Photo by myself

I used to remain small
to keep others comfortable
They did console themselves
that I am nobody big

I am nobody big
I am no small either

There is a big difference…

I wish us all to continue to live with the truth of our being, with courage and compassion in relation to each other. I found this in the corners of my old drafts, while I was looking for something else. I enjoyed reading it back to myself and thought I should share it πŸ™‚


106 thoughts on “Difference

  1. Oh this is so beautiful and incredibly well said!! I love your final paragraph too, the truth of our being is what this life is all about!!! It’s funny you just posted, because I was literally just thinking of you, I had the thought that β€œoh she might post today, yay!!” I always look forward to your spectacular pieces!! Much love my friend πŸ€πŸ€—

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  2. I just came across a library book title that has stayed with me (it goes something like this – I changed myself so you won’t have to) and now your tender reminder will be added to those thoughts. Isn’t it lovely to find a jewel or two among our thoughts and scribbles? Thank you for sharing yours this day…

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Pragalbha.. Important words… And sums up many who think themselves important by making others look small… While those of us who are small are just as tall… And Powerful… Its all a matter of belief and perception.. ❀

    Standing tall side by side.. because it matters not our outer garments of importance.. but our inner worth is what counts.. ❀ ❀ ❀
    Much love your way

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    • Comparison and judgments bring so much unhappiness in people’s lives. Cultivating inner worth along with humility has certainly been the key in my growth as I can see. Thank you very much dear friend, you have been a constant support on this inner and spiritual journey.

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      • Likewise also Pragalbha, a journey traveling together in our separate walks of life, and yet we met at the juncture, where we needed support. For me, you too have been a huge inspiration. πŸ™ Thanks you for being a fellow traveler. ❀️

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  4. Beautiful. I can see the courage and the fight it takes to stand tall. To believe in ourselves and no longer hide, making ourselves look small and unimportant. Way to go, it had to be so wonderful, bringing a smile to reread it.

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  5. There are many who will criticize us anyway, no matter what we do, for the need to criticize is internal to them an reflects their own lack of self worth to have a need to put another person down.

    I’ve learned this the hard way, so I might as well just be myself and keep trucking along! πŸ˜‰

    Wonderful message in few words! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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    • Yes judgment and criticism creates so much drama in our life, often painful journeys until we become aware. It is either that or then our need for approval and validation that drives us to downplay. I too am continuing to practice the power of being myself. Thank you very much for your kind support and appreciation, means a lot for me.

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  6. Stepping into our true authentic shoes and standing tall …. without pride, but with humility. Knowing that what we bring is something others can benefit from.. and will make a difference in the world, is something to aspire to. You are in the path. Thank you PD πŸ’•

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    • You said it perfectly, I feel very clearly understood. It becomes an uncomfortable task to change that patterning, we become responsible for our own comfort, even feeling betrayed sometimes. There is no choice though but to own our truth. Thank you very much!

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  7. this is so beautiful and something we should all ponder upon. .most of us have tried so hard to always fit in… and in the process we lose our true self…and this poem is just a reminder that we don’t need to do that just to fit in or just to be accepted..

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  8. Corner thoughts that needed to be found. I imagine the world would look vastly and positively different if everyone lived authentically, “with courage and compassion in relation to each other.” Hopefully, someday that will be achieved. In the meantime there are positive souls like you.πŸ’

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  9. There is a fine line between humility and downplaying oneself to accommodate others…While the former is good, the latter does much harm to the self. At times am still oscillating between them. Reading your words is a good reminder for me to come out of that zone. Thanks again Pragalbha. At times I feel your words are perfect messages that come my way. Much love to you my friend ❀ !

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    • You are very generous Radhika with your appreciation. Yes it is so painful to reverse that harm to the self and also a continual learning to find that fine line between being kind to others and true to ourselves. It brings me great joy that you say my words become perfect messages for you. I am humbled and very grateful, thank you!

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  10. The dichotomy I guess when we self depreciate while others think they can take advantage. Your words convey depth Pragalbha and inspire always to think. I hear you and hugs. Like Radhika said, there is a fine line and something I was thinking today on being humble and self depreciating.

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  11. These 3 lines say it all. “…
    I am nobody big, I am no small either,
    There is a big difference…..”

    Most certainly, there is a difference.

    Only this morning whilst hearing our daily spiritual class did I think, as it was specifically mentioned. In a devotional way we put ourself down. BUT, we are God’s children, we are not low, less, we high not in a egoistic way or an arrogant way. But in a self respect way we are God’s direct heirs.

    Then the class went on to say we put our self in devotion, thinking it is good, that we are being good.

    Which made me think, in a past birth I must have a deep sanskar( habit) of playing small as a matter of respect. I love being respectful to all. I love being humble. I even find being small is no skin of my nose, if it keeps my peace and especially with people I meet infrequently, it doesn’t matter. I have enough self respect.

    But, it starts to matter to when someone emotionally abuses my goodness. So then one is faced with a dilemma, how to be respectful, humble, choose my battles, be diplomatic, keep relationships and be assertive, and not hurt their feeling and not hurt myself.

    So in assertiveness training they say create a win win situation. Which means to speak up in the most diplomatic way possible and not when a fire is raging. But in our spiritual classes often it said find more elevated ways of dealing with this, as speaking up can go so wrong in so many ways, and then ill feelings come, which create waste thoughts and that gets in the way meditation and spiritual progress. And makes you negative as well as the other and all this becomes burden on the I the Soul.

    Which always results in get tough skin, don’t take it personally, forget and let go , give them good wishes, keep your heart pure and clean, and give it to God and become free, see it as a test paper..and pass the test,..aka keep your peace.

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    • There is so much wisdom and truth in all that you share. Thank you very much for taking the time. Being humble and respectful when taken for granted or subjected to emotional withholding for expectations of only their comfort/agenda, starts to become very hurtful to our spirit in the long run.
      I have learned to value my needs and get them fulfilled in more intrinsic ways not tied to other people’s emotional drama – that way I am free to be myself and more truthful to my needs in any relation. It hasn’t been easy but it is that emotional dependency that gets in the way of all genuine kindness, diplomacy, letting go and sending love. That means finding my peace before I employ any skills with others. Staying humble without self depreciating has been a long learning and relearning for me.

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      • One thing for sure is that we do achieve success with all our efforts.

        There is one thing I did for a good few months maybe a year plus, was to write … I let go of you…i wish you happiness and good friends that allow you to become wiser and mature. And I repeated it several times in one go, and several times a day. And it changed everything. It is like there is an invisible bond between us, and that negative bond broke and all that baggage just disappeared. It was amazing.

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  13. This brings up the idea of comparison. Comparing ourselves to others is not helpful. You are the only magnificent you there will ever be. Each of us is unique and valuable in our own way.
    You definitely stirred up a conversation here based on all the comments. Great job!

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    • Just wonderful what you say. It took a while to know that I am living in comparison, to learn to own and live my uniqueness, and continue to πŸ™‚ It is such joy when what stirred in me, stirs up a conversation in and with others too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in response, means a lot to me really.

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  14. I love coming here and reading. You opened up a wonderful piece of healing for yourself and others. You are *huge* and very humble. I feel your gentleness and dedication, and I wish you so much joy and ease and grace. Your writing and your talent in self expression is an inspiration, and don’t you forget that! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒ

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    • Your words touched my heart and made it glow with a huge humble smile :))) I want to treasure your words as they give me such precious support and affirmation of being and doing something right, and you are so kind and generous with this appreciation showered on me. Thank You truly infinitely, I am so grateful for you!!

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