yet when you do make it back to shore the question arises, “Where am I?” Yes, Luv, your spine will take you exactly where it is you are destined to go. Let go, fly, flow, move …. for with movement is LIFE. You know. I know. Miracles happen and all the chains from within break and dissolve as we proclaim ourselves free of all cages, all evil, all energy not aligned with LOVE. For it is with the Lightening Bolt that rips the final chord sending us tumbling into a brand New World.

    I’m in tears over what I just read. Your Gift is magnificent! I AM so honored to know you, dear friend. You’ve done the work …. my Goodness you have for you have emerged with such Light, such Grace, such Assuredness. Wow! Hello, Butterfly! It is SO good to SEE you!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ….. me. 💙🦋💙

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    • Dearest Amyyyyyy – tears and tears flow from my heart, for the unfathomable joy that brings me in touch with the core of my being – oh I absolutely know that you know and see more than I can begin to imagine – I am soaking in the blessings of your spirit friendship, and why do I deserve this for simply being here and continually slipping out of my spirit into flawed humanness – you help me Be There, Right Now – I still have no idea how I will survive the Brilliance, will keep breathing deeply – and trust the process and all that you see in my journey – something Beyond Gratitude I offer you for applauding and instigating me to keep going – for the inspiration you bring is calmly overwhelming in the moment. Amy – are you literally carrying the lightning bolt in your bare hands? – my heart asks jovially :))) Thank you for sensing and seeing the wings – I am yet to feel them – still taking the time to root into the ground.
      Humbled with my Breath, I take time in Silence now, for the fortune of your presence in this Earthly Time and soaking it up – Love Love Love Love Love Love Love – to you.

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      • You are doing more than fine, dear Light! Anchoring all you have incorporated yet to be organized takes a while. These Energies are so massive these days there is no letup so in attempting to ground all I can say is good luck!! Just go with the process …. surrender totally to it and by doing so, leave the labels and the this and the that and the you know, behind, you will enter a world filled with joy, fun, laughter, and such utter and complete delight. You may not understand what is going on (no explanation for me either believe me!) but when you just flow with this Powerful Force creating you into a New Being, and you let go of control of any kind, (oh yes it can be done!), the magnificence of what is flowering in you will blow you away.

        I have NO idea what is transforming me. None. I just know I’m in a process that leaves me speechless knowing I’ve come to the part of the Road where I fly. Both spoken and written words these days just come of their own volition, and I of course again have no clue of where they are from. They just are.

        Silence is mandatory. Absolutely. Yet keep in mind you may not get the Silence you “picture” for this Energy, ever Divine in nature, has merged with you so that you go exactly where you are destined to be. You will survive the Brilliance, you will. You will come to know that Brilliance is Consciousness and when connected to It, all known is no longer revenant. Luv, we are walking into New Territory, one that is so bright with Light and Truth, and Love, there are no words to describe it. Just this Journey getting there has blown my mind. TRUST in the process. TRUST in yourself even if you do not know or understand what you are doing. Flow what FEELS correct. It’s all heart-centered ….. and then we are beginning to combine both hemispheres of our brains to link to the Higher Consciousness. This stuff is WILD!!

        Soak up all you can and soak up more. You are born anew. Believe it. Know it. Live it. Love it. BIG (((HUGS))) xoxoxo

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        • Dear Kind Spirit Friend Amy, I allowed a full day to have your words sink in me – as I say they are a portal to the deepest part of my Being, that I hesitate to venture but you oh so easily lead me there. Good Luck with the grounding you say – I am thrilled and positively surprised at this level of clarity you have – it is very accurate experience for me that there is tremendous momentum – the currents keep leading to mind-blowingly different territories literally on hourly basis – it only looks mundane at the surface. So the mandatory Silence is a space that is very much alive with allowance to the flow right now.

          I am alarmed in my naivety by the laughter and lightness emerging along with the deep-rootedness. Thank you for the gift of Sovereignty that you lend me – It is so complete and humbling and honoring and affirming how you See me and my journey.

          Surrender has sneaked on me very sweetly and I hope to walk with it with full responsibility. It is indeed beyond mind and literally winds gone Wild. Soaking …Soaking …Soaking – Praying …Praying …Praying – My barriers melting in the moment …I trust you can feel our energies converging right now in towards the core of Mother Earth – I know you can connect with me there. And how do I thank you? Except with a Thank You. Love. Gratitude. Blessed to have you walk the planet with me.

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          • It is quite simple, actually, dear friend, how I “see” you. You are completely open, without resistance, and it is this that allows me to mirror myself. What I say is me, and what you say is you. For who IAM, YOU are. This then is how we were created to exist. We are both remembering.

            Do not be alarmed, no not at all, for as this Journey continues, we become more and more childlike and that unrestrained glee that children emanate is ours. Life is fun especially when we see and feel the humor of it all. That being said, however, I bypass refusing to focus upon the childlike games adults play that exhibit huge dysfunctional power plays that end up hurting others. These displays of lower energy portrays how the child within screams and kicks just as a rebellious 2-year old. The more we stand in our healthy childlike glee, the more this dark dysfunction shall be broken in others.

