Truth & Love

Photo by myself

Truth is a beautiful love language
Love is a beautiful truth

Neither is what we think it is
Without the other

Truth is a beautiful love language and love is a beautiful truth – this came up as my comment in response to this post by Fearless Free Soul, a beautiful poetry and inspiration on this theme.

*This is a scheduled post. I will return back to respond to your thoughts on it in a day or 2 after it is published.


69 thoughts on “Truth & Love

  1. When you left that beautiful comment, those specific lines immediately stuck out and resonated deeply within! I’m so happy you shared, they are pure words of the Universe and so wisely said! Not to mention, deeply magical and like a key to the depths of our souls! Thank you so much for including my piece here, I’m so honored it inspired you! You inspire me in so many ways, truly. I always cherish our connections, you’re a gift in my life!!! Here’s to truth and love, and to the beautiful YOU 🤗🖤🤍💖

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    • You have a treasure of wisdom in you my sweet friend. I love how you say – they are pure words of the Universe – it does feel so. It is so magical how words come through, you know that surely. Thank you very much, lots of Love to you always!!

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  2. I’m sitting on a bench in the woods enjoying the dappled sunlight through the trees as I read your lovely post!

    In the near the distance I hear the drumbeats of loud music from the festivities for Memorial Day and am happy to sit in quiet among the trees.

    Truly a wonderful experience!

    Have a blessed day everyone!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful response on the quote. I enjoyed contemplating the 2 words together for renewed revelations.
      That was a new idea that came to me, about putting the name in the center that way. for the last couple of quotes that I made – it makes me very happy to know you noticed and liked it, thank you very much!!!

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      • Yes my friend. I felt the gentle energy of its placement. The carefulness is like putting a baby in the cradle. It’s also the center point for your blog: the address. I noticed it because of love, love guided me to it—this is also encouraged by your reflection on these words: love and language. Our hearts speak to each other so clearly! Thank you very much!! I am sure if I sat with it more, I would receive more!

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        • It is true humbling happiness my friend to have your loving caring attention as I had played around a lot with the shades of grey, trying to take it out but it just wanted to be in the center 🙂 It is coinciding a lot with me growing in my ability to own a lot of ways of my being and becoming visible authentically. That you found the guidance of love to it, it means a lot to me. That quote itself has layers and layers of awareness that I am experiencing recently. Thank you my friend for sitting with me as much to receive from it, as I myself continue to. Our hearts do speak the language of energy, virtual mediums/distance are no barrier for this exchange. So grateful :)))

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    • to show someone you love them than respecting them enough to only give them the truth – you said this so perfect;lly and beautifully! I am so happy that you visited here and look forward to getting to know you. Thank you very much for your thoughtful response.

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