Earth Gratitude

Photo by myself

I look
I care
I pay attention
I would look more
I would care more
I would pay more attention
I just simply often sleep in

Earth Mother I receive so much
From your Love
From your Care
From your Abundance

Earth Mother I am your child
I just often stay within
As if hidden from you too
As if there is a place devoid of you
As if I am not a part of you

Note: This poem was written as part of Ali Grimshaw’s writing circle The Poetry of Gratitude. Please visit Ali Grimshaw at Flashlight Batteries, her poetry is amazing!

Also contributing this post to Friday Fun – Hidden by CalmKate!


88 thoughts on “Earth Gratitude

  1. I love the whole poem, beautifully penned!
    These ending lines really speak so much truth:

    โ€œEarth Mother I am your childโ€จI just often stay withinโ€จAs if hidden from you tooโ€จAs if there is a place devoid of youโ€จAs if I am not a part of youโ€

    It is our playful way, perhaps, as children of our great mother ๐Ÿ’— to hide! Peek a boo! Our favorite game ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  2. I hear the sadness and the yearning to reconnect with nature, or is it just me seeing it?! I too have been inside the past few days, not getting outside or being part of nature.

    I think I need to kick my butt and make it happen soon!

    ๐Ÿฅฐ Tamara

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    • I agree with you, thank you very much. That picture, I must share, was the first glimpse of being out there for me, after the initial weeks in lockdown. It carries the feeling of how literally the Earth came alive to me in the most serene way. I am so glad you appreciate the picture similarly.

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  3. Pragalbha,
    I am so glad to see you shared your poem. It speaks of love for Mother Earth and our deep connection to her even though we sometimes forget.
    Thank you for linking back to my site. It is my great joy to support others by holding a safe space for their voices to come forward during my writing circles. What a joy it was to meet you. I look forward to writing with you again.
    Be well and keep shining your light.

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  4. Its time we acknowledge and express our gratitude for all the unconditional love mother earth has showered us with.Glad that you show this deep connect and gratefulness to her. I wish there were more shining lights like you on this planet Pragalbha. Stay blessed and keep inspiring others.

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    • I hope to connect and act in more tangible ways to live up to these feelings emerging in me, for now I simply want to honor and remember this inter-dependence. Thank you for such positive acknowledgment and support dear Radhika.


  5. Your photograph is mesmerizing, Prag! All that GREEN makes me sing sing sing. I love the composition which made my imagination fly. As for your words yes I have understanding. Mother gives me without restraint so much healing, and peace, and love and wonder. I am deeply grateful as I know you are too. xo

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  6. I smiled knowingly when I read “I just simply often sleep in”, even though I knew you probably didn’t mean it literally. (I almost always sleep in on weekends no matter how beautiful it is outside.) How often we forget that we are one with Mother Earth! Very well expressed, Pragalbha.

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  8. Wonderful poetry Pragalbha … Mother Nature calls us often… At times, it is not always possible to be among her beautiful arms.. But she resides within all our hearts just the same….
    Your photo is lovely… We have so much to be grateful for, our green and pleasant land….
    Lots of love my dear friend…. โค Have a beautiful day โค

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