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There’s a message within me that I am holding on to.
There’s a purpose within me that I am holding on to. There’s an inner reality within me that seeks to pervade the outer world. There’s an outer reality that I am continually attempting to merge with from within.

I still see inner and outer realities separately.
So I know that I am not as mature yet to feel integrated consistently. It is a work in progress on a daily basis toΒ access this integration through my yoga asana, conscious breath, meditation practice, study of the universal principles, time with trusted teachers & noble friends, choosing actions out of deep listening for clarity and intention.

I am often sloppy and imperfect in how I live this.
Any time I have attempted to do any work from a place of want, I have had to cut through the noise of how it should be done. It takes up a lot of energy to clear out the pressures and fears that come with goal oriented choices.

My greatest power to be of value to myself or anyone has been my innocence.
It is those things that I had no idea of What and Why I was doing it, that have given me the most beautiful, joyful, nourishing experiences and expressions of life. I seem to have accepted what was coming or given to me, then aligned and equipped myself to be the best contribution I can be. This holds true for everything from motherhood to blogging.

The illusion of knowing a lot more than ever now takes away my innocence.
It takes away my capacity to accept, explore and live playfully. It makes me take refuge in my comfort zone and resist change. I am now seeking to be more deeply anchored within –Β  from where I find the strength of a mountain and the child like innocence.

I affirm here to listen intently for where I am called and show up consciously.
I lay down to rest all that I think I know and want. I remain present for what needs to come up for the moment, the day, the person, the situation, the project, the intention. A structure arises for me to work with, from what looks like a chaos that overwhelms at times.

It is not about what I want. It is about what wants to Be and Come through me.

It is not about what I want. It is about what wants to Be and Come through me.


Original picture from one of my morning walks, from which I made the quote image above



104 thoughts on “Be-Come

  1. I feel you. I honor you and your journey. You have grown. The peace I feel is awesome. What you are doing, dear friend, is unearthing who you truly are and nothing but. And you are learning how to flow, not to resist, and let go and let BE. Wow!! Tremendous post one that is worth of applause! I’ve missed you!! xo

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  2. An extremely deep and heart felt post. Love to read your posts and thoughts.
    Your own quote says it all.. what be-comes of us..

    The journey I feel reveals us. If we are inherently innocent we remain that, even after the hard knocks of life. Those hard knocks do make us seek comfort zone, but our inherent innocence makes us come out to play, to learn another lesson, which may be the last, the ultimate which leaves us feeling, be an observer of life, learn, grow, and let go that is the acceptance of life and its uniqueness.

    Even if we want to be comfortable life will always shake us up. Comfort is in the ability, to accept, adapt, contemplate and change.

    Sometimes we have to snuggle up, but sometimes life just kicks us into gear.

    I truly feel this post with all my heart as I feel I am living this limbo mode of life right now. Trying to carve a new path to the road of life.


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  3. Pragalbha, I appreciate and admire your open and honest assessment of where you are in life. I can relate to the interference of what I think I need and the loss of innocence. Kudos on your continuing unfolding to be and become that which will. Hugs and stuff.

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  4. If you follow the circle of life, stay nowhere with duties and joy, the priceless powers and precious joy, is family. she stays with you forever, everything else goes by, everything imaginable for the future !!!! beautiful advent days !!(((((((*L*))))))))))

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  5. Does sound like you’ve had a ‘taste’ and if you have a true Master, one who knows then they will guide you to take the next step.

    Often it’s easier to retreat to the known but once you Know you will be playful and pliable and it will suffice everything within and around … great work πŸ™‚

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  6. Oh Pragalbha, this is beautiful! What a vulnerable, open, and present sharing, thank you. I was especially touched by this paragraph:

    It is those things that I had no idea of What and Why I was doing it, that have given me the most beautiful, joyful, nourishing experiences and expressions of life. I seem to have accepted what was coming or given to me, then aligned and equipped myself to be the best contribution I can be. This holds true for everything from motherhood to blogging.

    You bring such value with your blogging, and I KNOW that you are an incredible, loving mother––and friend. Sending you a blessing, and a big hug.
    Love and Light,

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    • Dearest Debbie, I am so honored and humbled my friend πŸ™‚ You see through me and in the most generously loving ways. Thank you so much for visiting me here, I feel so blessed to be supported by you.


  7. The connect is awesome, Can really feel it . Between the innocence, comfort zone & a deep truthfully acknowledged craving to transcend! The feelings of sometimes finding being lost , a sort of consciously unconscious! The best thing is knowing the phase , embracing the clarity & making the inner attempts to cruise ahead . Everything has its vibes on us including the innocence , the feeling of experiencing a possible disconnect from a higher goal really signals the growing journey towards the coveted realm . This piece reinforces the situations of a seeker . Very connecting a write Pragalbha! So happy to read,this. Love. Peace.

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    • Reading your comment gives me a very deep contented smile πŸ™‚ _()_ Thank you ever so much for joining in my word and meaning with such beautiful understanding – I felt affirmed, acknowledged and supported for where I stand on my path.

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  8. What a beautiful journey towards surrendering yourself…in so many ways, to yourself…till both are one. Not an easy thing to accomplish given the vast space which usually exists between what the outer identity normally aspires for, and what the inner being truly seeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. πŸ™‚

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  9. Pragalbha, such an honest self-assessment and unpeeling the layers demanding honesty in facing the reality that we often ignore. An exercise pushing me to think on acceptance, conquering weakness and mulling on what am doing writing, how to make things better. Thanks for sharing this amazing post where we need to remind ourselves every day on our actions or struggles.