            Surrender …. as if we had a choice in all serious. I’m substituting your explanation of being in the ocean versus mine being in the void. Thank you. The results are the very same for we both find ourselves head over heel tumbling about in the currents of energy that are continuously without letup affecting us. As I’ve stated previously, I honestly don’t know where I am most of the time yet what IAM witnessing in myself is miraculous. From what I have gleaned within your words, you are experiencing the very same. I actually told my sister what has occurred especially since the later part of February and she was wowing. Yes, Pragalba, real miracles. When my heart guides me, I shall share.

            Know beyond doubt, what IAM able to do with you is only because you are an open receptacle. That in of itself is a rarity. There have been many times I have planted seeds within my comments knowing most of them will not be acknowledged. This is sheer JOY to communicate with you.

            Have a truly magical day. Sending you so much love and FUN!!! xoxoxox

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            • It is utmost generosity of your Time that you gift me with these conversations. Deep Gratitude.

              Yet again – I enter the portal of your Word Energy to find myself immersed in the true currents of existence – it is so moving to be there and feel there. I can imagine how fun and laughter could be the only way to feel alive and also sustain the energies of being in company of other human journeys. I get confused because I feel either this immersed in pure Energy of Being or then it seems to be lost when I get trailed into lighthearted humor and sometimes required mundane conversations. I am perhaps still learning the integration of Presence between the 2.

              I hear you about the power plays. I love knowing late February showed you real miracles. The miracle for me was the extinction of all power plays and the healing of all hurts they inflicted on my spirit – and this happened right by the end of February. How I was led through that is beyond miraculous! I have been sharing that journey with a dear friend, who might be reading our conversation. I believe your words here are creating ripples beyond what I am receiving from you personally.

              Everything you say about Surrender, ocean/void, not knowing & the witnessing – it is all accurate for me.

              Thank you – for walking the Miracle with me.

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              • Your words, “The miracle for me was the extinction of all power plays and the healing of all hurts they inflicted on my spirit – and this happened right by the end of February.” is EXACTLY what happened with me. I was literally so incapable of standing I had no other option but to lay on the couch. It was then my chest literally was ripped wide open and I felt ALL the agony my little girl swallowed AND I SAW how the actions of others had me basing my entire life on lies and misconceptions that I was not even aware of. I saw how I carried around a belief founded on a lie that a little girl believed. I never saw this for it was buried deep within my subconscious. Everything came pouring out that was left and I mean everything.

                And how I was led through it yes miraculous as well. My Guides held me so tight as I almost screamed in agony from the pain in my chest as I heard …. let it all go, let it all go. I did. Two of my cats comforted me, assisted me, KNEW and probably say into the Spirit world who was with me.

                ALL from my childhood acted out of LOVE for I chose this life in order to experience what Love is not in order to remember and learn what Love is. Can you imagine how difficult those roles were for them, they who love me more than life? Everything melted away as I saw this, and I mean everything. All grief, all anger, all confusion, all pain of any kind … gone.

                And from that moment, real life miracles have been transpiring and still are. I’m not ready to share those yet, but know this, Prag. I AM witnessing things I have waited 30 years for if not more. Everything that no longer serves a Higher Purpose within me is falling away. And I mean everything.

                I’m in tears. To connect with your energy is such a Gift to me, and just lately in fact I had been questioning where are those who I KNOW are here who are of similar frequencies as me? You are one of them. I have found my Soul sister in YOU.

                OUR words are creating ripples beyond this conversation between us. I know it. I feel it. I SEE it. What we are doing together, is creating New Earth. A Golden Age is upon us and those that oppose this know this as well. It is so vitally important for those of us who honor the Light to stay away from the chaos of the world for we are creating the New NOW in all we do, all we think, all we say, all we are.

                I AM so touched …. beyond words I AM. The higher we go, the words seem to fade away and all there is in their place is NOW. Nothing else.

                WE are walking the Miracle together, Pragalba. I AM astonished by what is transpiring and am so humbled and so grateful that all the years I committed to my Journey, the Universe witnessed and now is blessing me beyond imagination. I love you, dear dear friend. No-thing will be able to stop you. And that goes for me as well. xoxoxox

                PS. Know that these words came flying out and there was just no stopping them. What JOY to be unrestrained in my words to you. Bless you!! THANK YOU!

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                • Thank you for this honor – in so many ways – your unrestrained word & energy that I am afforded a receptacle for, your sharing of the visceral experience of the Great Dissillisionment that I hold utmost sacredly. It gave me a feeling that I am not fully done yet and am still holding on to some lies – some wisdom is holding it in until I am ready for the freedom you are describing. So thank you for holding the mirror for me. Your share had me connect with my Little Girl and she feels brazenly at the edge of everything, yet surprisingly content where she is. She did exactly what you described growing up and until now.

                  Yes No Words really – all solidities melt away – and I can actually feel my barriers that are still up, I allow their protection.

