The sadness, the joy …Grateful to be back!

Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

I have been looking for a doorway back into this space certainly. There was an inert kind of sadness when my inspiration to keep posting trickled to a stop, earlier this year. I trusted it to show me when and where to be. I woke up this morning with a design of the quote image above and a clear feeling of wanting to bring it here for my WordPress friends.

As the entire world went through tumultuous changes that came with the pandemic, I took time to appreciate simple blessings, the gifts of being alive, the deepening heart connections for how real the ephemeral nature of our existence is.

Glimpse of the Sky and the Earth seems a true indulgence – Photo by myself

Sadness is really one side of the coin, when a mere breeze from the air or a caring word from someone brings us joy.

Happiness heals the planet
the kind that makes you smile from the heart
…and from behind your closed eyes
the kind that is only truly felt
…if the joy is shared

Some corners of Earth draw me in, as if I am moving inward within – Photo by myself

I questioned myself a lot for what my purpose on this planet is, what is my role truly in all my relations, gave myself permission to practice being unapologetically myself and enjoyed the privileges afforded to me. I went through some major internal shifts but then who hasn’t lately?!!

As we all question what our role is
In this world when none can stay passive
Take care of yourself no guilt & then give

We are all together in how our heart lives this

I am so happy and grateful to be back here to connect with you all and further explore the emergence of inspiration and new avenues of being!

Humble gratitude to all of you who emailed me or left messages in this space to ask about my well-being and to let me know that I am missed. Means-a-lot-whole-lot-to-me. You have been the most kind witness of my inner world when it poured out and needed to be received.

As I make my way to find you and your words, one by one, I await your visit on my post with childlike curiosity for who would I engage with next as I perhaps see your comment 🙂


73 thoughts on “The sadness, the joy …Grateful to be back!

  1. Such beautiful, uplifting words as always…thank you. I’ve been an infrequent participant in this space for some time….trying to find my way forward like so many others. It’s been a time of sorrow, confusion, release and healing on many levels. As you say, ‘happiness’ and the spreading of light is what humanity so urgently needs. Love & Peace… Mairi

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  2. There is now a soul/heart element to you pictures, Prag, that speaks volumes of the changes you have undergone. I can also “feel” a new depth to you, that hinges on Gratitude and Confidence. Yes we all have changed and for those of us wise enough, we have used this time to do much Inner Work to grow. It is good to see you back here. Keep shining your light for it is so needed in this world. Much love to you! xo

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  3. Pragalbha, am so happy to see you back. I hope you are rejuvenated after your reflective and introspective break. Your words carry a lot of wisdom and I feel at times they guide me on my path.Those are some amazing clicks by you. Stay blessed and keep writing and inspiring ❤ !

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  4. Welcome back, Pragalbha. I stand in celebration of your choice to listen to your inner guidance regarding your next steps. It is easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others or to judge harshly what we have done or not done. I hear you standing in love for yourself. Bravo.
    I look forward to reading your posts again.
    Take care.

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  5. Such a joy to find you back here again dear Pragalbha, sharing your wisdom and insights… Inspiration strikes when we are ready and meant to share… When we follow our inner guidance and our hearts we are never led far wrong… And love your analogy of your doorway.. Your image of the grasses, reaching up into the clear blue sky, along with the roots of the tree reaching deep into Mother Earth through the water…. All symbolic of our own reaching deep within our own roots the the water of our emotions, to growing individually as we pull up Mother Earth’s nutrients as we way in the breeze reaching for the Light of the heavens…
    A beautiful Post dear friend.. So pleased to see you back dear one.. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙏

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  6. Hieeee, (A child-like curious hieee) It’s been too long. And I have had my longer breaks this year too, more often than I would have liked actually. But there was no inclination sometimes, and the other times other things occupied too much of my time. But, hopefully with today’s post I will be back, at least more than I have been here in the past few months. Again. it was so good to see you here.

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    • Hiii! So glad to have you back too and know that it has been similar for you with the breaks as I. Life itself is to lived for us to continue writing 🙂 I can’t wait to get to your post in a while! Thank you for visiting.


  7. Welcome back dear! Like you, I have been absent from this space for a while…really appreciate your visits and you know I love to read you ..any time.
    Your pictures are awesome! I love to look at it and then appreciate all that I often take for granted.
    Your writing stirs something deep within me. Happy to have you back!

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  9. I actually owe you an apology. I had already replied after which I checked the date of the article and realised my mistake. Anyways, I saw that you are back after the current break too and look forward to readng your wonderful posts. 🙂

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    • I realized after reading your comment too the confusion I created, also that I am actually at the tail end of my current break when this post came up. My apologies too 🙏🏼 and absolutely no worries, I received your message with all my heart for the kind intention it had.

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