Couple of Little Celebrations

Me & The Book :))

I thought of meeting you face to face to share my happiness of this book that I am holding :)) Some of my poetry is published as part of this collection, alongside poetry from some amazing poets that I have come to admire and adore for their absolutely magical art of words. It is available on Amazon for download on Kindle here for $0.99. Do check it out to see its description and if it interests you.

Step Into the New You – image sourced from the India Currents article

And in another little celebration and I am thrilled to share with you that an article of mine was selected by a community media platform India Currents to be published as part of their January theme – Renewal : You and the World around You. I chose to focus on my favorite topic, you can read it here: Step Into the New… You. I would love to know your thoughts on it.

Heartfelt Gratitude for all your support, reading and meaningful interactions that has afforded me tremendous growth as a person and this journey with words as a writer. It is more like pouring these surges of expression that come and what a privilege to be read and received! These tiny expansions of publishing in the outer world are a spillover of all the love in this inner world of WP where I first dipped my toes and then kept swimming in this world of writing and sharing.


102 thoughts on “Couple of Little Celebrations

  1. Congratulations Pragalbha so much deserved. I read your work again and much needed advice for me now. Your kind expressions reach me and putting me in a good place. May your writing continue to flourish and help others on their journey and struggles. Bless you

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  2. congrats on both publications, well done you! Impressed by your article, being ourselves is being authentic and some will move away but you will also attract like minded people. And they are the ones that support your growth πŸ™‚

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  3. The light that is pouring from you in your picture says is all, Prag!! My goodness!! You are truly beautiful and your soul is shining right through your eyes. I am so proud of you of your accomplishments. To be recognized for the great writer you are ….. that is amazing!! And sure enough right after I told you I couldn’t get here, I got through. Go figure, right? LOL Again CONGRATULATIONS!!! Keep growing, keep dreaming, keep expanding!! I’m just loving the growth I see in you! What a wonderful journey you are on!! xo

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    • You have seen me through it all my angel friend – being a toddler, teenager and perhaps a bit grown up on this blog space – so much power in the resonance we have found in our life journeys, rebirths of this lifetime and all. Your words and radiance always illuminates and coaxes my light to shine. You being you and you seeing me is absolutely an inspiration. Thank you for your powerful loving kindness always ❣️


  4. I’m so happy for you, Pragalbha! Your writing is so uplifting and insightful. You inspire me with your commitment to being authentic and embracing the lessons you learn on your journey. Grateful for your presence on WP and your friendship.

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  5. Finally I get to see you, Pragalbha, so much of spark, aura and divinity. Gamut of celebration with such incredible writing achievement. I will learn all of them and can’t wait to read your poems in the book anthology.

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