Compassion -Would you do this?


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Often we carry our judgments as if our strengths
Often we don’t realize so much of it is self-judgment

So many demands on ourselves for that perfection or just rightness
So much guilt and embarrassment for that which doesn’t feel like our own self

It takes courage to look at all that and accept, love, forgive ourselves
It is tremendous relief to rest into ourselves softly, with all that we find there

Would you do this for yourself? Feel compassion just for a moment?
Would you rest in this moment? Find a way to keep going with kindness for yourself?


This post is a dedication to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects. Dear Debbie, your work on this blog is a profound positive influence on me. Much Love.


78 thoughts on “Compassion -Would you do this?

  1. Such deep wisdom within your words dearest Pragalbha. It took me years of self searching to go deep within myself. So often we apportion blame on others, yet carry guilt around with us, thinking we are at fault.. One the the greatest lessons I was able to learn, was not just to forgive others, but the greatest was to learn to forgive ourselves.
    When I was able to do that.. The weight of the world just fell away.. as I understood the guilt I had carried not just in this life time.. but in many..

    May you be blessed with the same weightless sensation as you begin to learn to fly my friend ❀

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    • ‘The weight of the world just fell away.. ‘ – That’s exactly the feeling. So much we carry in thinking about how better we could have been in past instances …often we don’t even know we are carrying it. Everywhere I went wrong was every where I believed I was wrong inherently – like you say don’t know from how many lifetimes. Forgiving doesn’t make the wrongness into right – it just helps accept ourselves as is. Thank you for your kind support and blessings, that truly adds to me.

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  2. I’m working on this very thing…I’m also finding more compassion for others who are on their very own journeys so different from mine, my heart is full with this new awareness…thank you for sharing this gentle wisdom, it’s so good to have this lovely reminder!

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  3. This is the first time I see what I just learned to do. It was so hard for me to accept be ok with myself. The weight of the world, fam. ties and preconditioning weighted me down like bricks. Now, since I just learned how to be ok with my self ( a year ago or so) it feels light and quite liberating. Very happy not to pass on this guilt and agony to kids, at least. Love your post, so heartfelt, P. and grateful to see it here, not just inside my soul.

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  4. This spoke to me so directly. You have such a way with words! This line – “Often we carry our judgments as if our strengths” This is exactly what I do. As if somehow being tough with myself, makes me strong.
    Compassion for us as people, is really one of the hardest things. I’m going to try to remember your poem, everything I feel I’m being negative. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh Pragalbha, what a gorgeous poem of self-love, compassion and kindness. I am honored to share this for #ForgivingFridays. Your invitation to have compassion for ourselves …. to accept and forgive ourselves …. it’s so important. ❀

    My doctoral treatise included a "Compassion Wall", where I wrote out moments of compassion to help me learn what that was for me. It really made a difference and became a foundation for my forgiveness work. Thank you, thank you for sharing your own experience here.


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    • This post came to me as if a digestion of multiple processes for me and as I started writing it, I felt a deep connection to you and your work …reminded me of how your work entirely rests on this platform and comes from such admirable evolution as it seems to me. I am incredibly grateful to have found your work. Thank you dearest Debbie for your kind appreciation and sharing.

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  6. Pragalbha, you seem to be such an evolved soul. I am amazed at the deep insights and questions your posts bring out. It truly makes one delve within, which is an enlightening path to tread on. I sincerely thank you for spreading this light to all here. Lots of love and peace ❀ !

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