That is Why …

That is Why

Photo: Manish Doshi, Editing: Myself

Because now
It is impossible to fake a smile
Because now
I am inwardly happy in my heart
Because now
I love myself with all of how I am

I wish the same for you
I wish we meet with exactly how we feel
I wish to discover how One we are

That is Why …


While I was contemplating if I will ever write again …actually I have a lot of writing and ideas ready …so more if I will ever feel the urge to post again, and while navigating what feels like a transition in my way of being, the feeling of wanting to create this quote image brings up so much joy in me. I closed my eyes to call for what I wanted to put these words on, I saw that I wanted them to go on a path that looked like a scroll opening towards me. I started looking through albums of personal photographs and found this perhaps accidental click by my husband on a nature trail.
Growing up I felt a lack in me for not being good at art – drawing, painting, singing, dancing, anything. As an adult I discovered that there is an art to words and life itself. And the skill emerges when I keep living authentically. These text images that IΒ  have come to love creating are my art and my heart. They are what they are and they are how they wanted to come through me. I don’t know how they should be, to be good. It makes me very happy if you really like them.


Note: This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects.



81 thoughts on “That is Why …

  1. I really love this the words and your unique creation
    … do pray that you’ll continue to share more of your creations with us?
    Feeling the integration is beauty beyond imagination ❀

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  2. Your photo and words are beautiful.

    I am glad you posted a post. I would miss you if you stopped writing. You have beautiful way of expressing life, emotions, and feelings. I always learn so much from you.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Wonderful use of the photograph along with your words. Art! We often have these feelings of inadequacies carried over from our childhood experiences. I guess a big part of growing up is finding a suitable output channel for what we wanted but thought we couldn’t do, but are still capable of doing it, albeit a little differently now.

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  4. I was appreciating your layout in the image with the layering of the text, that felt (to me) like a path or a journey; and then when I read your description of what you choose here, it made it even more clear that you had exhibited your artistic intention. To me it feels like a Beginning – maybe it’s also the β€œB”s.

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    • Dear Ka, true I had thought about this as a journey that I am on, arriving here and then continuing on πŸ™‚ And I felt a satisfaction that I imagined it to be similar in some ways to that of an artist. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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  5. Beautiful tapestry of words. I simply adore the creativity you put into the scroll/art. I’ve met so many people who are loving themselves more, including myself, and it’s a wonderful testament that we can be happy just the way we are. A big hug.

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  6. I love the way you share your authentic self with us, Pragalbha. Growing up, I also felt inadequate for not being artistic (or graceful), so I can really relate to this post. We tend to focus too much on having/not having talent, and not enough on expressing ourselves in our own unique ways.

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  7. When we find ourselves in transition, the words don’t come for a reason. When you are ready to emerge, the words will be deeper, more powerful, coming from a place you did not even know existed. This post, for example, is perfect. I love the way you really put a lot of thought into it. And how it all manifested is truly Heart-touching. Thank you, Prag. Your genuine search for you is very evident. Beautiful post!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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    • Such peace I feel from you exactly seeing me and my process. I know better yet I keep slipping into the struggle with accepting where I am, and the fear of the place that I don’t know how it exists but I sense I am headed into. There is only one way and that is through it, so I keep going. Thank you for your powerful and loving presence and support dear Amy!

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      • I am admitting to you that at times I wake up at night feeling so afraid and then saying ….. there is no fear in God. I am Love. I will not fear. I embrace Love ….. It is darn scary to move into unknown territory, Prag. I’ve been doing so for a while now and believe me, I have to stand up to the fear that wants to chop me down at the knees. No I say to it. And so do you! I am very proud of you for being who you are. Keep on shining …. keep on seeking … keep on playing …. and you will free you!

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  8. Very beautiful. Like you, I have a lot of ideas that I’ll like to see materialize on the blog, but time is somewhat limited at the moment and I’m just not inspired enough. Anyways, take care and I hope you feel inspired soon to start posting your ideas.

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  9. What I like about your writing is your intention. It seems that you want to give this gift of your words to others. Words of love and acceptance. Thanks for being just as you are.


  10. Dearest Pragalbha, Your words flow with grace my friend.. They sit in easy alignment that brings comfort and inspiration to all who should read them.
    It was not by chance the image came as you were searching to etch your words upon it my friend, all comes at just the right time..
    So too will your art flow, your words, and your stories.. Allow them all to be.. and so they will come..
    All too often I have found myself struggling when I try to force something into being that isn’t quite ready to be aired..
    Art has many forms… and I love your flow of wisdom within your creations and words Pragalbha..
    Just keep doing what you are doing when you feel inspired to create..
    LOVE and Blessings my friend ❀


  11. WOW am I diggin’ this, and I’m not blowing smoke. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to find just the right design upon which to lay your wisdom. I’m doing a gig in my mind, ’cause you’ve started me to dancing in the joy of your creative moments, which put aside your fear of not being anything but an up and coming wordsmith, and visual design engineer. You go gurl!!!

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  12. Oh Pragalbha, what a beautiful demonstration of self-love! Thank you for your courage to share your art authentically and with your inherent skills and talents. ❀ I see how you show up again and again to give of your gifts, to stretch even when it's uncomfortable, and to allow space for the transformation that's occurring for you. I love it.

    I also have a gift that I'd like to give you. It's a book called Loyalty to Your Soul by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick. They were the lead faculty in a program that I did when I studied Spiritual Psychology, and the spiritual context and principles they share may be helpful for you!

    If you'd like to receive it, email me at, and give me your address, ok? ❀ (And totally fine if you don't.)

    Either way, THANK YOU for this amazing contribution to #ForgivingFridays. I'll share it in my next blog post. Blessings to you and your children, Pragalbha.

    Love and Light,

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    • Dear Debbie, firstly I apologize for being this late in responding to you. I have been listening deeply and life has been leading me different directions, away from this blog space. So very thankful to you for your generous words of appreciation and kindness.
      I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness that you thought of me for this book! I just sent you an email πŸ™‚ Love and Light to you too dear friend.

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  14. Loved these lines a lot:

    ” I am inwardly happy in my heart
    Because now
    I love myself with all of how I am. ”

    Great work indeed… I have no words left to praise you for this creation and also for not stopping to write. I agree frequency of writing can be less but don’t stop writing, that’s what I would say as it definitely gives self-satisfaction and hence you have continued this for many years and I hope you will continue the same in coming years as well…

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful words of appreciation and encouragement. The lines that you highlighted continue to become part of my being. I sincerely hope that I continue to write, so your words do contribute to me. Thank you.

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