When the Sun doesn’t give up …


When the Sun doesn’t give up giving light
Even when it’s done shining bright
That’s when the beautiful crimson
Diffuses and blurs the line of horizon

Just like that the grandeur of it all
Diffuses and absorbs my mere existence
Dissolves all my resistance
Yet I feel more alive than ever
Is this as close as it gets to the Creator?

Reflections of Moon


Moon is associated with beauty
It simply receives the light as if duty
Reflects back the sunlight
No ownership, no might

The Sun is the Source
Its role of giving fierce
We burn up in the fierceness
When undiscriminatory our insistence
On giving without ourselves nourished
Moon shows receiving is not impoverished

Open your hearts to the moon
Soak up the moonlight and feel the soothe
More your willingness to receive
More will your light shine to perceive

Sun is the Source of it all
Moon shows how to become a part of it all

What’s more pure?

This poem is a thought process that unfolded while I was immersed in this exact setting, on a beautiful day, lounging under the sky, admiring the mountains, when a crow flew by …

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

Mountains unwavered green and grand
Winds blowing and flowing
Sunlight bright yet gentle on land
Sky is blue, clouds white floating

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

The contrast of a black, a crow flying
Flight through the expanse taking
Like a sticky thought across my mind
Takes a rightful stroll of a kind
All my attention vying
The grand green mountain dutiful
Says it is only a distraction beautiful

The crow has flown away
The whites floated away
The blue feels clarity, also my mind
The whites though had a purity of a kind
Like the thoughts that pervade at times
When in a state of joy or love sublime

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

Life itself or a dream …

Life is either a dream
Or this a dream come true
We talked about this, ago a decade
Comes true, milestone as we celebrate
Silent Stay Retreat though the name
Heartful conversations part of our game
Lounging under the sky and the moon
Soaking in the rain, silence of the meditation room,
Hammocks, happiness, gifts of gratitude
Expansive views, long walks on trails
Thoughts and ideas from heart set sail
Blissed and blessed
May the memories serve when stressed
Life is either a dream
Or this a dream come true.

A dear friend and I talked since long about taking time out from being busy moms, for a weekend retreat, to nourish the infinite beings in us. That dream came true to celebrate our soon approaching birthdays, not far apart ūüôā Infinite gratitude for this time to come to us, sooner than we imagined possible!

Beauty is when …

Beauty is when a lot of happiness shows on your face
Explore this in every time and space

Start with a look into your own eyes for any trace
Make the mirror a friendly place

Look deep through those round peep holes
Find yourself looking back at you, with joy or remorse

If remorse there is, fill your heart with love and pour
Your eyes will glisten, with pride or tears

If tears there is, let them flow
Over that face while you still look with love

That’s how beauty will follow
As you feel it as joy within you

Now use those joyful eyes for seeing
The beauty in each and every way of Being

It’s the look on the artist’s face
About to creating beloved art

And then each one in every place
Is an artist in one’s own space
As we pick the next moment with a choice from heart!

Beauty emerges from a place of courageousness
Or then from simple heartfelt joyfulness
Beauty is when a lot of happiness shows on your face!

Tears & Emotions

Tears come from a beautiful emotion
Let it flow
It is a wave unfolding
Let it grow
Sometimes we ride on the peak of this wave
Sometimes manage to find the depth
All this you very well Know
So let it flow
You are the sea of consciousness
This beautiful emotion is a turbulent ripple
In a short while you will find a calm, serene view
That you will find equally beautiful!


Dear WordPress friends : I was really committed to visiting this space and the Reader feed daily to check out the wonderful works of fellow bloggers. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily ritual and connecting with each other. For the next 2 months though I am having to choose to align more with other things coming my way. I will still visit, post and respond¬†on a weekly basis, and if possible more. And will also try to stay with as much reading as possible! May universe guide me back here daily with ease and joy ūüôā Heartfelt gratitude for all the conversations and contributions here. Wish you all the most amazing time ahead!

