Magical Glimpses

Peer Within

Photo by myself

I was drawn out of my way to peek in to this web of roots, branches and shadows on water. I felt as if I was pulled in towards the womb of the Earth. I had posted the original picture in this post last month. The words describe the special experience of being there.

Photo by myself

This glimpse simply made me feel blessed. The beautiful goose was peacefully strolling around ahead of me and as I reached this curve, I found it sheltering here with such ease and quiet. Reminding me of how we share this planet, how we belong to the same nature and can find such rest & respite if we would choose to.

81 thoughts on “Magical Glimpses

  1. From the physical to the metaphysical. From the natural to the supernatural. When we let go of our thoughts and embrace our experience we can delve deeper into ourselves and the world. πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ’›
    thank you PD for pointing the way xoxo

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    • I appreciate this beautiful perspective from you, thank you very much! And here I was looking at a network of tree trunk, branches and their reflection – no wonder I did get transported in another world πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely dissection here : we can find rest and respite if we would choose to…
    So true whether the sources being serene nature or mundane affairs of present situations. Perhaps how we choose, delve , knowing the truth and self , consciously , may be the key forward !
    Blessed times Pragalbha 😊

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  3. Getting out of our mind and paying attention to the world around us brings us closer to ourselves. You’ve expressed that paradox so well. It is indeed our choice to find rest and respite. What a beautiful, peaceful post, Pragalbha.

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