All of us what we look like
Have a story of our life
Sometimes really brave ones
And then those that we hide

When we want to change
Something in what we look like
It is actually something
We want to change in our life

I had never stepped out in my glasses all my life until this year. I simply forgot to put that attention before I showed up in front of the current zoom world of 2020. I stopped caring if I was wearing my blue glasses, red glasses or contact lenses, eliciting so many responses of how great I look in my glasses and how they never knew I wore glasses. I found myself smiling – at the realization that I have really grown more comfortable in my skin. That I did make this distinct preparation to face the world, was actually acceptable and enjoyable to me, until it didn’t matter anymore.

Social media presence brings some interesting experiences and often loaded with judgment with regards to appearances. No matter how deep my body of work is, my social media posts are at times selectively responded to, as if it is a display fishing for superficial praise, disregarding the story, the very journey that makes me who I am today and continually learning to show up for who I simply am. Gratefully such instances are few, yet they have shown up sadly from those who I considered close circle, long time acquaintance/friend. Mostly otherwise I am blessed with warmth, love and support from those who see me as a person for my appearance, also read me and my writings.

The stories of our life truly define how we show up in all genuineness and joy. There is a lot of courage often in showing up anywhere. And when there is ease, there is a story of our life behind that ease. There is a story of our life behind not wanting to show up – even on social media. There is often judgment we hold for ourselves and against those who do show up.

So many of us often are waiting to look different. Some of us flow through changes gracefully, some of us struggle. Also so many personalities look the same, pandemic or no pandemic. Every instance is a story that we are hiding or not, something we are willing and need to change in our life, or not. What we really want different is how we feel about ourselves. This life is all we have, we are who we are & how we are. There is a lot of love to be discovered in that.


67 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. You are so right Pragalbha…this social distancing from others has actually paved the way for us to get comfortable in our skin, leading to self acceptance and self love. At least something good came of this pandemic 😊

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  2. Its wonderful Pragalbha that you are stepping into your own skin and feeling more comfortable with who you are…. It sometimes takes up a long while to not worry what anyone else things, as we become ourselves…
    I am proud of your journey, for finding that courage to stand in your own power and confidence…
    I loved the line when you said ” I found myself smiling – at the realization that I have really grown more comfortable in my skin.”…. It made me smile broadly too..

    Much love dearest friend…. and so happy to see you reclaiming you…. and back blogging again ❀
    much love your way πŸ™‚

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  3. A great feel-good flow of finding & rediscovering a write Pragalbha !
    Can see through the connect amidst so called disconnect to the mundane smokes around ! The search for who we are & how we are , sums up where we are, in sync with what we really are..
    The under current of being lost before really holding on to the beautiful self bereft of anything else in between, really matters.
    Happy to read this beautiful connotations hidden underneath en route ” Appearance ”
    Love. Peace.

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  4. great insight!

    Because we are so quick to judge appearances I prefer my sunflower pic .. my gender is clear but it makes me ageless so a lot of biases are left behind πŸ™‚
    I know it frustrates many who want to know every detail but that’s irrelevant .. read what I write πŸ™‚

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  5. We all have hidden parts of us we would like to change to show the rest of the world. We lack confidence in ourselves that how we are or look is someway inferior to others. I love your words they have a deeper meaning. As I work on myself peeling the onion layers off I feel freer and more able to open myself up to show my inner world. Bless you Pragalbha.

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  6. Great post about self awareness. At different (st)ages in out lives we feel and look different and beautiful in our own way. With or without glasses, we grow and glow ☺️

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  7. I have never been too concerned with my glasses. I found it easier to leave them on incase I misplace them. Lol.

    This pandemic has set us all upside down in someway. Though there are some it feels as if nothing has changed for them at all.

    Zoom, I do make sure I am presentable.

    But, for me right now My inner work, inner peace, being there for family are important. Everything else seems a bit meaningless to me at the moment in my life right now.

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    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I hadn’t realized how important glasses or no glasses, it had been in my life before lol πŸ™‚
      I agree with you, that has been the order for me – inner work, inner peace, being there for family and everything else that can follow in place after that.

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  8. Vanity does come to the forefront at times, Prag, and this post reminded me of it. Though I feel the best about myself as a person right now in my life, I was just thinking yesterday how I used to look compared to what I look like today and moaned about it. Aging process. Let me tell you. It is not easy to adjust to at times. But then I give me a pep talk telling myself how GOOD I look for my age. And what others think about me those days are long gone. It is SO freeing to not care a fig how I look. I’m me. If you don’t like it, oh well! LOL

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  9. As much as we dont like to judged based on our appearance there is always someone somewhere who would do just that. I feel its important to realize how you feel about yourself and accessorize with your confidence. That’s all it takes to make or break someone.

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  10. I have found my 😷 hides only my nose and mouth. My personality is still the same. At first, I wondered, not worried, if this would be the case. But soon I realized I am who I am regardless. I can still raise my eyebrows in a smile. I can still connect with those willing to do the same, which makes Covid seem like just another phase, another test to be braved, not one to beat down the essence of who we, as individuals are here to be, to become.

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  11. Kudos, one the realizations that forge me into soft metal, was when I contemplated the chase. We have never been told we are good enough. We have always been fighting for attention, first with our parents, then our siblings, then teachers, then peers and then the whole world. Yet all of them can walk away at any moment and I am stuck with me. It is me that is love, I do not need to seek it. So kudos, that you care less about appearances and more about are you who you want to be.
    Sorry for such a long response. But this one is near and dear. This truth is true liberty Many blessings

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    • I am so happy and honored to have your thoughtful response! It is not long enough yet complete, no apology πŸ™‚
      I agree with you. We are so unaware often of how we spend years in looking for validation and approval from close ones and then far ones. It takes quite a journey to reclaim our sense of self and being. Are you who you want to be – this that you say is a great question to remind ourselves continually. Many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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