New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Photo Credit : Manish Doshi “Sunrise”

Do you look back and wonder how you survived those times?
Those times that it made no difference whether day or night?

Do you look back and wonder what kept you living?
Those times how come you didn’t imagine dying?

Do you look back and see just how you chose to live?
Those times when it was death of a thousand kind?

Do you now see the brilliance of Life?
New Beginnings as if awakened by a beautiful sunrise?

Don’t ever give up, keep going …
It is a miracle all that is waiting.


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PS : This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of Forgiving Connects.


81 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • Thank You. Yes as if all that dying and the pain becomes worth it, for what it brings as a New Life. That we don’t see clearly ahead is what brings up all and any fear and pain. Something keeps pulsing through and the awakening begins – a series of them I feel – or if we don’t look at it as a day/night count of 24 hours , it is a dazzling brilliance that keeps lighting up the time ahead of us. It is up to us how much we let go and receive and allow and nourish and rise up and choose to keep going. I am so grateful I didn’t miss these deaths and rebirths and have the willingness to keep going.

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      • Me too. I’m glad you worked your way through it. It can seem abysmal when we are working our way through the darkness, but that is often the intervention needed to see our way into the Light.

        Seeing clearly often lies side by side with fear and pain. Life is paradoxical this way, but sure worth it when the Spirit grows inside and opens the way into New Life. Fear and pain seems to evaporate, when the Spirit inside makes a beachhead. All we are left with is Light and understanding.

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  1. Beautiful and I can relate.

    Death a thousand kind…
    How did i get through… i dont know ..but we did..

    We should never give up we should always try and meditation and linking to God is the way I not only survive it is breath it self

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  2. Oh Pragalbha, this is a gorgeous poem — with such hope and encouragement! One of my favorite things about forgiveness is how it can help us when we are feeling low & open to the miracle of new beginnings. You said it so eloquently and with great love. Thank you for contributing to #ForgivingFridays. I’m honored to share this on my post tomorrow! Much love to you, Pragalbha. Blessings,

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    • Each one of us has walked through our own tunnels of darkness and emerged into this radiant light. Such joy to intersect with each other through known journeys. Thank you so much for your kind visit Anita.


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  4. YES! Even when I did not feel it, hope was there – a tiny ember deep inside that kept me going and knew something better waited for me. And what a miracle it was! Thank you for the reminder of how much has changed.

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  6. Yes, not once but many times life gave me reasons to die but I’m glad that I was weak to choose death and brave enough to choose life. Now when I’m growing in terms of spirituality and understanding whole design of creation, I am able to understand the reasons behind those tests. It is all beautifully crafted life, either in pain or gain both. Wonderful words Pragal! Just like always food for thought. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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