She Was

Photo by Myself

She WAS my neighbor growing up.


As of today, she WAS where I always met her when I visited my parents back home in India. Meeting her was a natural extension of my being there, unsaidly expected.

I was a young girl when she came in as a young newlywed. Today I watch my life backward through that lens. I remember her joy when her husband would come back for his monthly visit to her and his family, from his job far away.

She knew my happiness with new dresses and would share her new shopping with me – “Here wear these to college this week, enjoy them. I can wear them all the time later.”

Her son was the baby I came home to play with every day, throughout his growing phases. He calls me Didi and I used to address her as Tai – both refer to a big sister. It is lovely how it didn’t matter what relation we regard each other with – it is the impact we have by being in each other’s life in the most ordinary ways.

I clearly remember our last meeting & conversation 2 years ago and somehow I am very content with it – we had connected through our eyes and shared genuinely, there was Love.

That’s it. That’s all matters. Because we don’t ever know when it is our last meeting, with anyone. I never took pictures with her – I have a snapshot of our life together living in me.

Dear Tai, your courage through life is seen and has made a difference. In unknown ways too. I will miss you. I miss you.

Everything else that could be said, I hold in silence.

Note: I wrote this exactly last year and wished to share it with you all here, as we mark one year of her passing.


54 thoughts on “She Was

  1. Touching words and lovely photo. 🌼 Your thoughts about being content with your last conversation with her and having a snapshot living in yourself stood out to me. Beautiful and peaceful sentiments. 💐 Warm regards.

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  2. So many people we meet and greet, Love in friendship, and experience long or short times in the window which is our lives… For your friend Tai, to leave such an impression. I am also certain you also left one within her own memory..

    None of us as you rightly say know when we say goodbye or see someone if that will be our last farewell…. Which is why we make the most of our energy exchanges in the now… Making each moment a memorable one with whom ever we meet…

    Sending Love and condolences on this sad, yet also joyous anniversary .. For Tai left you a legacy of Lovely memories… 🙏

    Much love dear Pragalbha .. and loved your photo.. ❤

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  3. Aw, Prag, tears here. Huge lump in my throat. Life is so precious and so short. I feel your heartache. I feel your loss. To feel a loss means you have known love. That is the downside to love ….. endings. it is better to have loved than not to have loved at all. BIG HUGS!!! BIG ONES!!! I love you! xoxoxoxo

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    • Life is precious and short – true Amy. And the downside to Love – so much inherent pain for what our journey is for our life. Yet Love is the only way. Love is the only way 🙂 Thank you for your hugs and love always.

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  4. I have a snapshot of our life together living in me – this poignant line resonates, Pragalbha, I lost a childhood friend last August and remember our last conversation vividly and like you, I am content. Your tender words have brought back many memories of my dear friend and have introduced me to the lovely Tai…

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  5. How lovely a tribute to a person who meant so much to you and who played a role in your life. There is nothing like the power of the written word to keep a memory alive and to help us realize how much people like our neighbors do for us in the course of our lives. Beautiful! ❤

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  6. Your words are deeply felt Pragalbha sharing such wonderful memories and reminders that life is precious and these memories sustain us through our life long after they are gone. We keep the snapshots alive in our minds and hearts. Beautifully shared and blessings to you! 💗

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  7. Brought tears to my eyes. A beautifully moving tribute .. so beautifully expressive so eloquently written.. I hope you get to see her kids and share with them the memories you shared.

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  8. I love this piece, and am so grateful to you for sharing it with us. When we connect deeply with another human being, their passing can cause a lot of turmoil. Though, we are limitless, and unbound, and all expansive, the body is transient, and when we get this, there is a lot of grief work to do, which can offset the passing of close loved ones. I am working on some grief work now, and the space that is cleared up as this grief moves through is transformational. Amazing post, Pragalbha. :))

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    • Thank you so much Jeff for your visit and a thoughtful read as always. These life events leave us with a bitter-sweet gratitude for getting to be here and this life.
      “the space that is cleared up as this grief moves through is transformational.” – Iloved what you say here and can relate to it.


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