The Journey

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The journey itself doesn’t see our earthly age. It is a joy to arrive when we arrive and a delight to meet your own tribe on the same path.”

This blog platform has been a significant way of meeting and interacting with utmost amazing beautiful people who have created an indelible impact on my life journey from one day to another. They are generous hearts and souls delivering divine messages and reminders as if guide posts on the path, through their work and exchange of comment conversations, often year after year. I hope to find the ability and inspiration to share about each one who has been a contribution to me. You know who you are. An humble bow of gratitude to you.

Today I want to share about one such beautiful blogger friend, Tamara Kulish.

The quote in the above image came as a part of our conversation on one of her blog post “Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself” This post made me thoughtful and I responded with saying:

“Do what you want and what you enjoy – this seemed like the most revolutionary advice I gave myself at one time I remember. The sense of self-worth when not independent of others’ expectations, we lose our sense of Being and keep choosing to do things to satisfy some external standards. Your post is one perfect statement after another.”

Dear Tamara responded to the above by saying:

“We have both learned the value of doing this in our lives, you earlier in life than I did, but it’s wonderful when anyone does, whether earlier or later! There’s really no better time than now, for anyone contemplating this in their own life! It’s a truly liberating mind set!”

My heart all joyful with resonance and as if with a nod to her, I responded :

The journey itself doesn’t see our earthly age. It is a joy to arrive when we arrive and a delight to meet your own tribe on the same path.”

Tamara then generously shone her bright light on this statement of mine and made it into a quote in this post: Your soul is the place within you that is timeless, ageless, and eternal She gifted my words back to me, to take this beautiful and powerful form, as you see in the quote image at the top. I hope you enjoyed and found value in our interaction that I chose to share, in similar fashion of her post.

Please visit Tamara Kulish to know of her expansive work of books and journals published in the area of self-discovery, personal development, finding happiness and fulfillment. Her blog posts are a treasure, each one, with her honest authentic sharing and inspiring perspectives.


82 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Excellent post and I love the personal twist within this!!! So beautiful and amazingly written as always!! I love what you’ve said about the journey here, I so relate and deeply resonate. Thank you for this gem of a piece, much love to you friend 🖤🤗

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  2. Pragalbha, 🥰🥰🥰🌸🌸🌸🥰🥰🥰

    I’m so happy to see this circle being made with our words to each other! This has truly made my day! Thank you! I cherish being able to converse with another soul on deeply meaningful topics about life!


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    • I couldn’t keep this for another week in the future, it brought so much joy to my heart to craft this post and have it go today :))) I absolutely am full of gratitude for our interactions, so fulfilling that we just get each other.

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      • I think my heart just grew three sizes upon hearing your words! I too feel truly blessed to connect with a kindred spirit, especially during these difficult times when fear rules the hearts of so many! It is a blessing to be able to be understood by one who likewise is shining lights into darkened areas and helping people to reclaim their strong inner foundations and be strengthened to face another day!

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        • I opened out my arms wide and smiled that wide at reading your first sentence :))) A big hug to you for everything you said!! We all need each other so much to keep going with this strength, courage and love. I certainly do as some days are just difficult – and how the blessed reminders come in support is so amazing. Thank you for reinforcing and empowering me with your words.

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  3. What a beautiful tribute my dear friend and I hear you. It’s been a little of a rolllercoaster here too but in the end the good always prevails and the sun comes out again.
    Wishing you a beautiful February. It’s about purification and self care. Be good to yourself. Xo

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  4. This is a great example of how reflecting someone’s light back to them makes everyone shine brighter. It is a joyful experience to do this for others and something I strive to do every day.
    Thank you for sharing your blogging friend. I will give her a visit.

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  5. Pingback: Your soul is the place within you that is timeless, ageless, and eternal: it is the ultimate core and essence of who you truly are. – Tamara Kulish

  6. it’s such a wondrous blessing when others inspire and trigger insights in us … we already know it but somehow our interaction makes us verbalise it! I really love your quote and how Tamara rephrased it!

    And a delightful idea to pay tribute to those who have supported you on the path 🙂

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  7. I appreciate your discussion on many levels. I arrived ‘late’ but searching and aware. It is a gift when you meet your tribe. I find it interesting, that our ‘tribe’ is often not who we thought it would be, and more than we could have hoped for.

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  8. Wow, i love that you shared this with us. I too have met and made friends to some bloggers here and they have made significant impacts in my current state of life. And i am very thankful that you are part of my WP family now

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  9. Thank you so much for always inspiring us with your profound posts, Pragalbha and I loved the quote. Our journey of the Soul where we are all United and One Single Soul never divided but Eternal and Divine. Tamara seems to be such a wonderful person so full of inspiration.

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  10. A beautiful conversation between bloggers makes us grow unintentionally, almost by accident. But it is the most wonderful accidental learning and growing.

    Our wordpress community is great. I recently started following Tamara her post resonate with me.

    And I just LOVE this “The journey itself doesn’t see our earthly age. It is a joy to arrive when we arrive and a delight to meet your own tribe on the same path.” it is soooo deep

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  11. I can say the same for you Pragalbha. Your words have often been the beacon of light for me. They never fail to inspire and instill a sense of reflective contemplation. Ever so grateful to you for this. May we all hold each other’s hands and grow in soul and spirit in this beautiful journey of life. Sending lots of love and good wishes my friend ❤ !

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  12. Thank you soooo much for this post Pragalbha. Your post about Tamara, I suppose came as a solution to a problem I had placed in the universe.
    I have no more words to write here, but my head bows down in gratitude to the universe, for opening up a path 🙏

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    • Universe always answers when we ask, I had profound experience of that just today myself. So I bow with you in gratitude and I am so happy to be the medium of solution for you. Dear Deepika thank you very much for sharing with me this instance of perfect timing.


  13. You are all soul is what I always think reading you. Your messages come floating up from your depths, and I love them. A great gesture to a fellow blogger, and a beautiful exchange. Hard to find kindred spirits. Always a great feeling.

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  14. Time and age are so fascinating, being objective and subjective at the same time. We’re all one, yet we’re many. So different, yet the same. You’re such a welcoming, inspiring presence on WP, Pragalbha. Joy and compassion emanate from every one of your posts. The messages you convey are timeless and universal.

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