Trust through the unknown


Photo: Myself

These delicate stalks peeking out from a gap in a fence as if called out to me. As I stood there for seemingly long, in admiration of the beauty and contrast, a lot was being said to me. I listened in.

This was more than a week ago, when I went on a last long walk around my neighborhood, before we went into shelter in place to stay safe from Covid19.

These are uncertain times of many unknowns. Everything is so transient, all that we cling to as normal and accepted, and also all that we are wishing away.Β  The air today seems filled with gloom, a shift from a fast moving energy of chaos and confusion in previous days. Just like every big shift that shakes the ground of reality we walk on, we hope that this is temporary before everything goes back to normal soon.

There are many including myself who are able to relate to the personal and visceral experience of every habitual way of being gotten stripped off of everyday living. It came with different experiences of loss or tremendous change with respect to our health, relations, or finances. We coped, survived and then thrived as we discovered the power of gratitude for what is present, what serves in the moment, acceptance and continual surrender to new normal ways of being and living. Peace, joy and amazing new avenues of life became available unlike ever before.

These are certainly times when we are called to appreciate the luxury and preciousness of every single thing available to us on a day to day basis. This experience of having to go out of the comfort of habit is now a collective experience and not lone parallel journeys in the midst of dominant normalcy in society.

It gives a first hand experience in how much kindness, empathy and compassion make a world of a difference. It is bringing to the forefront how pity, sympathy and indifference hurts the heart, soul and spirit ofΒ  tremendous courage. It is painful, it is messy, it is calling us to tap into our human resiliency, to trust our hearts, to have faith in a higher power and to peer into the beauty of existence.

Something always finds a way to bloom on the other side of it all. Always. Anchored in this trust, I join the flow of uncertainty into the unknown. I stay present to my capacity and limitations to carry this trust and space of peace in my heart, allowing the waves of all other human emotions to pass through when they do. Wisdom of teachers, their work, my personal practice, support from family and friends is available for me.

New amazing normals emerge, miracles and possibilities await to become evident, lot of our imagined and un-imagined dreams magically come true. They do.

Wishing you health, healing, happiness, joy, ease, gratitude and peace _()_

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54 thoughts on “Trust through the unknown

  1. So lovely to have you back. These are uncertain times. I feel they come to bring the world together in kindness, love , compassion. To wake us up from materialistic ways to Soul, spiritual ways, of pure love and regard. To make us good again, to make close to God and close to I the Soul. The scenes hard too see. But we shall definately get through this at a cost. But, I hope united, kinder, kindred and with the realise we are souls not bodies. That there is much for to life than materialism and me me me, .

    Lovely to have you back, I hope.

    Love bella

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  2. Prag, what a wonderful and uplifting post. Much beauty will come from out of all this “unknown”. As for going back to where we were, I doubt if that is going to happen. Our lives have been changed forever between this virus, the crashing stock market, and the screaming stop the world has come to. Much good is coming from out of this now yet those I have observed who focus on the politics and the news and the “truth as we are being told” are so shaken with fear, they are loosing their minds. Many people are acting with compassion, respect, kindness, gentleness and an open willingness to converse in an uplifting way and that tells me they are not focusing on the agenda the news has …. break them with fear. This gives me great hope that people are waking up and coming together! We are on lockdown here as well yet I am still going to the parks …. I will not have anyone or anything dictate to me that I cannot go birding with my cameras. LOVED this post, dear friend!! Stay well and stay safe!! Much love to you! xo

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    • I agree with you – it is not going to go back to where we were – I feel like I have lived through this kind of upheaval already and kind of know by experience how this feels like. I know you understand what I am saying. I am filled with hope too. There is fear and there is enough of us looking fear in the eye.

      I don’t have enough words to convey how happy and grateful I am to have you here and visit me, even after this long, you are my virtual noble friend, your support is of great value to me. Thank you with Love.

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  3. What is like most about this post is your tone. It was very calm. The way we all need to remain during these challenging times. I think you came back at the perfect time. So many of us need to hear your wonderful messages.
    Thank you for returning when you did.

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  4. Lovely post! You’re seeing beyond this current situation and seeing new growth happening! Please continue to share your positive thoughts with everyone! The world needs to have hope!

    Let us remember these huge aha moments we’re having now! Let’s remember the lessons we’re collectively learning!

