Photo by Manish Doshi – On the sand dunes at Death Valley, California

A note to my blogger friends & readers:

This could be the last quote image of 2018 from me. I have had so much fun creating these. Check out all my quotes at the Inspiration Gallery that I am so grateful for coming to Be. It is the gift of 2018 to me and my gift to all of you who enjoy it.

Pairing the words that came to me with pictures was like a meditative treasure hunt always. Pictures came from our family vacations and often browsing through sites of my photographer friends Atanu Chakraborty & Vikram Phale, who generously allowed me to use them. None of the collaboration of words and pictures were ever planned. Pictures were taken without agenda and words were gifts of the soul of the Universe. Rare few times the pictures prompted the quotes and other times the words took me on the trail to the right picture.

The first quote image I ever made took me about 8 hours to get the final version right, playing with all the tools, fonts and placements available. I was like a kindergartner getting my alphabets right on the blackboard. So much patience shown with me from my friend Vikram Phale with his coaching to visualize the aesthetic aspects of the images, his honest feedback always, and help in the technical aspects of editing from my husband Manish Doshi. Today’s quote above found a picture and got designed in under an hour with no help ๐Ÿ™‚ and I love the feeling of that.

I started this blog with a lot of poetry and occasional articles. I dreamed of making quotes but didn’t think/trust I would be doing them. A blogger friend Josiah Harry of Skylarityย gifted me some quote images that he made from my poetry lines that he so preciously picked. Oh the joy and gratitude with which I received his gift of these quote images! (Images created by him are included in the Inspiration Gallery)That gave me the boost of a beginning to create my own, though it took me about an year after.

My quote images seem to have replaced the process of my poetry. Poetry has become a occasional kind visitor to me in my work, some articles, some thoughts, some quotes, some long pauses, that’s how I am flowing in this blog space.


PS : This quote image is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects. Choices come with ease when we work with forgiving and acceptance.


68 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Change is a good thing, dear friend. You are on this Journey and one part of the Journey has now blended perfectly into another fully formed part of the Journey. The Gift of Creating is truly a Wonder and you like I, am amazed by it. I understand how everything just falls into place without forethought. I get it. It happens all the time with me. This quote fits perfectly with exactly where you are at in your Life. I LOVE the flow aspect of this image. And I absolutely LOVE this quote and truly understand it. I honor your Journey and respect all the growth you have endured to get where you are today. The sacrifices, the learning, the confusion, the in-between not knowing, the fun, the excitement, the adventure …. all of it and more. Your Light is a glory to behold and your energy Eternal. Thank you for being YOU, Prag. BIG (((HUGS)))! XOXO

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    • Dearest Amy, you make the little girl in me so Seen for what she is and what her journey is. I am so thrilled that you recognized the flow aspect of my image – the little waves on the sand dunes look so static until the winds come in.
      In the worldly perspective what is getting created through me is of such minuscule measure, yet the process in how it unfolds permeates the entire existence of mine. Your words give light to all that this is and comfort me to rest into it with faith. How often do I slip into trying to figure out how to ‘succeed’ in some of my aspirations – they feel the kind that this lifetime may not be enough. And I look back to see these small wonders that are actually such incredible creations coming to Be on their own. You give me so much joy and peace with your reflections, thank you my friend! Thank You.

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      • Prag, believe me, I’ve been in a place when I do question IF this lifetime is going to be enough. There are times no one, even ourselves, knows what our Entire Purpose is so we must decide to have Faith that we are doing exactly in this Moment what we were meant to do. I’ve had “visions” if you will, of what our life looks like and because we do have free will, we have many choices to go many ways. In choosing a way that just “feels” it is THE way for us to go, we then proceed on that Path. Oh yes the changes are small at times again leaving us wondering, HOW do we obtain our goal and what exactly IS that goal?

        Yet I as with you, in looking back am amazed by all that has occurred which in turn leaves me in Wonder of ME because then I begin to SEE just how much I have achieved, even if when I was doing what I see in hindsight, didn’t feel like much at all at the time.

        Some may look at me and what I have chosen to do and not understand. I’ve been “judged” for walking the wrong Way because my photographic skills are a Great Gift yet due to my Love and Commitment to these special cats, those some consider what I am doing not to be the “right way”. How anyone can say that is beyond me. The only person who can deem we are not walking right is us and our Heart’s Direction.

        It brings Great Joy to my Heart knowing I validate your life and bring to Light your incredible creations that are blooming forth from you. What a beautiful sight it is. Not one of us knows what tomorrow will bring nor how the ALL of our lives will merge eventually. I know where I want to go and so with that in Mind, I hold that “vision” steady as I continue to walk out my daily walk with my cat family.

