Everyday Warrior

Yesterday while walking along the ocean, the fallen woods called me to play on them and I found myself an experience of the strength and spaciousness of The Warrior. The strength felt is a very subtle inner power.

The warrior may have an ocean of emotions churning within, the warrior allows space for them. The ground the warrior stands on may not be wide or is a shaky one.ย The warrior has strong grounding through the legs and open arms to receive to the fullest – the breath and from life itself.

Later in the day I found myself contemplating- what does Yoga mean to me?

Yoga is about:

  • cultivating positive energy and joy for our daily life.
  • dropping the effort and developing the skill and focus for everyday ease.
  • building our ability to sustain our productivity and functions for the long term.

The postures and movements may or may not be physically challenging for you. The effort is in the attention to cultivate a long smooth breath, that gives us the ability to be balanced in our body and mind. It helps cleanse the effects of stress and pain, physical and emotional.

The challenge is in maintaining focus of attention where it is required, often true even in our daily life. Yoga trains our mind for that focus, and to meet challenges with clarity & skill.

P.S. This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects.


78 thoughts on “Everyday Warrior

  1. Oh wow! These pictures look like what I just did in my Yoga class this morning! I am finally back in my Yoga class and when I am there, nothing but the postures and my breath exist. This too is a part of my healing Journey. We did all three warrior poses today and with each one I felt powerful. You look awesome on that log. Surrendering to the Elements and just BEing. Awesome, my friend!! Thank YOU for the confirmation that even though I hurt what I am doing by going back to Yoga is exactly the right thing for me to do. BIG (((HUGS)))!! ๐Ÿ’ž

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    • I am so thrilled to know that you were at your yoga class. You give such affirming words to my experience! Bigg Huggs!!! For me Yoga is a vehicle for healing and life itself. This post comes to me after a tremendous shift I went through in my inner world. I feel so supported with your kind and enthusiastic visit, much love and gratitude!

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  2. I love your pictures and reflections on yoga!! I can feel the air from the photos ๐Ÿ™‚ in my mindโ€™s eye.

    Every time I practice yoga, it feels so new. I never forget when I practiced yoga as a child with my mom and putting myself into these interesting poses that she was more challenged with. I always have that reflection of youth, and I always have to return to my practice and face it as it is now, having been through so many different versions of my body. Iโ€™m always meeting someone new on the mat. Nowadays I do the yoga I have to do because my body wants me in certain poses.

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  3. Admittedly i am no yoga expert, and only after you mentioned yoga did i realise that the warrior pose.

    I think we should play often and be big kids and enjoy being in the present with kids. We over think sometimes, kids are just present and enjoy life.

    A warrior, faces the storm and challengel head on, knowing that all their training and wisdom will keep them safe. They know when to move forward and when to conserve and enhance energy by taking shelter. They have created an inner strenght and balance before facing the challenging, through prior training and preparation. Preparation of courage, skill and wisdom of self care. Self care physically, mentally and food. And in the challenge they keep practising their training and self care. A warrior is wise and strong in terms of this yoga pose.

    But in terms of other thoughts / spirituality, it is said to be the the elephant rider is better than a warrior on the battle field of life. Because, you are high enough to see , you are up above, and you are more stable. A warrior is one moment happy and next moment sad. It is better be stable up above with the divine and see from high, to have such stability not to fluctuate..

    I hope that makes sense.

    Great post and photos as always.

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  4. The yogi…focuses on maintaining the internal balance, concentrating on his inhale and exhale, and the body awakens to adapt itself, to adjust to keep its own balance, in the outer imbalanced world…!

    Sharing what came to me after reading your words!

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  5. I enjoyed seeing you poised like a fancy flamingo in such a breathtaking setting! But even more meaningful is the message of balance, breath and calm introspection. Hugs my dear โค

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  6. “The challenge is in maintaining focus of attention where it is required”…. I couldn’t agree with you more on this dear Pragalbha.. So good to see you enjoying balance and Energising with Nature..
    Love and Blessings my dear friend.. โค lovely images to see.. โค

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  7. There are so many things to like about this post. The tranquility of the beach and sea nearby.
    The lonely photos. You appear as if you recaptured a youthful exhuberance. Then, your thoughts on yoga. You can be so many things. But focus and grace are what come to my mind.

    Beautiful post.

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    • You can be so many things – You as if captured what I have been navigating forever ๐Ÿ™‚ You see so kindly and beautifully through my post really – Focus is what I am continually working on and I am grateful if grace is evident in any way. Thank you ever so much for such a thoughtful comment.


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