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    • Vishal thank you so much for reading and I am happy to know that you found some value in this post πŸ™‚ I have enjoyed your posts lately as you are digging deep in your process to find answers. I wish you the best of ease and joy in all that you are seeking.

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  10. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts on on of my last posts and for directing me to this post! I see why! I see the connection of the innocent thought!

    It doesn’t necessarily feel good to lose one’s innocent thoughts through the reality of other people’s actions but the lessons I have learned are the pearls the universe guides me to gather. The necklace I make from it garnishes my being and helps me to understand and connect with others!

    I continuously choose to have innocent motivations because that gives my soul joy and the song which moves my heart to continue beating and dreaming!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on innocence and how that is the key to successfully and happily integrate our inner selves with the outer!

    Peace and blessings to all!

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    • ” the pearls the universe guides me to gather. The necklace I make from it garnishes my being and …” it is unbelievable that I hadn’t responded to your pearls of wisdom back then – so grateful to have found it now _()_

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      • I’m always delighted to hear from you! Your supportive words come at exactly the perfect time as I experienced a disappointment and was feeling self doubt! This serves to reinforce once more how the universe takes care of me! Thank you so much!

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        • Ah how this reinforces that it matters when we show up. It took me quite breaking out of inertia to return and connect here. I am deeply grateful and humbled that this reached you in perfect timing. This post has helped me stay the course reminding me of my own experience from the past about how it looks like to surrender and not ever try to strive for something without Spirit guidance. May you find utmost ease through all that you are navigating, Much Love.

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          • Thank you so much!

            I was feeling confused about a possible choice which has come my way, not wishing to make a decision which may not end up being for the best. This morning I received my β€œNotes from the Universe” from and it said:
            β€œConfusion, indecision, and uncertainty, Tamara, often mean that if you wait a little longer before deciding, an even better option will emerge, with such clarity it may bite you on the nose and sweep you off your feet.

            The nice kind of bite.

            I’d say wait a little longer,
            The Universe”

            Kind of cool, right?!

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            • Oh awesome Coool!! That helps me wait on myself for some actions I know I need to take and yet I cannot sense the timing for ever. It’s like I know it like ABCs but it wouldn’t happen through me yet ….it is taking loooong – Your note from the Universe speaks to me too – Wait a little longer – so I will :)))
              Oh the gratitude and love I feel for these synchronous affirmations being exchanged through us!!! Thank you Tamara, Thank you Universe!

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  11. Your self-awareness is an inspiration, Pragalbha. If I ever doubt what surrender means, I will return to this post. πŸ™‚ It’s a joy to read about your intention to put aside all you think you know and want. Like you, I also strive to “remain present for what needs to come up.” It can indeed be overwhelming at times.
    All the best to you, my friend.

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  12. P, this post is so thought-provoking to me. I love the idea of something bigger and more powerful and loving than me becoming through me, and I love the idea that it is often in our innocence and unawareness that the most important work happens. I have been trying to practice silence regularly again, and this post inspires me to do so even more. Thank you.

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  13. A beautiful post Pragalbha πŸ’œ It’s a wonderful and liberating feeling to step forward without restricting yourself to a goal – that way you can be more open to the gifts of that day and the beauty of what you have to offer πŸ€—πŸ’– xxx

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  14. This is such an inspiring post dearest Pragalbha.. in every way… We often contemplate our existence and our position within it and the whys and wherefores of our internal questioning..
    Sometimes all we need do is trust and let go and allow ourselves the freedom to BE..

    I loved your words here when you said “It is those things that I had no idea of What and Why I was doing it, that have given me the most beautiful, joyful, nourishing experiences and expressions of life.”
    And that dear friend is the key, when we trust, and when we are within that moment, be it within our creative space or within the silence of one’s own mind.. We then become aware of who we really are..
    And in that moment the joy and love that fills us is beyond description..
    Keep travelling your path my friend, doing that which inspires you within the moment.. Allow that flow to continue through you.. Force nothing for all is in alignment as and when needed..

    Much love your way dear Pragalbha. stay Blessed my friend ❀

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    • Force nothing for all is in alignment as and when needed – This is a good mantra to live with. There is a unstoppable force actually that needs to be allowed, only by getting out of my own way. It is funny how I sometimes seem to dig up dirt to just put it in my way and stay stuck πŸ™‚ Your visit to my space is very timely and of much value to me. Thank you so much for your love and blessings.

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  15. Pragalbha, I hear you seeking understanding over answers. I hear you standing in love for yourself and others. I hear you committed to being, just being. This life journey is a process. Be kind to yourself. You are just where you need to be. Thank you for sharing your journey authentically and openly. Let the love in your heart lead the way.

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  16. Simply loved the last idea that it’s what wants to be through you. Wow. Such powerful words. I know only a meditator could feel and acknowlegde the simplest of facts that existence wants to experience itself through us. Allow whatever wants to flow out through us.

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    • Dearest Sue, you have been with me all along – in my thoughts, on my journey, in silent conversations, when I got to revisit some comments from you – they supported me anew πŸ’›
      My heart felt a grateful joy to hear from you – yet I slowed down and decided to absorb your words ‘no need to answer’. Such kindness I received through them.
      I am reliving, relearning every lesson that had ever come to me, every word that I have ever written – only at a different layer of being, continually arriving to where I began πŸ™‚
      A big Universal loving hug to you, your presence means a lot to me πŸ’βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨

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