Eyes Look Longingly

Photo by myself

You look to my eyes
and search for envy
I invite you to look deeper
You will find sadness
for what I see in your eyes

I look to your eyes
and you just look away…

Envy is an inescapable human trait. Provoking envy as a motive hurts the spirit of all involved. Sharing the joy of our Being lifts the spirit of all involved.

Envy & Inspiration – a past article on how I learned to turn my envy into inspiration from experiences from my very young age.

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78 thoughts on “Eyes Look Longingly

  1. Beautiful writing as always!! I enjoyed this piece and how you tied eyes in was spectacular!! We are all one big family here to help each other through love and compassion!!! Keep up the excellent work friend, much love πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ€—

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  2. The opening line! You look into my eyes searching for envy. It is a crazy statement, BUT IT IS SO TRUE. Unfortunately envy, comparison, jealous come to us. But I do believe we can come out of it or reduce the sting of the feeling. I feel when we are content in the chore parts if our life we don’t suffer from these negative feelings, emotions. But when something in that chore breaks and breaks some more we fall to these emotions. But we can win over these

    A beautiful photo, poem. Always a pleasure to read.

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    • I love how you appreciated the opening line!! Especially because I was a bit unsure of how I had worded this and yet felt very heart clear that it was to be posted. It took me a while that it was these energies that I was perceiving from others, that made me feel sick and sad. Once I realized then I could work on detaching and protecting myself, yet becoming more myself without being affected. It is not a pleasant lesson.
      I agree with you, when our inner contentment breaks it is very easy and human to fall through the cracks into these feelings. It is our inner work either way to recognize.

      Much Gratitude to you for your thoughtful reflections always, very fulfilling for me to engage in.

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  3. You wrote this so powerfully, conveying so much insight with so few words!

    others tend to project their feelings onto us … any who don’t meet my eyes openly raise suspicion … it’s a great indicator for discernment!

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    • Your words touch me deeply as you give this beautiful perspective in response to my words. You understand where I am coming from. Vulnerability and honesty taken as weakness is painful until we learn to carry it even more courageously. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment.


  4. Perhaps many people don’t realize how painful envy is for others. We can get lost in comparisons endlessly if we cannot find the center in our own lives. What can fill this void that people have at the center of their sense of lacking and desiring? People are marvelous. So many people are marvelous in so many infinite ways. Each one is unique and like none other. I understand why this look in the eyes brings sadness. This is like losing a moment where true connection could have been possible.

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    • Oh my friend Ka your comment touched me deeply, for you got the energy of my words thoroughly and clearly to the corners of it. It brings so much grief to not be able to see eye to eye with those we closely relate with. So much possibility of love lost and then having to carry on somehow. And also your pointing out how marvelous people are, they really are, each one of us. For quite sometime I couldn’t understand the very unpleasant energy I was feeling at times, it was actually this void of others and what I imbibed from their point of view of me. I am still in practice of learning to stay veiled and full in my own center with regards to this.

      So grateful that you visited today and shared your very rich and thoughtful perspective, it made my day to be understood so well!

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  5. Envy definetely destroys relationships …and it just sad, cos despite of this awareness many are still out there putting action ove this.
    May this poem be one of the poems that will always and forever remind us of its effects.
    Thank you for writing this

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