Still on Break, Wanted to share this :)

Sharing with you all, this work about a sparkling soul of a friend who is a powerhouse of creative energy. She amazes and inspires me with her passion and intention, in how she grew this heart work of hers from conception to now this thriving online version of her school during the pandemic. Kindly bless her with your visit and share with anyone who might be interested in joining her academy.

Attention Housewives, Mommies and homemakers!!
Bring back your forgotten dreams to be a fashion designer and entrepreneur..
Click on the link below and read our story 😊. Filled with passion and a love for teaching, empowering women, and creating women entrepreneurs….


Choose Love Not Hate


It was a delight reading Choose Love not Hate. Kindly visit this blogger friend’s site for his heartfelt work.

Author Josiah Harry elevates the concept of Love from the very reduced versions of the meaning of love that we tend to live with. He dives deeply in all facets of human love – Self, parental, familial, partner, emotional, spiritual. He explores the most personal to societal implications of how we perceive love.

Love when felt to the fullest connects us to the essence of humanity itself. The capacity to hate points to our own limitations within – yet there is a dilemma of how do we tackle the unfair. Josiah brings home all of it in a very thought provoking manner.

Does it really matter?

I have deep gratitude for the word press community and the magical interactions & web of connections we weave in our Universe. I am taking a break for about 2 weeks as I recognize the need for simply Being without the every day Doing, to retreat to my own space, to renew & refresh by staying offline to most extent possible on all platforms. I choose to reblog this poem, as I enjoyed going back to the mindset I had in December last year, and seeing how far along I have come this December. Wish you all a glorious wonderful holiday season into the New Year!

Infinite Living

IMG_7411 Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

When you feel like you want to disappear
What you really want is to arrive and appear
In a way that is totally you
You with all of yourself and facades few

You try to get away from it all
You though keep hearing a call
To show up this place and that
Coats and scarves and maybe a hat

You reach for things that cover best
Now that your presence is put to test
Ya ya I know it is the season and weather
But you see how glad you seem altogether

It is rather amusing to me
When I hide myself to deter
And then see how many check or bother
It shows my innate desire
To show up with all my fire
But just want to disappear
Because I am not sure if it does matter

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Time and again, when I listen to these podcasts, I get transported to, where my poems came from. When I struggled to the point of feeling ‘I can’t go on’ …I told myself ‘I struggle only because I deny some perspective’
Please listen to this, a very heartfelt, personal plea and inspiration to find a powerful perspective for anything you call Life!
It is as if my poem ‘Perspectives’ gets explained to the depths.

Infinite Living

Choice of perspectives
Is a gift of universal views
Though reality seems tentative
Be keen on your objective

As we choose to look at things differently
Struggle becomes our responsibility
As we refuse to think at things rigidly
Change becomes an indisputable possibility
When it seems like stuck for infinity
That’s when actually life is flowing rapidly
Let go and we get unstuck very easily

Choose what you want to change
Change what you choose to change
Insist to receive from what you perceive
Find it within you to realize your view

The perceived may be turbulent
When you be present and persistent
Look at and let go of being resistant
The received is sure to be opulent

Be relentless in pursuing life
A glorious one now that you are at it
And watch how life becomes relentless
In what it has to offer you
It is up to you…

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How are you?

Sometimes we get reminded, reinforced, reinspired, reassured about being steadfast in our core beliefs of the ways of being in the world. This blog of mine was my way of conveyance of my beliefs of human connections. So bringing it up for a reread …and the following podcast says all that I might have missed saying!

Infinite Living

I significantly remember the question ‘How are you?’ after moving to the USA. This question has been on a journey and evolution of it’s own. It’s relevance, in what it means to me, has changed tremendously over the years.

One of the stark experiences of coming to US from India, was the contrast in the experience of going for a walk  here. While a way had to be carved amongst hurried humans on the streets of Mumbai, here the way was all to myself. The sight of a fellow human being  on foot felt most thrilling. Soon I realized that eye contact elicited the question ‘How are you?’ After first few times of an awkward nod-&-smile, I learned that ‘good’ is the preferred answer unlike ‘fine’ in India. Also a following ‘thank you’ made a complete answer. I quickly learned to ask that question now to whoever I crossed path with. I…

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Truthfulness, kindness & the dumbness of it all!

My latest post before this is about Untruthfulness. A long time reader brought to my attention that exactly same day, an year ago, I had done a post on Truthfulness. I remember how vulnerable and courageous I felt while doing that post 🙂 I am sharing it again as I feel elated at how much growing up and ease happened to me, in one year, to be in this space.

Infinite Living

There’s some of us who have conditioned ourselves to the habit of truthfulness and kindness. I am talking about the kind of truthfulness that is hardcore and from the heart. The kind that doesn’t succumb to some of the pretentiousness of society. The kind that is very boldly but good-heartedly ready to sacrifice the niceties required to sustain a liaison for certain benefits.