                  I am with you in Gratitude for the Journey that brought me here – don’t know how to begin to acknowledge the blessings – to hold hands with you as your Sister and one of Tribe, that you see me there when I feel nowhere …

                  THANK YOU, BIG LOVE TO YOU

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  5. 10 months! I cannot believe it, I thought of you often, time has flown fast, my friend. How lovely to read your words here again and marvel at your decade long journey…we are forever growing, curating and learning…thank you for being here on this plane with us, Pragalbha! X

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  6. Wonderful to see you have emerged from your Lightning Dance dearest Pragalbha. And what I journey it has been.. I can testify with you that it is indeed as if all time is merged as one… As we see the Light play and strike us all at different intervals..

    Lovely to see you with in WP again dear Pragalbha, I took time out the other year too of 5 months.. We all need to rediscover our inner being, and reconnect with that which empowers us. Be it to be still in peace, or to write from our hearts…

    All is transforming and transcending in perfect order.. Even if it appears Chaotic.. It is only because WE do not hold the bigger picture… We are but the pieces, slotting it all together..

    More and more pieces are coming together Pragalbha and we are more aware now of what colours and themes are being formulated..
    It will not be Long I feel before more are enlightened and Illuminated as those bolts of lightning strike us at different angles showing us through our various perceptions as we each catch our breath…

    Much love dear friend.. Welcome back.. ❤ 🙏

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    • “emerged from your Lightning Dance” – your words lend a powerful beautiful affirmation to my journey dear Sue – it indeed has been quite a journey, a miraculous one and unfolding. Time mergec as one – is a resonant feeling to me too.

      I am so grateful to have you here welcoming me as I return – it is you who has showed me this freedom to choose and take time as required to reconnect and rediscover, over the years. So impactful for me what you modeled over the years.

      I hear you about the all that is actually falling in place despite the appearance of chaos – the breath itself feels exquisite.

      Deep Love & Gratitude to you dear friend, what a privilege to share time/space with you.

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      • Wonderful feeling isn’t it the freedom to choose to BE… 🙂 Much love and gratitude returned Pragalbha… You too have taught me such a lot too… We are kindred spirits holding hands as we guide each other through the obstacles, which together we navigate and overcome…

        Together too the world will learn that their strength comes in Unity… as together we transcend as we overcome our inbuilt fears place upon us, as we rediscover our true freedom to BE.. ❤ 🙏

        Sending LOVE and Blessings dear Pragalbha… Have a wonderful week ❤ xx 🙏

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        • What your words and work lend me always is this continual hope and faith in the emerging Oneness, a sense of togetherness emerging in humanity as a whole. And it is a blessing to be holding hands with you on the Way – yes the freedom has been wonderful, there is more coming I believe. I am glad and grateful to know I have been a contribution to you.


  7. It makes me to smile…it makes me to cry…it’s making me to see beyond the ocean & the sky…no, I’m not trying to rhyme…I’m only sharing this with you in my style…the impact of your heartfelt & profound lines…The Lightning Bolt – of Time is giving me the joy…it’s making me to connect with the I in my eyes…

    Pragalbha, Pragalbha, Pragalbha…let me explain why I’ve written it 3 times…Pragalbha (a decade ago), Pragalbha (this moment), Pragalbha (and the decade from now)…One Pragalbha for every decade…and yet there’s only one Pragalbha…that oneness…from personal deaths to rebirths…this oceanic churning has transformed your life experiences into realizations, which in turn is now glowing as your wisdom…

    It’s lovely to see you back with such a beautiful, deep, spiritual, powerful & lyrical poem…it has it own rythm…I’m visualizing the spoken word in your voice…you could atleast recite it loud to yourself…my gratitude for blessing us with this poem…with your light, Pragalbha ✨

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    • Thank you for honoring my poem with your visit Navin 🙂 What blessing and privilege for the poem to be received with such kind & heartfelt thoughtfulness – thank you for the deep joy and the silent peace that I slipped into. Thank you for connecting me with my own Oneness – all of Time exists in the Now, the realizations drop into stillness. In a parallel universe my poems would become spoken words, I feel moved for that often and then I just enjoy a lot of time and space before I actually Do anything – so the parallel gets stacked at the end to be created at a future time – so thank you for your visualizing for me. I am humbled by your regard truly.

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      • “all of Time exists in the Now, the realizations drop into stillness”…that’s beautifully said…and the only truth…it’s my pleasure, privilege & honour to read your stellar poem…keep expressing & shining, Pragalbha ✨

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  8. Hello Pragalbha … lovely to have back here writing on WP … Your poem is poetry in motion and totally relatable, It’ll be 11 years in May since my Carole passed, and then a few years later our ‘Mums & Dads’ passed … and coincidently the lightening bolts surround me this morning … 😍🤗💛💜

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  9. Ah, what a lovely piece indeed with which to reenter the community. I love how it embodies the feelings that inspire and invoke creativity. It feels perfect for spring too in its discussion of rebirth and reawakening!

    May the words flow. ❤

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    • I absolutely loved being reminded that this poem feels perfect for spring in how it relates to rebirth & reawakening. It is lovely and an honor to have your visit here Layla, thank you so much for taking the time kindly!

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