Trying to be Smart


Photo Credit: Manish Doshi

It is amusing to watch back at myself
Trying to become this and that
As good possible and then the best
To become that part of the puzzle
That would fit perfectly in this world

Until I learned to feel and listen to my heart
Simply Be that which I am in my soul
This garment I am weaving will never be done
Because it is this life itself that I am living
I love how perfectly it fits me exactly where I am

Yes life now fits me perfectly
Now that I have stopped trying to fit in …


P.S. This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects


89 thoughts on “Trying to be Smart

  1. The poem and message are beautiful. You expressed it so perfectly, I believe you are the only person who could have written this. What could fit you better than yourself. When we learn to be ourselves and accept ourselves life does fit us better. Bravo.

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  2. This is exquisite, Pragalbha! So true and full of wisdom… to live into our heart and be who we are as Soul. That is an incredible place to live life from. And I love the lyrical and happy nature of this poem. It lifted and inspired me. Thank you! I’m honored to share this post for #ForgivingFridays. Perfect contribution. Love you – Debbie

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    • carrying a compass in one hand and your heart in the other – how amazing I find this description!! The guidance form the heart is how the path is lit. How do I convey how precious your words are to me? Much Much Great Love to you my friend, Thank You. Amazing Joy I am filled with in this moment and I spread it in your universe.

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      • You are welcome sweet P…and since I read this your warmth followed me through the day, increasing the frequency and magnitude of smiles.
        It is a complete joy exchanging words with you…and these were/are extra special xo sending love although it arrived before I finished typing ❀️❀️

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  4. This is just perfect. How miserable we all are as we force ourselves to be someone we are not. And then when we wise up, (hopefully), to be who we are meant to be, wow, what a difference. I’ve just been having a conversation with someone lately who just doesn’t understand that what is appropriate for him is not for me. I’m a unique person, my needs being personalized to fit me. And no one else. GREAT POST, dear friend!!

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  5. I’ve never fit in and never tried to for I’ve learned early on that we’re all different souls. It’s better to be true to yourself. Great message!

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    • It is happiness that you visit and comment my friend. I am well though have lessened my frequency here. Liking the slowness. I wish you all well too and hoping not to miss anything from you too. Just that lately I haven’t commented much.


  6. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem! I’m sure this relates to almost every reader. Perfection is such a modern disease, making many feel insecure and discontent with the world. It’s so important that once you find yourself, every falls into place.

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  7. Beautifully said.. When we begin to understand ourselves and stop trying to Be something else, and Just BE…. That is when we truly find the right Fit of our souls..
    Wishing you well dear Pragalbha .. In all you wish to BE… ❀

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  8. I love this contrast you have made between being WorldSmart and SoulSmart. This is so important. And you are so right. When we worry about being WorldSmart, it is like trying to put on a garment that never fits. We must being thinking along the same lines, P. I just posted a poem “Enough” in which I was working through some similar feelings and ideas.

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    • Dear Shelly, I too love how both are thoughts are often resonant πŸ™‚ I will visit your work soon to find out. Yes I had been given some well meaning advice in the past that I need to adapt and become smarter in the world. It only made me miserable when I attempted to understand and try. Also as a little girl I always tried to fit in but nothing ever felt right. It was good to finally meet myself as I am πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely visit and comment.


  9. So very inspiring and beautiful Pragalbha. Loved the concluding lines ….
    “Yes life now fits me perfectly
    Now that I have stopped trying to fit in …”
    If we acknowledge and understand this simple yet profound wisdom, we all will be happy and contented souls!

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  11. This garment I am weaving will never be done
    Because it is this life itself that I am living.

    Reading this poem makes me smile with happiness that you have found a way to be comfortable in yourself. Bravo you! Thanks for inspiring others to do the same.

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  12. Wonderful and so apt. Short and sweet but totally right.

    I love this section of your post the most. Love it!
    This garment I am weaving will never be done
    Because it is this life itself that I am living
    I love how perfectly it fits me exactly where I am…..”

    And it is true it fits for where i am now and it will adapt to where i will be in the future … so beautiful..

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  13. I loved those thoughts, specially the one inscribed on the picture of the ocean. Those words seem just right. I wish to cherish the words – Worldsmart and Soulsmart.
    I guess we all were Worldsmart. I have literally and otherwise fitted myself into an attires that looked strange, may be even silly on me. Yet I carried it with increasing doubt and discomfort along with a confidence that I never had. It seems funny now but those days have taught me the value of what I am now

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