It’s either my truth and your truth agree with each other or you are free to find someone else that works for you and I can move on too. It’s not how some of the world works though. A lot of times it is about having personal agendas that are secretive and communications are everything but that. The idea is to get the idea of what could be extracted of another person. Nothing wrong with it for some of us …if you are upfront about what it is that…

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The call to shine …

When there is a tug of energies between wanting to stay comfortable where you are and wanting to courageously step into unchartered territories …

Infinite Living

It is amusing when we sometimes avoid someone
because they would make sense

It feels comfy to be in the Cute-but-not-so-bright
state of being, for a while more

Thank you to the twinkling stars that continue to beacon me
Yes all of you who continue to inspire me

I will be home I promise, I’ll join you
Let me play a bit more, it’s just fun to

I will find the courage to shine bright
And maybe become a beacon for few more …

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Miracles of Living

These words came to me about an year ago, and I feel them to be so real, once again for me now …sharing again with infinite gratitude to the string of miracles, that life and living is!

Infinite Living

Miracles unfold oh so slowly
When you want them to hurry
When you look back on them
You go holy moley!
They were happening all along
More than you did count among

Sporadic glimpses sprinkled
Dreams repeatedly rekindled
Sometimes it is here & now
And we are busy thinking when & how

Those blank pauses
Times of boredom and lone-ness
That tend to bring worry
Are the ones going towards possibility
If you fill them with mindless doing
You might miss on being
The witness of the miracle due coming

Comes in packages big and small
Some persons near or across the miles
Uplifting conversations and smiles
Sometimes just being on a mountain tall
Or listening to the waves crash and fall

Everything that you have ever asked for
Everything you ever yearned for
Just exactly that is what you keep living
Miracle of a life yes it is you…

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Soul Interactions

Infinite Gratitude for today and all that had to happen as life until today, for today to happen this way 🙂 Following is the first post on Infinite Living exactly one year ago today.

Infinite Living

Energy of the Souls is what we interact with
When we connect with other Beings
Some resonate so intense that you feel you know them well
Yet you don’t know anything about their worldly life
Their joys and their pains

They are tagless undefined divine relations
Best nurtured through time and patience
For their virtue is their expansiveness
And their infiniteness!

They will seek out the best in other
Until the egos interfere
Wanting to define and box
Fit in nicely like a cozy socks

Let go of all the strive
And let the energies thrive
What you see in other through worldly eyes is not the Whole
What you see as a whole is actually the Soul!

-PD 🙂

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My gratitude to Taruna at for nominating me for this award. I find her writing very beautiful and profound, that touches and tickles, and yet flows with simplicity. Thank you for helping me feel more at home in this community.

Here’s my response to the nomination, hope you enjoy!

11 facts about me:

1. I believe magic exists in everyday unfolding.
2. I love rain.
3. I love driving in the rain alone.
4. I like the crunch of walking on fallen leaves.
5. I love the sunshine in lukewarm weather.
6. I can watch waves crashing for hours.
7. I think every single thing that comes my way is relevant.
8. A coffee and a great conversation is time spent well to me.
9. I enjoy creating different styles of outfits.
10. I am passionate about seeing life transformations.
11. I have spent a lot of time playing board games with my sons.

Answers to the 11 questions given to me:

1. If you could live back in time when and where would you choose and why..
Hmmm …Actually I am feeling perfect where I am, so given a choice I would like to stay right now and here 🙂

2. What do you think will be the greatest invention in the future
Don’t know really …

3. What is the best t.v. show in your opinion

I don’t watch t.v. much … have loved Friends in the past and now occasionally enjoy Big Bang Theory.

4. What book have you enjoyed the most

Difficult to pick one … Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, I was young and this book felt powerful…

5. Who was your favorite teacher and why
My first yoga teacher in US, he always helped me see the truth in me, in a very un-authoritative manner.

6. Which parent influenced you the most and how
Not sure about this actually …by now every interaction has become an influence.

7. How do you think we can contribute to peace
By cultivating peace within, it can be very contagious!

8. What do you think is man’s greatest achievement
In my small reality, this virtual world that connects people across the earth, is an amazing achievement.

9. What do you think is man’s worst behavior
Acting in harmful and untruthful ways, going against joy …their own and other’s.

10. What do you like to do for fun
Listen to songs, chat with friends and laugh with them.

11. If you could travel into space would you go
Far enough to take a look at Earth as a whole and then back!

My nominees and my questions to them …

I take this as a huge nudge to explore more blogs in this community and find more of those that I would like to be recognized. I look forward to getting back to this in the future and carry forward the kindness.