Earth Abloom

Earth Abloom
In Celebration Of
All the Transformation

Around & Within Me

After relentless rains, California is now bursting with these wildflower superbloom on lands, mountains & valleys – the drives are heaven-on-earth beautiful! I felt a rejoice and a deep peace within getting to drink in with my senses, the delicate beauty of the flowers counted in millions to make it easy?!!


56 thoughts on “Earth Abloom

  1. When it was raining last months I was imagining green hills and mountains around me . It always becomes gorgeous after rain here .I live in California too .Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.Could you please share the locations ?

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    • It is so beautiful around yes πŸ™‚ Thank you for your visit. The last picture is from Carrizzo Plains National Monument and the other 2 are from on the way towards Carrizo from San Louis Obispo.


    • Ah your words of appreciation bring me smiles within, than you ever so much!!

      It is beyond my pleasure that you do take the time Punam – it is never late. I am feeling challenged with time between living life itself and my visit to the wonderful WP spaces, I completely understand. I have missed all my reading much of this week.


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