Letting Go?


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Letting go of results does not mean denying the gifts of your labor. It means letting go of the idea of what the result looks like. Goodness comes in ten thousand and different ways. We fixate on having it come a certain way.

Be open to receive what’s coming to you. We shut ourselves off from what is coming to us. We do that with our busyness or often with feelings of unworthiness. Always filling the spaces available to us with ‘doing’ and ‘trying’.

We then go into judgment of self, and rest of the world. That is a sure way to find a million upsetting things in our life. Things, not even in our immediate life, upset us.Β We go about finding glory in all the suffering we endure in all our pursuits.

There are so many things that need not define our life. There are so many pre-organized structures that don’t really work for us. We seem to think it is comfortable to make ourselves fit into them. We imagine it would be our success to show growth within those structures.

There are some given structures that are nourishing to us. Those that give us certain joys, stability and security. Those are our gifts to receive from, and find our worthiness through them. There are some areas of our personal growths that need the freedom of creation.

Be willing to create, express and offer exactly what you want.There are no barriers in the space that is not restricted by definitions. Most things come to us in ways we haven’t ever thought about them. Don’t lock yourself up in finite ways of achieving things.

Keep your self-reflection with kindness and compassion. Have a willing contribution towards your pursuit. Let go of the idea of how it should be coming to you. Letting go of results does not mean denying the gifts of your labor.
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86 thoughts on “Letting Go?

  1. A much needed advice this morning thank you. We do live in a predefined world all too often. The area I let go of and let happen was to keep out of the women’s mindset of PMT and Menopause. It was wonderful I was free of both of them it did not exist for me. This is an example of what you talk about. I must practice this more in other areas of my life.

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  2. A million times yes! “There are no barriers in the space that is not restricted by definitions.” If we can internalize that and believe it with all our heart and soul, we’ll truly be free. Thank you for this wonderful post, Pragalbha.

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  3. Such a lovely and well written post to read. I was nodding my head along to every point. But in particular, your first sentence on letting go of results really resonated with me. I have a habit of believing I have failed if my expectations are not reached. When sometimes they are reached, but in a different way. Beautiful post πŸ™‚

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  4. A wonderful written piece for reflection. Right now, I am focused on building this: “There are some given structures that are nourishing to us. Those that give us certain joys, stability and security. Those are our gifts to receive from, and find our worthiness through them” and all the while, I am not attached to outcomes. My labor is a gift that I didn’t know, and I am constantly reminded of. I appreciate your wisdom, Pragalbha! That is also an incredible photo by your husband! Your posts are very “Gaze-worthy,” so full of richness. πŸ™‚

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  5. I really and I mean really, needed to hear these words, dear friend. Not being able to “know” where I am heading, for someone like me who requires understanding, well, is frustrating at best and frightening thrown in for good measure. But, when I step back “letting go” I realize I’m attempting to control something that was not meant to control. What a relief! And in so realizing, now I continue onward with this journey, using my Gifts, enjoying Life with a Light Heart, feeling JOY come back where once only despair was known, and I’m stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. I have no eyes on the future ….. just NOW. Yes I plan …. example …. I have every intention of going to a “new” place to photograph tomorrow because I heard through the photo grapevine bluebirds are there, a bird I’ve been looking for. I have to nip the “expectation” in the bud and just go so I can allow everything that is meant for me, to unfold. How FREEING it is to let go of the limited control and just fly through the air without a care. I’m really beginning to enjoy this period of my Life …. employing Faith that I’m heading in the right direction. That doesn’t mean I still don’t feel lost at times cuz I do. I’m really IN the unknown and confusion at times is at bay pressing into me. I’m overriding the confusion so I can really embrace all that I am NOW. Please read my words and see YOU in there. Yep, I’m writing for both of us. (smile) Much Love!! We are doing this!! (Whatever this is!) LOL) XOXO

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    • We are doing this!!
      I have no eyes on the future … just Now.
      How freeing it is …
      Confusion creeps in, I feel the faith, I am embracing the Now
      I have every intention of going to the new place …
      I am digesting, integrating …oh God yes my friend!! You speak for both of us …when we dip into the deeper layer of vibration and align with it, there is no You and I separate, it is eerie how calm i am in this particular Unknown, yet how sure I am of how rich this time is. The biggesst warmest hug and so much Love, Joy and Ease to you and Gratitude that you are walking alongside me!

