Moments Good Morning

Photo Credit: Vikram Phale

Make Your Choice Today!

Each Moment Is Yours to Create & Enjoy!

Live Life One Moment at a Time!


PS : I received a request to create a Good Morning image, with a positive message for the day. I enjoyed making this one, on a photo clicked by my photographer friend. Let me know how you liked it and save/share the image if you want to.


70 thoughts on “Moments

      • That interesting, can you explain your thoughts? For me water, especially the sea is a own world… underwater the sounds are so different, colors get lost in deep water and the whole physic rules are different, you move softly and if you know the rules very well you can use your force to move through the water like a fish without effort…

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        • Your perspective is a wonderful one Anie!
          My thoughts were about water can help me be present in the moment – like watching and listening to the waves, or waterfall, or any flowing water …these are my favorite ways.

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          • Yes so the result what water brings us is the same… forgetting about trouble, problems and beeing with the magic of this element. The difference is that you receive calmness and peace within watching, listening and force of mental ability. I can also relax and calm down beeing near to water, but it is more like thinking of all my troubles with more calmness. I have always the need and desire not only to watch but to be inside, to be under water to move inside… already as a child, I nearly drunk two times as a child in water. Once in a pool and once at a little barrage of a little river. But I never was afraid of water and diving and also swimming is very meditativ for me.

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