Let’s Get Inspired – Interview

I am deeply honored and grateful for being interviewed for the ‘Let’s get Inspired’ series by Thoughtsnlifeblog. I have been following this series that featured many inspiring authors and writers, learning so much from them. I was pleasantly surprised when approached to be interviewed, and humbled by how the questions were so thoughtful and specific to me. It gave me an opportunity to dig deeper into my own blogging journey and look at it coherently. Thank you very much Thoughtsnlife Blog!
For years now, Thoughtsnlife Blog has been an oasis of peace, beauty, positive energy, and inspiration for me, whenever I would land at their posts full of affirmations, meditations, and practical tools for daily living.


Welcome to theeleventh interview of the Let’s Get Inspired Series. A series where I interview our fellow WordPress.com bloggers on their blogging process, what they write about, their passions, their blogging dreams and their blogging tips. Each blogger has a speciality, well, more than one. Which I attempt to bring out in the interview.

Today we are going to speak to Pragalbha Doshi of the Infinite Living blog.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Pragalbha; it is a page-turner. I had no idea of Pragalbha’s story, how she blogs and her accolades as a writer. Do enjoy.

Pragalbha and I have known each other for a long time, maybe since 2016, when I started blogging. I think she found my blog, and that lead me to see her blog. Her writing is from the heart and always, always leaves me in deep contemplation or an awakening of…

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72 thoughts on “Let’s Get Inspired – Interview

  1. So loved your interview Pragalbha…. Its been my pleasure to share some of those years on your blogging journey as a blogging friend.. 🙏 Thank you…. Loved reading all of it…. Keep following your heart, your instincts and those prompts to take those breaks when needed..
    Much love dear friend ❤

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  2. What an insightful interview…So lovely to learn a bit more about you and what inspires you…and to see your beautiful photos. You were one of the first people to comment on my Poems several years ago. I’ve always felt a special connection to your posts. Thank you. 💙

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    • I am so grateful you took the time to read. When I began here and was very raw, your poetry felt very comforting and I connected to it fully, it supported my way of being that felt quite lone. Thank you 🙏🏼💛🌹✨

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