Sunrise photo by Manish Doshi

Yes Dreams Come True
The Waking Ones often Do

Fears too Come True
The Sleeping Ones often Do

Each can be stifling to the other
Awakening within, the creator

It is so interesting to look at our life and reflect on how it is a sum total of our dreams and our fears come true. Often when we stumble into suffering that diverts us from going towards our dreams, we are actually living our unconscious fears. Our waking dreams are our desires and yearnings that give us hope, direction, trust to find our way back again to where we are actually living parts of what we always dreamed of.

I chose not to make the C capital in the word ‘creator’ above because in the tender moments when we are transitioning from fear to faith, it is hard to feel the power of the Creator, and yet we are getting in touch with our creator self within to not succumb, but to dream even more boldly.

Awakening is a short poem published on June 20. 2018. The words felt very relevant to me to repeat and put them in the form of image.


92 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I resonate deeply with your words and I absolutely love this. I especially love your explanation of why you left the C lowercase, such attention to detail is inspiring to me and I know that raw feeling very well. Dreams absolutely fascinate me and you described the beauty/meaning of both perfectly and vulnerably! Keep shining, dear friend!! Always sending you love and spirit hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ–€βœ¨

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    • I nearly almost wrote the exact same thing as Ace (Hi Ace 😊) in response to this lovely post… spotted this comment by accident (there are no accidents right?!). The lowercase C explanation was so meaningful to me as well… strikes a chord in me as I often play with Uppercase letters to speak of the divine… really special to think of the beauty in the lowercase c when explained so perfectly and thoughtfully… could have easily gone unnoticed… such a gift to the reader to explain. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—

      I also love the beautifully put “tender moments as we transition from fear to faith”… so touching… so full of compassion and love for us all as we endeavor to that precious moment again and again.

      Beautiful piece Pragalbha! Thank you so much!! Adding in more Spirit Hugs!!!!!

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      • I feel particularly thrilled when you see the difference between C and c as I see it, I wasn’t sure if I would make sense, so it feels good to be understood exactly!

        I am so touched myself that you sense love and compassion in my words. I am so blessed to receive spirit hugs from you and Ace too, such joy of the journey ❣️So grateful for you and your beautiful appreciation that you shower on me, thank you, much Love πŸ’›


  2. Awakening the creator within… yesss!!

    In a couple of senses: we create our live with our positive and our negative thoughts, plus many times going through the ups and downs we feel inspired to create… art, music, dance, sculpture etc, thus awakening the creator within, to create art and to create a better self and a better life!

    Nice analogies! 😎😊

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    • I love love how you bring out the joyful positive essence out this :)))) It makes my heart dance with just holding this concept of being the creator of so much art(heart)work through all that feels powerful in us – right wrong good bad all sorts! Thank you Tamara- blessed to have you here and your thoughtful reflections!!

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  3. Thought-provoking, Pragalbha.
    I have read that 85% of what we worry about never happens-remembering that quote
    helps me to overcome fear and focusing on dreams does that too. ✨ Have a lovely week.

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  4. I’m living your message right now, finding my way back to faith (or finding faith in the first place) and focusing on the dreams which lead me into places I wish to go…I was particularly struck by the way the text (and font choice) shares space with the image. My eye enjoys following this image to the point of light that is in the center. Beautifully rendered.

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    • You have given me the greatest joy today by acknowledging the text-font choice and how it spoke to you. I went back and forth between a ‘cleaner’ plainer font and simple spacing together of the text, compared to this version. I finally chose this one, wondering if it is necessary to add the ‘drama’ instead of how it could be easier to read. So thank you!! It just made more sense this way and I appreciate you letting me know – also that you notice the point of light at center, exactly how it had meant for me πŸ’›

      Warm hug my friend for it is tender to live in this space yet it powerful in itself that you are living it. The results will come, the faith exists and the dreams will flow. Much Love πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›

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    • That is one powerful dream, realization and instance of inner healing. Shows how there is an indestructible light within us, that we can show up with the power of. Waking, sleeping or dreaming. Thank you very much for sharing, truly appreciate it πŸ™πŸΌ


  5. I am trusting…. in the Divine Creator, who gave us all a piece of that Creator spirit…. So we could all Dream, and within our focused intention, bring into being our creations… They may only seem to have a little c…. Because mainly most of us do not believe WE are Creators!! with a HUGE capital C….
    And yet we only have to look around us, the room we are in, the machine we type on, the clothes we wear… the bricks and furnishings of our homes…
    Once but a thought!… Once but an idea…..
    And with someone’s Focused INTENT… was brought into Creation…

    Never underestimate the Power of Dreaming…. for our dreams become our Awakening World…

    Lots of love dear Pragalbha… beautiful piece of writing dear friend… Lots of love your way..
    Hold those dreams my friend…. We are creating them with every thought… Lets make them count ❀ ❀ ❀

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    • You empowered my humble piece of writing with your deep & vast insight in to things. You brought into clear focus what creation/Creation looks like – exactly every single thing we are living with. I truly appreciate your affirmativeness and intention – gives fullness to mine. Thank you very much dear Sue. I dream of dreaming all my dreams without the pain of fear – simple focus and ease, inspiring as many on the way and being inspired by those already on the way. Love & Truth will shine. Much Love and Gratitude to you.

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  6. Awakening hits us during unknown moments and all fetters of fear fall apart. This little poem hides so much of positivity and its amazing to note how one letter C (if not capital) could change the meaning of this poem. Brilliant!

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  7. The journey of transition from fear to faith can be such an enlightening one, Pragalbaha. Many times I feel your words are a kind of message for me from the universe :). Thanks my friend for your timely insights to life. Much love!!

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful appreciation πŸ’›

      True, especially when some stuff in dreams is more real than what is said to be real.
      “who it is that is awake in the dreams” – that is a beautiful wonder to be in, I think πŸ™‚

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  8. Very wise words Pragalbha. Some dreams come true and others are a sign of unprocessed thoughts that could be somewhat challenging. I like a good challenge me 😊 I hope you are well!

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