The Beautiful Yearning

The yearning and the longing
The needing and the feeling
The seeking and the seething
The knowing and the not-knowing
The choosing and the denying
The thirsting and the quenching
The emptying and the filling
The accepting and the resisting
The looking for the meaning
The painfully beautiful
The beautifully painful
Can’t hold it, can’t let go
Universe applauds and affirms
Worldly mind analyzes and scrutinizes
All of it is simply You
Looking for expansion
Into the infinites of Love
From the confines of Woe
That feels like a hole
Somewhere inside of you
Take a deep breath
Fill it with your presence
Use all your finesse
To receive completely and skilfully
You will not need nor lose
Any relation to the frivolous pursuit
Of making yourself whole with the other
Beautiful will not be painful
Relations will thrive only on being grateful
Giving joy and receiving joy
Feeling Love and breathing Love
Connecting one yearning soul to another
Fill your void first then pour around
Watch it take the exact flavor as seeked by the receiver
Be the giver, also surely be the receiver
Relations go by worldly names
They are nurtured by pure Love that tames
All the yearning and the longing
The needing and the feeling …

Beauty in Resilience

I was standing at the busiest intersection of Mumbai, India, just arrived from US, couple days ago. It is the end of June and rains are expected anytime, unannounced. I was there waiting for my friends to pick me up, to take me shopping for some rain shoes. I was much immersed in the experience of being there, soaking in life moving at a fast pace around me. There was a sense of impatience in the atmosphere as there were too many vehicles on the road, to be able to move fast enough. Mixed in was the sun, moist heat, dust, pollution and the blaring horns from drivers. I was going to be waiting there for 15 mins, my friend called.

My eyes lingered and then my gaze dropped down on a sight, about a foot by my side. Just inches away from traffic, on the footpath/sidewalk, on a tattered mat, was a mother tending to her newborn …maybe a month or so old. She had the baby on her legs outstretched, no clothes on the baby. My mind drifted very briefly to some memories of how I had lovingly purchased multiple things to keep my babies in perfect health and comfort. I was again drawn back to the sight in front of me. Words came to my mind …hygiene, safety, nutrition, sickness …but I was again drawn into the scene. The cars and people zapped by …but the only thing real for me was the mother taking care of that baby …perhaps just like the only thing real for the mother was her baby and what she could do for the baby. Flies were hovering over the baby. The baby was clean. She had a rag in her hand and a half filled bottle of water by her. She would sprinkle a few drops of water on the baby and then wipe it off with the rag. It was her way of keeping the baby cool and the flies away. The mother and the baby looked content, and for what it takes, doing ok with each other. I was filled with love and inspiration for the duo …what endurance and strength they have been born with and what beauty in that the mother making the best use of all that was available to her, to be able to give her baby all that she could.

This experience opened me up to a different reality altogether. The reality of our human arrogance that equates a good life and happiness with wealth and all that it brings. I remember only 3 years ago when I previously visited Mumbai, I had a very different perception. I used to feel sad and have tears in my eyes as I walked past poverty and people living in tiny made up houses with their kids roaming around naked. I felt happy and also guilty about having a beautiful house and a bountiful life. I assumed they were suffering from poverty. I assumed I was happy and was supposed to be happy because I had all these material comforts.

In the 3 years in between, I went through a profound journey of self-discovery, transformation and renewal. I can now see the world through the eyes of people who have felt like their body has betrayed them completely. People who had to show up for themselves, each day with tremendous courage to survive, what feels like their own death, day after day. The ones that go through pain so intense that they have to continually keep tapping into the pulse of life itself to find faith, surrender and the means to help them inch towards the ability to thrive.  Having a house, the food, the comforts, all become part of gratitude. Body and mind become the primary dwelling and the immediate place of turmoil and suffering.

There is tremendous beauty in the strength and resilience that people show, in showing up each day of their life, to make the best of what they have available to them.

To me this day, there was no difference between this mother and anyone else doing just that. Having a house is not enough. What you choose while living in any kind of house or under the sun is what makes you what you are. In that baby I saw a beautiful being born with a purpose. One purpose was to open my eyes to this beauty. In the mother I saw a face of pure nurture and love. I felt a renewed faith that we are all very well equipped for where we are placed.  In that mother and baby, and all other contrasts around me, I saw no suffering, only beauty, grace and strength!


Just wanting to be Seen

Through the words
Through the face
Just wanting to be Seen

Through the silence
Through the emotions
Just wanting to be Seen

Through how we dress
Through how we stress
Just wanting to be Seen

Through the efforts
Through the turmoil
Finally not caring to be Seen

Through the Self that emerges
Just feeling and Being
From behind those curtains
As if just peeking …

Suddenly you are the Presence
You are the Beauty and Brilliance
Made invisible all this while
Through all the trial
Just wanting to be Seen …