    Peace, Tamara

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  5. So many Pragalbha feel that shift.. And that wave of uncertainty for many is hitting them hard. But despite all of their insecurities and fears for their well being and future.. I am witnessing a greater unity in people..
    Yes there are those who are so fearful they are distancing themselves further and are behaving in very selfish ways thinking only of themselves.. This is the sorting of the wheat from the chaff.. This is the defining moments of their realities they are creating for themselves..
    While I also see many whose lives have also been turned upside down whose hearts are reaching out to help others in any way they can safely do so within the guidelines we are all governed by at the moment…
    Its wonderful to see your return dear Pragalbha… Our collective lights and energy of thoughts for positive outcomes is vital right now..
    I am sending love and well wishes your way, and bless you for your beautiful comment, It came in just as I was about to retire for bed, it was late here for me to answer… This morning I will answer in full..
    Many thanks for sharing your wisdom… Loved your image… Nature and our Human nature no matter what adversity we throw at it, will always find a way to shine and push its way through the most difficult times… When they see an opening of light… Just like your plant through the fence..

    Much love my friend.. Take care of you.. ❀ πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ’–

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    • Dear Sue, you say it all to help me see all that I left unsaid …and so filling me up nourishingly. These defining times are not easy and I feel like I have already experienced them all in my personal world, so all I want to do now is use what my heart knows to be of service in the highest possible way. That intention is yet again moving me away from any doing and simply Being – so I imagine I am being cultivated even more deeply, to get more practiced in my empathy and expression while being more rooted and grounded than ever before – So I will keep Being and trust spirit to have actions flow through. Putting it in words with you again brings it home better, thank you very much for being here.

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      • We are all being connected Pragalbha at just the right time… Our Thoughts we send into the Ether right now are the most productive thoughts we will ever send… or they can be the most destructive… That choice, we choose, is the positive… Which is why our personal journeys have taken us through these dark passages of time… Now the collective here on Earth is going through its Dark night of the soul… And its why we are being called to double up our Intentions in maintaining that alignment of our empathy and compassion wrapped up in our love and healing energies…
        Sending continued love your way my friend… We are One in our Mission dearest friend…. And I am delighted our hearts are One and our backs are together in this NEW BE-ginning for the world, ( if we get it right- with the right Intent! )…
        Much love, and take care.. ❀ Hugs …

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  6. So good to see you back here P. We are all under the dark gloomy cloud of Covid19 now. The lock down has humbled man today. Life has been harsh to many. But we must accept each day with gratitude for the infinite blessings. Stay safe dear!

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  7. There is always a soft sense of positivity that gently seeps out from your words, and what makes it seep in easily is that it is borne out of your own experience. Maybe, mine come later in time which makes me relate to your words and find them so wonderfully soothing…but I know they are a reflection of your own journey, and your own continuously transforming persona and vibration. Thank you for sharing them!

    Uncharted times for sure, and I hope humanity as a collective maintains its most precious qualities of empathy, gratitude and being humane towards each other through this temporary but difficult phase.j Your words are a wonderful inspiration towards that.

    Be safe and look forward to hearing from you again soon! πŸ™‚

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  8. It’s very exciting to think, even envision what blooms on the other side of it all. It’s important to trust that it is most probably for our highest and best. For once the lesson is learned, growth blooms. Very empowering! πŸ™‚ It is my personal hope that along with this comes thrift. Peace Be Still ✨✨✨

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  9. “Something always finds a way to bloom on the other side of it all.”
    ^ So true. Darkness and light, hate and love, life and death, they all coexist and though it is hard, we must strive to find the beauty blooming in the pain and persevere.

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  10. Dear P, it is some months since you posted ,,,, I hope the anxiety of the changed world has not impacted you negatively. It seems that as the days pass the human spirit can be surprisingly resilient and slowly get accustomed to the challenges of our time. That all us gentle flowers can find a way to pierce the shadows toward the light. And you uplift me with your hope for ” amazing normals” and that “our imagined and un-imagined dreams magically come true. They do.” Your brightness warms me infinitely dear ….. ❀

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    • What a joy to have your gentle beautiful words dear Diana πŸ’› I am filled with gratitude for the blessings and awe of the universal reset, grief touches me deeply for the pain that it comes with. Though no anxiety, for seems to be a knowing of the nature of this journey …
      Stay amazing dearest and thank you for your visit.


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