The trail behind me

I feel that I am personally transitioning through a portal from a known past into an unknown future in so many ways at once. It is eerie how outwardly all the walls of reality still look the same, and yet as if all the mental castles of reality have inwardly collapsed. Each day I find another brick falling.

As if each day I wake up and walk into a hall of mirrors absolutely wanting to confuse me – Is that me? or is that one me? Until I push back on a mirror to have it open on to a very expansive space of peace, joy and lightness, carrying an air of crisp clarity.

It is so thrilling and awesome terrifying to surrender in to that space, and live without alignment or resistance to any mental constructs, comforts of relations, definitions, concepts of what exactly makes up our everyday life. Also it is awesome that I don’t have the ever insistent fear rumbling inside me. For I recognize this portal from 5 years ago, and I know now what brilliance awaits on the other side of it.

I love and embrace with a much robust gratitude and awe, the exquisite and divine guidance, synchronicity and perfection with which this play of life is executed. These are such powerful times that our tribe of truth seekers and heart followers are finding their way with themselves and each other like never before! I am now ready to show up in ways like never before.

And hence, I wished to post this poem and picture today to share with you, my gratitude for the trail behind me. For the people on the trail with me.

This poem was first published on August 16, 2016, 5 years ago today.

There’s a trail from the past behind me
From whence in this moment I arrive
I look forward to see
Whereto it wants me strive
The smile on my face
Belongs to those who helped me thrive

The chosen and unchosen soul friends
The given and unchosen of relationships
With their simply Being or coaxing mends
Diffused and dissolved perceived hardships

I have all of You in my heart
To walk with You, I would go back to start
Gratitude for You will keep You forever with me
Especially when I seem to have parted ways with thee
There’s times when only You can make me less lonely

That’s when I look back at the trail
Find the bend where you found me frail
Then I walk forward steadily a mile
Taking with me the newfound smile


106 thoughts on “The trail behind me

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post, my dear friend. I always cherish and appreciate how you authentically, vulnerably and gracefully write about your journey! Your reflective writing deeply resonates, I love the powerful analogies laced throughout. And your poem is simply sublime! I especially love the part about relationships/people on your trail. Amazingly done, my amazing friend πŸ€—πŸ–€

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    • You make me smile so contentedly and joyfully dear Ace! It is amazing how you truly see this process, I absolutely trust how deeply you understand :))) People on our trail are often such bittersweet experiences. Thank you very much for reading and writing to me.

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  2. Your vivid description of the path is profound πŸ™‚ These ‘tastes’ keep getting deeper and hopefully lasting longer, still a way until it’s stable and solid … a healing fixture in your life!

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  3. Dear Pragalbha, your post and verse have touched my heart deeply this evening. It’s as if the words you write come from within me, and, as I write that, and feel the connection, I know the words do come from me – we are on the trail together, and I am honored to be there with you. Constantly discovering, pieces of being dropping, while newness is added to the fragments, as I see the brilliance in the oneness. This post and poem touch me deeply, and, as always, I am honored to read them from you. πŸ™πŸ’™

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    • I feel great and deep joy for having your wisdom and resonance on this trail as I move forward. I am thrilled to know how much these words feel exactly relevant to you – such comfort to know we are not alone on this lone path by design. What a gift and honor to be seen and understood this clearly! I am with you in awe of the brilliance. Thank you ever so much for your kind presence and attention.

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  4. A timeless poem of gratitude, Pragalbha, that finds you again on your trail. A trail that has taken you many places and offered you many lessons since then. A beautiful photo of you and your surroundings.🌞 Best wishes to you as you transition into a new direction/feeling. πŸ’

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  5. You are such a beautiful soul, Pragabha and the positive vibes and energy reflects on you as a person. Beautiful reflection and poem on the Truth we are in the quest for. Love this: “it is so thrilling and awesome terrifying to surrender in to that space, and live without alignment or resistance to any mental constructs, comforts of relations, definitions, concepts of what exactly makes up our everyday life.

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    • You are so very kind in your acknowledgment of me and appreciating my words. Thank you very much for highlighting that line, it is the one that needs a constant consistent skill and awakened to be in. Thank you Vishal for engaging with the post thoughtfully.

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  6. This line- “Find the bend where you found me frail” is stark and beautiful. Frail, in the bend (where life turns?). I have found by looking back on my own trail that those bends, those moments of weakness, are where my biggest changes/empowerment came from. They initiated there, depending on my attitude and reactions.

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  7. Your words are both strong and vulnerable at the same time! I love how you are able to express these life transitions so poetically… it lifts an everyday experience into a sublime state! I guess none of us really know what our futures hold for us, and to be able to meet it when it’s happening with a sense of peace and welcoming is the best state of heart and mind to be in!!

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  8. it is these moments that transcends and carry us pass those negative emotions that stamp out which we received in the spirit. The wind is whispering, Live and Live freely…. What a transition and a awesome path to travel. Great share, energy and poetry!

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  9. Beautiful insight and self reflection! Any trail in any direction is a challenge that leads us to new things and memories. Change is growth but we also always cherish the bygones. Lovely picture!

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  10. Beautiful written. The light at end of the tunnel of change, is needed when we hit the middle of journey, or when we start to tire.

    I loved how you said “..I love and embrace with a much robust gratitude and awe, the exquisite and divine guidance, synchronicity and perfection with which this play of life is executed..”

    An exquisitely written post, about the wonders of hard transformation

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  11. Well, dearest Pragalbha, it looks as if my comment yesterday did not make it through to you.

    I love this post and poem – it is a mirror for me of the path continually unfolding into the unknown, and, as you write, as each new brick falls away, another layer is exposed to the light. A beautiful reflection. One I adore. Thank you for sharing your light with us. πŸ’™πŸ™

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  12. This is filled with positivity and gratitude…and i love it…the world is chaos and the news and stories around are either about war and pandemic, then here i am reading your sort of gratitude post and it gave me a sigh of relief .

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