Photo by myself

The Impossible Just Takes A Bit Longer

Much of life that I live today are seemingly craziest, weirdest thoughts that I kept repeating to myself to the point of absurdity even. So many regular simple moments now were a distant dream of the past. If I pay attention truly, each day is a celebration of some evolution and manifestation. It helps me trust and dream bold. Without the yearning to be anywhere different than where I am. And of course at times I get impatient with the next dream. Then I remind myself to look for places I am not paying attention. To find gratitude for prayers answered and desires fulfilled. I love the feeling when I find it, again and again. I love being in the moment, as if I am living a dream.

On a visit to a beach close by, early November 2020, I picked up a stick and asked the ocean to guide my hands to carve words as messages, to move forward into the days ahead. I kept my mind clear as I watched the words appear. The above image – ‘Trust’ was the first to appear. The next 2 were as below.

Photo by myself
Photo by myself

I then stood there silently and watched the waves wash over some words partially. The ocean surely washed away those messages after I was gone – they are now a part of me and part of the ocean. I continue to wish, dream and trust happily.

Wishing you my kind friends on WordPress and dear readers a very optimistic, fulfilling, enriching, peaceful, healing New Year 2021!

Note: I will get back to visiting your beautiful posts that I enjoy heartfully after Jan 4. I apologize for not being able to take time now and any delay in my responses if they happen.


64 thoughts on “Impossible

  1. Beautiful post, as always!!! I love how you just let yourself create the words without thinking too much, that’s so cool!!! Inspiring and uplifting as always!! Wishing you lots of love and joy!! See you after the 4th, spirit hugs πŸ€—πŸ€

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  2. Beautifully creative… Keep being yourself, ‘time needs no command’
    “Time Needs No Command”

    The white moon has fallen late
    A new daytime awaits
    Rollover out of dream time
    Rollover to the edge of time
    Leave midnight’s caressing lullaby
    And discover the blue curtain sky

    It’s time to stretch and yawn
    It’s time to feel the misty dawn
    Stand in front of time’s open hands
    Stand stoically upon time’s ancient land’s

    The cloudy skies of daylight do fly
    As moments of time flow swiftly by
    Time moves on, needing no command
    The sands of time, wait for no man

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  3. Our thoughts can be captivating and tantalizing. When we realize they are taking us away from the present, it’s time to come back and settle in to what is here. What am I grateful for. What so I feel with my senses and in my body. Find balance, not be dreaming,hoping and figuring things out for the future, but be really letting go into this moment … and trusting that from here, the path becomes clear. πŸ™πŸ’•

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  4. Our subconscious knows what we need and brings it forth when we allow it! You are wonderfully open to receiving the messages your spirit sends you! Lovely messages to hold onto!


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  5. Happy New Year and wish you a healing 2021.

    This is a wonderful post. Our subconscious, our heart, and the universe all speak to us.

    Trust, dream, make a wish.. perfect as we get ready to step into a new year. At the sametime a reminder to be present in the moment. And of course the word impossible remind us that it can be read as I’m Possible. As do the words, trust, dram and make a wish. Have a lovely few days of 2030 and wish you a fantastic 2021. Always enjoy your photos and delightful post that always get me thinking.

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  6. ” I love being in the moment, as if I am living a dream.” This is such a beautiful thought. If one were to measure this limited existence, a reality which seems like a pleasant dream would so aptly describe the harmony of that existence, in mind, body and soul. Thank you as always, and wish you a very happy and peaceful 2021. πŸ™‚

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    • I so appreciate you highlighting that line – seemed like a casual end of my thought trail. You held it up beautifully in your thoughtful response. I am grateful for your presence in this year and always. Thank you for your wishes πŸ™‚

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