Pace of Success


Photo Credit: Vikram Phale

All the running in mind to get somewhere
Often makes us feel stuck in the nowhere

I have been enjoying the spaces in my mind
Between thoughts, of all kind & unkind

In arriving those spaces we get to face
Our self with all that we try to escape

Taking the time to know our own thoughts & emotions
Towards our self, others & this life

Enables us to choose with no fear
Our actions become crisp & clear

Slower we go, quicker we reach
To all that we truly beseech

We can either struggle, become impatient and keep running in our minds with how things should be, how we should be and how different we wish it all to be. Self-judgment often fuels this mind marathon.


We can take time to truly know what we are reaching for through all that we want. All can become possible if we allow the time and space. Clarity of choice comes from the slowing down in our mind.


P.S. This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of Forgiving Connects.





81 thoughts on “Pace of Success

  1. Love this! How funny that I was just typing a piece about slowing down in life. Must be an early September thing. It’s true, too, that we need to allow the mind time to process things and for that, we have to slow down those thoughts.

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  2. Yes dear friend: to slow down, to breathe deep and appreciate the moments that might be lost in the blur of the day. Enjoying the stillness between the hustle and bustle! Terrific post as we sire need a little reminder from time to time 😘😘❀️

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  3. When slowing down ..becomes the fastest possible way forward !
    Taking a pause controlling emotions or mind , actually embodying the tenets of forgiveness & universal acceptance , goes a long way in reinforcing HIS designs as well !
    Loved the philosophy hidden in the beautiful write Pragalbha.

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  4. Wonderful!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I applaud you, Prag, for it is NOT easy to slow down especially in a world addicted to speed. I’ve been slowing down and in the quiet, bubbles of memories that make me squirm or cry have been coming to the surface. I let them go in LOVE for I know they are making more room for the present Good. I just told my bio sis to let go regarding a matter that she has her teeth sunk into, one that she abhors. I’ve actually witnessed in my own life when I let go and stop running or fighting that is when what we abhor looses its power over us. Fantastic post and your words flowed deep within me. It is SO true that when we stop running, we accomplish so much more and become closer to our Full Potential. Bless you! Namaste, my friend! πŸ’ž

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    • when we stop running, we accomplish so much more and become closer to our Full Potential – your words very clearly speak the conclusion I have arrived at dear Amy. It is indeed not easy to arrive here but oh so delicious if we are able to πŸ™‚ I agree the tears that come sometimes feel like they can cause floods, but then they are so cleansing. Thank you so much for always affirming, supporting and blessing my journey!

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  5. Oh Pragalbha, I love this! What a beautiful poem and encouragement to slow down our mind, be in the spaces between thoughts, and open to what truly calls us. And, your graphic and quote are gorgeous! Thank you for this really uplifting contribution to #ForgivingFridays. I know that it will be enlightening for my readers – it is for me! I am so happy you’re here. Love your way, Pragalbha – Debbie

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  7. Slowing down certainly gives clarity and the decision taken in this mide will be the best decision. The mode will lead to a forced and iften incorrect decision.

    Space, slowness, reflection, silence, patience is the way to go… when we know ourself then we make the best decision or choices. But we must not forget we are ever changing..

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  8. Well said, Pragalbha. My father always said – ‘ Hurry causes worry’, as he once saw me literally run through my day at work and home. With time, his words have acquired new meaning. It is nice to take it slow and let us go through life at a rational pace while we still enjoy the little pleasures around us. My son and I were reading through the poem by W H Davies – Leisure and his words reinforced the need to slow down and stop and stare like sheep or cows.

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  9. Beautifully said dear Pragalbha that is what I have been doing recently.. Slowing down the pace to still the mind and just BE… Its amazing what you find between the spaces isn’t it.. πŸ™‚
    Sending much love your way dear friend.. Apologies for missing your recent posts.. I have not been travelling in my reader as often..
    Sending LOVE and well wishes my friend.. ❀

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    • Dear Sue, it is unbelievable how much I am enjoying the spaces. I admit I still question myself for not posting a blog – while I have a draft available – I simply feel unable to keep doing things. I am loving taking the time until I feel the urge to. There is a lot of other awareness I am finding in those spaces just like you say. You are one friend that has truly supported me feeling confident in choosing the space. Much Love & Gratitude!

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      • I so understand Pragalbha, I too have stepped away into my own space, We need this time within our own hearts and minds, There are so many things altering both in our environment and within the frequencies we are all wired into right now.
        The best thing any of us can do for ourselves is to go within and nurture our own feelings and sort out that which still needs clearing.. When we do this and let go of trivia, and live from the point of loving ourselves more. We then begin to see the world through another lens, as we shift our perception of the world and let go of the material that has bound us in so many emotional restraints.
        So keep following your instincts and know all is well in your world.. For you control what comes into it.. ❀ Love and Blessings my friend ❀

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        • Yet again you thoroughly see and support my journey right now! I can feel how ‘so many things are altering both in our environment and within the frequencies we are all wired into right now’
          I am kind of in fuzz of unknown right now – comfortable when I appreciate the space and a fear when I don’t – and then I am able to give space to it all.
          Much Gratitude for you being here.

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          • Knowledge in our case often awakens many more questions.. The best way I have come to cope with this transition and knowing it will not be a smooth one for many is to keep residing in my centre.. And know we came here at this time as part of a bigger plan.. Learning to detach is the key… Learning to Observe.. rather than allow our emotional bodies to become swapped …
            And learning to step back and not judge.. Hard to do.. because we are wired to do just that.. So many are becoming confused and upset as they find themselves and their environment out of balance.. And many are becoming un-hinged by these new frequencies unable to cope… So they become Angry and enraged at nothing in particular..
            So Keep stepping back… Shutting out the noise of the world.. And breatheeeeeee….
            Sending continued thoughts and much love.. ❀

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    • I hear your thoughtful response – there is sometimes momentum that takes over. I have consciously practiced pulling back from the momentum and finding space to settle in my mind, so I feel still and clear. It was difficult to reach there, but possible. Thank you for your thought!

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