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  6. Infinite, all of this speaks to me powerfully on so many different levels. I have ‘defined’ what it is success would look like. I have waited for things that I expected in just certain ways. And I have hesitated (too often and for far too long) to create what I feel called to create.

    Thank you. For this. For all of this.

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    • Thank you for the joy of knowing how you are walking this with me πŸ™‚ I seem to think I know better at times and greatly humbled to find out how unknowingly I have succumbed to definitions, struggle with it and still blocking off my calling as if. I am grateful though that I am in a good space of letting go, in a space that might be preparing me to go more boldly towards what is wanting to be created. What you create and express has greatly nourished me always.


  7. Letting go has never been easy for me. It has called for a very conscious understanding and effort from me and I am delighted to be making progress.
    As always your articles carry wise nuggets for a beautiful “you” and a beautiful ” Life”. Thanks for sharing this profound reflection Pragalbha.

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    • It is indeed a delight to know when we are making progress πŸ™‚ I understand, it hasn’t been very easy for me too, especially because I find myself at another layer of this process. It is worth it though with the next level of freedom it promises. Thank you so much for reading, reflecting and appreciating Radhika.

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  8. Beautiful explanation of letting go. “We shut ourselves off from what is coming to us. ” this is so true, and it helps me think about ways to find acceptance of situations that will never change. I need to let go of false perceptions.

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    • I am always very happy to know you read my work and so good to know it was timely πŸ™‚ Thank you.

      I am finding myself away from the blog a lot. If I had a parallel lane of life I know I have a lot that I could post, yet the time is not becoming possible … I am being led elsewhere with the flow. That also means I am missing out on your poetry πŸ™‚ I hope to be back soon – with a post and catching up …

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  9. Although I read your post in its entirety, I was looking specifically for the word ‘freedom,’ [paragraph 5]. In my experience, this word [freedom] and the art of ‘letting go’ work magic on a life that one wants to be well-served, well-lived, and well-provided for.

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  10. Hi Pragalbha,
    This is so profound––to let go of results and simply let your love lead. To me, it is the essence of freedom. I particularly was moved by what you write:

    “Be willing to create, express and offer exactly what you want.There are no barriers in the space that is not restricted by definitions. Most things come to us in ways we haven’t ever thought about them. Don’t lock yourself up in finite ways of achieving things.”

    THANK YOU for this invitation to dance with Spirit and open to the abundant blessings! I’ll be doing a #ForgivingFridays post tomorrow, and I’m honored to share your thoughtful post. πŸ™‚

    All the best––and share anytime Pragalbha!!
    With love and gratitude,

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    • Dearest Debbie, your reflecting and bringing back those lines further deepens this process for me. Thank you always for your contribution to me with your trust and positivity.

      I received the book you sent me!!! I am full of gratitude and beyond for thinking of me and ‘seeing’ me to know exactly what I would receive so well. You are such a beautiful and generous soul. I am in awe of how we become forever parts of each other’s journey through life. I will stay in touch with you, even if only through intention, for I am still discovering and navigating through pathways … taking more time than ever to write back or make posts. Thank you for the gift that you are and the book you sent me πŸ’›


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  12. So powerful. I have seen, when i let go of how things should be, see them for what they are, and i say internal there is benefit in this, then life is free easy and enjoyable even in the toughest moments.

    Powerful post .

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  13. Brilliant words to remember in this results driven world. So often are so focused on their goal, they fail to enjoy the journey. Ultimately, our accomplishments and conquests, may bring some happiness, it is the litle things that truly bring us joy.

    Beautiful inspiring post. Hope you and yours are well. Wishing you infinite sunshine and love.

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    • It means a lot to me that you read and shared your reflection. I agree with the clear distinction you describe between happiness and joy. Thank you for your kind attention and time on my work, also beautiful wishes you send me.

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  14. Releasing the idea of how something should come or be is one of the best pieces of advice. Sometimes people believe letting go means you don’t care about it, but you’ve explained its true meaning nicely here.

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