New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Photo Credit : Manish Doshi “Sunrise”

Do you look back and wonder how you survived those times?
Those times that it made no difference whether day or night?

Do you look back and wonder what kept you living?
Those times how come you didn’t imagine dying?

Do you look back and see just how you chose to live?
Those times when it was death of a thousand kind?

Do you now see the brilliance of Life?
New Beginnings as if awakened by a beautiful sunrise?

Don’t ever give up, keep going …
It is a miracle all that is waiting.


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PS : This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of Forgiving Connects.


No …you didn’t!

You didn’t mess it all up.
You didn’t!
You showed up.
With all that you had in you.

You didn’t lose anything.
You didn’t!
You showed up.
You got exactly and all out of it.

You learned something
About yourself and about that thing.
You showed up.
You will never be the same again
When you show up next.

You didn’t mess it all up.
You didn’t lose anything!


Thank you dear Debbie for accepting this as a contribution to ForgivingConnects. I am always deeply enriched with peace when reading your posts.

Go seek that which is waiting for you!

As humans, sometimes we go through the most mind/heart shattering experiences. They become a journey of profound transformation and there is no looking back from there. These experiences come in different forms – primary relationship breakups, intense health situations, life threatening illness, loss of someone close… All these experiences are common in the way how painful they can become.

When we feel like the ground under our feet has been pulled or shook violently, life as we know it, is no more …it’s only that …life, the way it existed, is ending.  It does not mean precious life itself is ending. It can just feel like dying, several times too, while alive. This is time of rebirth. Our personal rebirth. Intense transformation!  This kind of transformation uproots us at great depths. The process of birthing is very painful. So is this rebirth. It makes us cry. In mourning, of losing what we knew to be our normal.  Then, we have to learn to smile again. Find new beginnings.

In doing so, think only of your own well-being first. You cannot at this time afford any of your precious energy to think about what others think or even maybe how you want to revenge others. This is your journey. Be very selective in who you take along with you on this road. When we acknowledge our journey, we learn to recognize who is genuinely a part of it. We feel and become better for the joy of being with them. The rest realize that they have no business having fake concern for us. We realize we don’t need to put energy in anything that we can’t sustain or doesn’t nourish us …YOU ARE YOUR ONLY BUSINESS!

We find too many testimonials around, if we look, this road only leads to a beautiful life. You are never given what you cannot handle. You are too important to many people. Even though some have hurt you, or your own body seems to have betrayed you. Find gratitude for everything you find is serving you. You are not alone. You will now suddenly find all those gem of Beings who will see you for only being you. Not what they need you to be for them, or what they might want from you.

We are simply awakened to what is really true for us. I have come to call these places ‘our tunnels’. All of us go through them. And we are all supported in the utmost possible way. The more steps we willingly and courageously take, the more we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. We come out on the other side with clarity and luminosity. All those true to us and truly for us are found, waiting right there for us.

My favorite description  of this comes from Yoga teacher/Author Cain Carroll …

“The spiritual path eventually leads into the forest; each of us must walk that stretch alone. In the darkness of the unknown, a great fire consumes the conditioned version of who we constructed ourselves to be. All seems to be lost. What is lost truly never was. I call it the Great Disillusionment.”

This is our precious time with ourselves, to identify our strengths and resources. One day we will turn around and become the strength and resource for someone else. We would exactly help them explore the darkness of their tunnel and the richness of that experience. We would stand intact, to show them, how we used the overwhelming force of seemingly destructive change, that affected our perfect & normal life, to transform us into these tremendous beings filled to the brim with gratitude, kindness and love!

At the junction of what’s been and where we are headed, we look at the new beginnings with a new found sparkle in our eyes, as we open ourselves to the brilliant light and the miraculous beauty of Life ahead! We find Life to be perfect while never expecting it to be any perfect …We take it on with all its vibrant and varied hues!

Quoting Cain Carroll again …

“The living life force, like crystal clear radiant Light, is constantly holding and nourishing you. Open yourself fully to this Light, feel deeply into your being, let it drench every cell of your body and mind, and let it wash your heart into total love. When this process is complete, you will be fully healed.”

Go seek that which is waiting for you !!!