        Your words gave me great pause this morning of reflection, and in so doing, touched the words I just wrote here, springing forth or so it would seem, of their own volition. Thank YOU for igniting within me a means to put to words the process we both are living. Bless you, dear friend. May your day be a great one and may you see the Miracles that do exist in your Life. XOXO

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        • Your first paragraph brings it out very well for me. That is the exact question I am living with – What is my Purpose? What is my goal? Will it ever be revealed to me so I feel assured of making a choice?
          Each day I surrender to what seems to walk me on a trail, a path seemingly relevant only in hindsight – it is often frustrating not knowing or being able to pin down on a goal. Yet I know better now to just keep going, so I can look back and marvel with gratitude. I too wish that I consistently stay aware of the miracles that exist in my life. Thank you for that wish for me, Thank You for being here!

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          • I think when we start letting go of always asking those pesky questions about WHY we are here, we can then let go, relax, and just enjoy living life without the worry those questions cause. I myself know I don’t have the answers to those kind of questions so I’ve stopped bugging myself with them. Instead I flow with how each day unfolds and what my Heart guides me to do. It’s so much simpler that way. I just have this very strong feeling I’m exactly where I am to be.

            This conversation has been amazing. Thank YOU, Prag, for allowing me space on your blog to communicate with me. I LOVE having these deep and very insightful conversations. Bless you!

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            • I am on my way to being what you describe in your first paragraph. I have gotten a taste and hang of it, just wanting more ease and conviction. Whoever said ‘Live a simple life’ meant it so much deeper.
              This conversation is precious to me too. It makes the groove on the path deeper and easier. Much Love & Hugs.

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  2. A very lovely quote, Pragalbha. Your work is so deep, motivational and inspirational. Always a pleasure to read ๐Ÿ™‚
    Congratulations on the Aha moment you created for yourself in the process. The joy and satisfaction received, thus is unfathomable, isn’t it?

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  3. I always enjoy reading your blog and, above all, your quotes are beautiful.
    The photos always fit very well.
    Sand dunes are wonderful, even if they seem so dead. Each grain is a single marvel and is carried by the wind from place to place.
    I like the idea that consciousness is the beginning of the next choice. Because that is new to me and also the fact that there is always a choice.
    Fear, insecurity and a lack of confidence often inhibit us in life and we think there is no way to move on, but maybe it is just the consciousness that is growing and preparing us to trust and believe that we can go this way.

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  4. I love your quote images. It’s easy to put words and an image together in theory, but only a few can do it as perfectly as you. Your quote resonated deeply with me. Right now especially, I’m thinking about my decisions and wondering why I have chose the position that I’m in. Or what has led me here and where do I go next. I hope you are well and look forward to whatever choices you make next with your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Every awareness is the beginning of a the next choice …….can’t agree more with that Pragalbha. Just hopped on to your inspirational gallery. I must say you are infusing the blogosphere with a dose of fresh and fragrant positive vibes. Stay blessed and keep up your good work Pragalbha!

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  6. Such a pleasure reading this beautiful quotes. There is that intriguing interplay between the images and the words, and hence a picture is worth thousand words. There is a story written in every picture we see provided we do, it is just that we merely look at the pictures and forget to see what’s written there. And many times when we realize that nothing is written we are caught confused, as we have seen something written. There is that flow of words and then suddenly we have the perfect set of words attempting to silently sit in the positive space left in the picture. It is serendipity, the moment we get the right word and then the formation of sentence for the image, and there is that sudden spark when it get quoted. Those few words get artistically weaved with beautiful pattern that makes it hugely profound in its manifestation…the subtle connection and the sublime composition all comes together with such lovely convergence, it is indeed defining and designed to be surreal. Just going through your repository of inspiration quotes and it is whole world of wonderful wisdom and this can only come from a soul who have searched and surveyed the landscape of the world of nature. Simply beautiful and so inspiring…

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  7. Your quote here makes decisions feel lively and fun. I feel a sense of excitement in the pleasure of whatโ€™s arising on its own. Whatโ€™s coming to meet us and greet us and give us the invitation for another choice?
    Excellent work, Pragalbha. I really enjoy the meditative feeling I get from the penetrating image and the texture of the sand. The pairing is like a beautiful overlay of choices, a gentle afghan blanket of experience. How neat what you are building behind and within the vision of each posting.

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    • Dear Ka, such happiness and content feeling you give me with your beautiful interpretations. It is so perfect what you say and I loved that you saw the liveliness and fun in a life lived with conscious choice – every single moment if we choose to be so. It is so easy for me to sometimes slip into inertia and then feel stuck …until I wake up and try to smell the choices available. I am truly grateful for how beautifully you appreciate the image – it is a simple one but had drawn me in very deep between the grooves made by the winds on the grains of sand. Much Gratitude, Much Love to you.

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  8. Your inspirational quotes have been a treat dear friend.. Going with the flow where ever it takes you is what keeps us flowing..
    Love and well wishes for which ever direction you feel you are drawn to..
    Wishing you well for 2019 and all that it brings..
    love Sue โค

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  9. Pragalbha, this is a beautiful quote image. So true that choices come with such wisdom when we work with forgiveness and acceptance. Your contributions have been so fantastic this year. However your blog flows this coming year, I know that each of your posts will be blessed by the grace of your heart. I love them, and YOU.
    Bless you and Happy New Year!


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