Earth Gratitude – 2

There are often days or weeks together that I don’t step out of my home. When I do, I am gifted with the most incredible sights around. The Universe is simply so generous, so forgiving of my inattention and so readily showering me with these luxurious moments. These following glimpses, all within a mere 10 minute evening walk, 2 weeks ago. I indulge in the feeling until I venture out next …

I ventured out
You dressed up


I looked up
You blessed me

Moon Blessing

You a Miracle Wonder
One ungrateful imposter

Colors on Earth

You as if exist for me
Lived enough as if you don’t exist

What would you want from me
That is what I would like to be

Earth Gratitude – 1 (previous post)


90 thoughts on “Earth Gratitude – 2

  1. So pleased you looked up dear friend… Such a blessing to behold as Mother Earth brings you her blessings..
    We have so many gifts to be grateful for… And one has only to open ones eyes to see them…
    Sending huge hugs your way dear Pragalbha..
    So enjoyed my time catching up with your this afternoon..
    Lots of Love.. Stay Blessed
    Sue ❀ πŸ™

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  2. Earth would want you to be grateful to yourself for who you are so then you are fully capable of being grateful for all the Gifts our earth holds for you. Earth would like you to appreciate and love yourself completely as our Earth appreciates and loves you. She gives selflessly all the time. Live by Her example and you will know you are Earth’s gift. You are loved. xo

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